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City of Aurora Business Recognition Awards: See BLD’s Daily Operations!

Bold Lead Designs LLC wins 2015 City of Aurora Business Recognition Awards for our strong, unique business model and community support. The City of Aurora established a Business Recognition Awards Program in 2005 to acknowledge businesses in our community that have contributed to the city’s economic vitality, commitment to sustainability, and/or social responsibility. BLD is honored to be chosen for this prestigious award. First aired December 2015.

Unique 2 Colorado:

Denver’s CW Channel 2 highlighted Bold Lead Designs in this Unique 2 Colorado segment with Vicky Evans in January, 2016.

Where in the Town with Gregg Moss on Channel 9 News (KUSA):

Gregg Moss makes an 8-Way Lead from start to finish live on the air! Also includes a bit about our Mobility Support Harness and service dog equipment, and features the Perfect Pace no-pull halter leash too. See the BLD crew working hard on December 5, 2014. (If the video does not show below, go here.)


The Everyday Show:

Katrina and Cora were honored to showcase BLD gear on Colorado’s Everyday show. Recorded live at the Fox31 television studio in Denver on November 14, 2014. We discuss BLD’s Quick Release Collar, Martingale Collar, and the 8-Way Lead over the shoulder! Click to see the video on Fox News’ website:

 Everyday show video button


Bold Lead Designs on Colorado’s Best:

Watch Katrina, owner & designer of BLD, talk about her company on live TV! Filmed in the Colorado’s Own Channel 2 television studio in Denver.


Live on the morning news!
Filmed on location at the BLD workshop April 2014:

The wacky Dan Daru of Fox News in Denver visited the BLD workshop. Click on the photos to see the videos on Fox News’ website:



Featured on The Grommet:

The Grommet is a wonderful website to discover very cool, innovative products! BLD is thrilled and honored to be a Grommet.


Product Tutorials: how to videos

The Perfect Pace: (formerly the Infinity Lead or Collar)
See how simple it is at

PP HL pic from package     PP DH pic from package


8-Way Lead:
6 ft. multinational leash demonstration


How to Adjust Your Collar or Lead:
Instructions for adjusting the Conway buckle on BLD products


Service Dog Equipment: Harnesses

Mobility Support Harness:
see the rigid handled balance harness in action


How to Measure for a BLD Mobility Support or Basic Assistance Harness:

We know you’ll need this! Download the measuring guide for the harness you are ordering:

Download Mobility Support Harness PDF Download Basic Assistance Harness PDF

Fitting your harness:

See a proper fit for BLD’s Mobility Support Harness and Basic Assistance Harness here:

Videos from others featuring BLD’s harnesses and how they change lives

BLD’s Mobility Support Harness has a supporting role in this episode of Lucky Dog on CBS:

“A golden retriever answers the call of duty for a wounded warrior who’s in need. But to earn his service dog badge, Sandy must successfully complete Brandon’s boot camp.” November 2014. Here’s the preview! Find the full episode here. 

BLD’s Mobility Support Harness helps Sadie to walk on her own:

“Solar, a beautiful labradoodle, was trained to assists a young girl.”
CLICK HERE to see more about Sadie and Solar from Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs!

More Harness Tutorials:

How to Install a Banner Badge:


How to Install a BLD Quick-Release Wheelchair Leash

How to Install a Wheelchair Hook:

How to Clean your BLD Harness:

How to Refurbish an MSH handlebar:


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