Product Tutorials: How To Videos

Perfect Pace

The Perfect Pace: (formerly the Infinity Lead or Collar)
See how simple it is at

PP HL pic from package     PP DH pic from package

8-way Lead

6 Ft. Multinational Lead Demonstration

How to Adjust your Collar or Lead

Instructions for adjusting the Conway Buckle on your BLD products

Service Dog Equipment: Harnesses

Mobility Support Harness

Mobility Harness in Action – real life demonstration

See the rigid handled Mobility Support Harness

Fitting Your Harness

See a proper fit for BLD’s Mobility Support Harness and Basic Assistance Harness here:

More Tutorials:

Videos from Others Featuring BLD's Harnesses and How they change lives

BLD's Mobility Support Harness has a supporting role in this episode of Lucky Dog on CBS:

“A golden retriever answers the call of duty for a wounded warrior who’s in need. But to earn his service dog badge, Sandy must successfully complete Brandon’s boot camp.” November 2014. Here’s the preview! Find the full episode here.