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BLD’s special edition design supports Atlas Assistance Dogs®

We’ve teamed up with Atlas Assistance Dogs® to develop this amazing leash design. This will be the best leash you’ve ever used and supports a worthy organization. (Learn more Atlas’ mission below.)

The Atlas Leash ™ 

  • An ultra-long, super-useful, multi-functional dog leash
  • Over 9 feet (2.85 meters) end to end, bolt snap on each end
  • Utilitarian with more than a dozen configurations
  • Makes an 8 ft.,7 ft., 6 ft., and 4 ft. foot lead
  • Hands-Free Leash with many options for any size person or dog:
    + over-the-shoulder leash OR belt/waist leash
    + use hands-free with long or short leash lengths!
  • Use for dual-control (clip to collar, harness, halter, etc.) or to walk 2 dogs
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in American leather, or vegan Brahma Soft-grip material

Want to see it in action? Watch a video demonstration of the leash!


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Watch a demonstration video to see it in action:

About Atlas Assistance Dogs®

Atlas Assistance Dogs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit disability rights organization that helps people who would benefit from a service dog take control of their own solution to live more independently. This ambitions organization is expanding the possibilities for assistance dog training by offering a comprehensive online training program for professional dog trainers, and by supporting dog/handler teams with skilled Team Facilitators, in as many locations as possible across the US.

Atlas Assistance Dogs is different: 
“We focus on the needs not presently served by traditional service dog organizations. We respect that disabilities are part of someone–they are not something to fight or something to hid from–they are something to claim and thrive with. Our clients work with their own dogs and are an active part of their training with hands-on support from our skilled Atlas Team Facilitators. We believe our clients and their dogs should both be treated ethically. We strongly advocate the use of only positive training methods.” 

20% of the sales of this unique leash will directly support
Atlas Assistance Dogs’ program and mission.

 Learn more at Atlasdog.org

BLD’s founder, owner and designer Katrina Boldry serves on Atlas Assistance Dogs’ board of directors. Additionally, Katrina volunteers on several committees working on Atlas’ curriculum development. She is sharing content related to best practices for health and fitness of service dogs, and her knowledge and experience with specialized equipment. She is also ensuring that the true challenges of facing a disability while working with a dog are acknowledged as a part of the training and certification process. Katrina is on a personal mission to share her unique knowledge regarding specialized canine equipment, and believes this is just one way to attain that goal.

Jennifer Kolar (standing), Katrina Boldry, and Atlas Dog Theo.

About the Atlas Leash Design:

Jennifer Kolar, founding board member of Atlas, approached Katrina with ideas to make a better leash. Jennifer asked if the BLD’s famous 8-Way Lead could have a few more options, including over-the-shoulder and around-the-waist options AND have both a longer and shorter leash for different activities. The goal was simple: one leash that could be used for training, working, playing, and relieving that could fit any size dog or person. The resulting leash was so amazing, we at BLD knew it would quickly become a customer favorite. We’ve partnered up to offer this special edition leash design to the world.

Product Details:

Five O-rings are strategically placed along the length of this leash to offer the most configurations possible. This means that you can take the snap at either end of the leash and clip it to any of the O-rings to make your leash nearly any length you need! “Double Up” the leash by clipping TWO rings at once for even more variations. Bonus adjustable-ring-fob on allows the leash to be worn as a belt; this means it can be adjusted to fit anyone, any size person or dog! Try it. We think you’ll love it. 

  • The Atlas Leash is 112 inches (2.85 meters) in overall length, including the hardware
  • Makes a 4,6,7, and 8 feet long leash
  • Leash can be configured from EITHER END so you can find the perfect arrangement for you and your dog
  • When worn over the shoulder, this leash fits all sizes:
    • one end makes a smaller cross-body-loop with 58 inches of leash from your hip to the dog, and shortens to 23 inches–perfect for smaller individuals
    • other makes a larger cross-body-loop, with 54 inches of leash from your hip to the dog, and shortens to 28 inches–perfect for large or taller individuals
  • The belt-leash option is adjustable to fit ANY SIZE
  • Walk 2 dogs (Traffic Lead, available separately, is recommended for a handle)
  • Use as a 2-point harness (clip one end to the dog’s harness, the other to a halter or collar)

Available in your choice of material and popular colors.

Brahma Soft-Grip leather alternative:

Vegan Brahma Soft-Grip is constructed with webbing on the inside and a durable, non-tacky PVC coating on the outside. This durable material is great for any extreme weather condition, resilient in cold weather, and is resistant to abrasions. It’s kinder to the hands than webbing or rope, and also resists knotting and tangling. Easy to care for: just wipe clean with soap and water. Crafted with premium stainless steel bolt snaps and O-rings (silver color). Assembled with screw posts for durability (no rivets or stitching to wear out).

Brahma Atlas Leashes come standard in black, cobalt blue, teal, or purple.

  • Medium ½” wide (12.7 mm) most popular size, great for all size dogs!
  • XL ¾” wide (19 mm) best for large breeds, this is a heavy-duty leash!

(Other Brahma colors can be made to order upon special request, custom charge applies. Other alterations are not recommended for this design.)

Premium American Leather:

Leather leads are assembled with braids for durability (no rivets or stitching to wear out), and screw posts at the center ring on the XL width. Leather Atlas leashes come standard in TAN with brass or BLACK with stainless steel.

  • Small 3/8″ wide (9.5 mm) for small breeds, and those who like a nice, light leash (not recommended for heavy pullers)
  • Medium ½” wide (12.7 mm) most popular size, great for all size dogs!
  • XL ¾” wide (19 mm) best for large breeds, this is a heavy-duty leash!

Our Golden TAN BRIDLE Leather (brown color) is 100% American vegetable tanned leather, made with NO dyes or toxic metallic chemicals. Reminiscent of fine English horse tack, this leather is superior in quality to any other leash you’ve seen. Every leash is HAND-OILED to bring out the softness, so your leash arrives supple and feels great in your hands immediately and only improves with age. The color will darken with use and age. Crafted with premium solid brass hardware (gold color).

Our lovely BLACK LATIGO is solid black, and superior to ordinary leashes in texture and quality, cut from select from USA hides. It is incredibly durable, yet is very flexible. Feels great in your hands and will simply get better with age. Crafted with premium stainless steel hardware (silver color).

(Other leather widths or hardware color can be made to order upon special request, custom charge applies. Other alterations are not recommended for this design.)

Handcrafted in own workshop!

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in


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2 reviews for The Atlas Leash™ – the most useful dog lead ever created

  1. Paula Mrazek (verified owner)

    I have to say that this is the best purchase I’ve made on dog-equipment. I’ve been a professional dog walker and trainer for two and a half years now. After purchasing my Atlas leash (in beautiful blue Brahma) I’ve used it with my clients’ dogs in many different configurations. My favorite way is the hands-free waist option! I have the largest width and am a huge fan of the design. It’s far better than a retractable leash…I can give my dogs a 6-foot lead our reign them in to the closest notch to heel by my side…I’ve passed the information about BLD in to my clients and they are happy with the products as well.

    As a vegetarian, I love the Brahma vegan leather! It is weather-proof and works well in snow or a downpour, here in the Chicago suburbs.

    Lastly, but most important…The customer service is outstanding! If you want to buy a top-notch product from a company that cares about your needs, go no further.

    Thanks a million, Bold Lead Designs!

  2. jennastokes (verified owner)

    I own five BLD leads and counting while I absolutely love them all–especially the multifunction ones–this is my favorite leash on the planet. The length is perfect especially as a tall woman, and the versatile configuration options make it so practical to switch on the fly. I tend to wear it crossbody or on my waist, and clip up an extra loop of length when I want to keep my dog closer. I LOVE being able to release that loop and give my dog extra room. It’s a total workhorse and it’s one of my favorite dog items that makes a major difference in my day-to-day. I also use it hiking, and wear it on my waist and clip up the extra length depending on the situation and where I want my dog to be. When I release the extra length while in the waist worn position, she has a good bit of room to explore while staying close. I got the brahma option because I wanted to be able to just wash it off if it got filthy on a hike, and I’m tempted to get the leather version too just because it’s that good.

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