Neatsfoot Oil 8 oz

Preserves, strengthens, and waterproofs leather. This inexpensive oil is the best way to treat all of your leashes and collars for the longest life possible. Perfect for all BLD products, especially our natural tan bridle leather. In fact, we apply a generous coat to ALL of our tan items to bring out the beautiful golden color and enhance the softness of the leashes and collars. Periodic conditioning is recommended for all leather products. Once or twice a year is plenty for most pet items, or anytime you feel your leash or collar could use a little love.


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Sheps 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil, 8 oz bottle

Reconditions and preserves leather items, and provides essential oils to both soften and protect the leather from the elements. An essential item for all of your leather goods.

Apply one or two coats with a saturated rag (best when warmed to 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit, and allowed to penetrate for a day or two). Rubber gloves are recommended. Avoid over-saturating or soaking the leather in the oil.

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