BLD’s Quick Release Collar™ – Leather dog collar with metal buckle

Beautiful. Simple. Functional.

Your search for an awesome collar ends here. Sleek and handsome, our signature leather collar is adjustable and features an all metal side-release buckle.

Please allow 3-5 business days for your collar to be made-to-order.

Keep scrolling to see more details below. Artisan handcrafted in Colorado, USA!

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Add an extra O-ring?

Switch Hardware Color?

Standard is:
TAN with brass/gold color hardware or
BLACK with chrome/silver hardware
To change, check the box below. (Please allow additional time for your collar to be made-to-order.)


Our exclusive design is adjustable and features an all-metal buckle that is superior to the typical plastic kind, plus our unique adjustment style means there’s no excess “tail” to flap about. 

These beautiful leather collars are made from the same quality leathers and hardware as our awesome leads (including solid brass or stainless steel d-rings: none of the cheap stuff that rusts or breaks). The edges of the leather are beveled for a smooth edge for comfort and to protect your dog’s coat. Special adjustment buckle is smooth on the inside and won’t irritate your dog. There are no rivets or stitching to wear out or come undone. The metal side release buckle is easy to operate, even for those with limited dexterity.

Add an extra ring: You may add a loose o-ring to your collar if you’d like. The ring will be loose along the length of the collar, perfect for attaching the leash.

**NOTE: Electronic devices will not fit this collar, our quality materials are too thick.**


Available sizes and widths:

  • Extra Small XS: 10-13″ neck, 5/8″ wide (14.3 mm) *lighter weight leather
  • Small: 13-16″, 5/8″ wide (14.3 mm) *lighter weight leather
  • Small: 13-16″, 3/4″ wide (19 mm) *lighter weight leather
  • Medium: 16-20″, 3/4″ wide (19 mm) *regular weight leather 
  • Medium: 16-20″, 1″ wide (25.4 mm) *regular weight leather 
  • Large: 20-24″, 1″ wide (25.4 mm) *regular weight leather 
  • XL: 25″-30″, 1″ wide (25.4 mm) *regular weight leather 


Measure your dog’s neck as you want the collar to fit. Order the size that matches your dog’s neck size. Width determines the weight and sturdiness.

*Please note that leather widths and weights have been updated as of October 2019. Lighter weight leather (8oz.) is approximately 1/8″ thick (3.18 mm). Regular weight leather (10 oz.) is 5/32″ (3.96 mm) thick.

*Quick release buckle hardware has changed as of October 2021.

Leather & Hardware Color

Our leather comes in two colors: tan and black.

Our standard leather/hardware color combinations are:

  • Black leather with stainless steel/silver colored hardware
  • Tan leather with brass/gold colored hardware

*If you would like a different leather/hardware color combination, select the option “Make with OTHER Color Hardware”.

*Note: brass hardware can stain white/light coated dogs. Sometimes the oil in dogs’ coats can create tarnish, a harmless chemical reaction

About our leather:

Our Golden TAN BRIDLE leather is 100% American vegetable-tanned leather, made with NO dyes or toxic metallic chemicals. Every item crafted from this high quality leather is HAND-OILED to bring out the softness, so your new gear arrives supple and only improves with age. The color will darken over time and with use.

Our lovely BLACK LATIGO leather is solid black and cut from select USA hides. Superior in quality and texture, it is incredibly durable yet very flexible. This leather feels great from the start and will simply get better with age.

Leather care is easy! Don’t worry too much, and don’t be afraid to use your items — we promise leather is incredibly resilient, and regular weather won’t hurt it. If you think your item looks dirty, dry, or just need a little extra love, pouring a little leather conditioner on a cloth, and rubbing it in like lotion will usually do the trick. Baths and a jaunt in the river are just fine, but you might want to offer a little conditioner to your products afterwards. Saltwater can be harsh, so after a visit to the ocean, a good rinse in fresh water and proper conditioning will help preserve and protect your treasured leash or collar. See our Leather Care page for more specific information.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products.

All Bold Lead Designs’ handcrafted leather & Brahma products that we make in our workshop are guaranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship for life!

If your leather lead, Brahma lead, training equipment, or harness ever breaks or is damaged from regular use, simply contact Bold Lead Designs for a replacement or repair at no charge. There is no time limit. This is the best warranty in the industry.

If service is required, please see Warranty Claims & Repair Service below.

Warranty is limited to replacement or repair of covered product only, and does not cover things outside of our control such as chewing, neglect, misuse, normal wear, external trauma, or customer alterations. Bold Lead Designs reserves the right to determine if a repair or replacement is covered by our warranty. Items we don’t make in our workshop, such as accessories and consumable items, are excluded. Note: bldBASICS, any item sold as used or imperfect or marked with a star is excluded from this warranty or guarantee.

Limitation of Damages:

Guarantee/Warranty is limited to replacement or repair of product only. Bold Lead Designs, LLC, or its associates, cannot be responsible for any claims or liabilities beyond the scope of the guarantee. Chewing, neglect and misuse, customer alterations, external trauma, and items marked with a star void all warranties. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are made. User assumes all responsibility for proper and safe use of product and care of animal. Customer pays for shipping for warranty claims. This warranty is nontransferable.

Have a warranty issue? Need a repair or replacement?

Please contact us first so we can help determine the best way to get you taken care of!

If the product sustained damage under normal use, and is covered under warranty, we will make it right at no charge (just pay for shipping).

Non-warranty repairs and alterations may be available, even for chewing and external damage. Repair costs start at $5 plus shipping. We will provide an accurate quote upon assessing the damage.

What to do: Tell us what product you have and what the issue is. If you can, please email us photos of the damage so that we can determine the best solution (repair, replacement, or something else). Usually we will have you mail the item to us, in which case we ask that you send the item to us with a completed Warranty-Repair Form. Please download, fill it in, print, and include with your return.

All warranty claims and repairs must be accompanied by the form otherwise we won’t know what to do with your item when received. If you don’t have a printer, you may write out all the pertinent information on a paper and include it with the item. Customer is responsible for all related shipping costs.

Reviews (28)

28 reviews for BLD’s Quick Release Collar™ – Leather dog collar with metal buckle

  1. Shana (verified owner)

    Style and functionality. The the best leather collar on the market. I just love that the collar can be fully disassembled for cleaning and repairs if needed.

  2. dawnforsythe (verified owner)

    I’ve been using BLD collars for the past five years, for my dogs and for my fosters. (There’s something special about sending a rescued pup to her forever home, wearing a high-class and exceptionally functional collar. Talk about starting a new life in style!) The leather is supple, the quick release is reliable and easy to use, and the O-ring is ingenious.

  3. Gerald Salerno

    This is the best quick release collar I have found for my Standard Poodle. The quality of the leather and the hardware is exceptional and it looks great on her.
    I am very pleased with this collar and would certainly purchase it again.
    I also found the customer support at Bold Lead Design to be as exceptional as their products.

  4. 3Catahoulas (verified owner)

    First I bought a leash, which was the exactly what I wanted. Then I bought a quick release collar with the extra “o” ring. It is exactly what I wanted. I just ordered a collar to replace my other dog’s old, plastic buckle collar, which I never quite trusted to hold if stressed.
    Bold Lead Designs has the best products that I have found. No reason to shop anywhere else.

  5. robert66 (verified owner)

    I loved the quality of construction (mostly!) and the leather itself. Unfortunately I also experienced a problem with the clasp. It was lost (and returned) twice but third time was lost forever to the Atlantic Ocean. Also as a Canadian the import charges are very high or i would be ordering a replacement. Still rating it a 4 star for build quality. Bob

  6. Miki

    I bought this collar today at a shop near by. Its looks beautiful and I love the looks. I used it for my dog for the first time and he was playing with some dogs at a park, the collar came off twice. The quick release opens so easily and it just comes off. It was not cheap collar to buy so it is disappointing.

    • Katrina

      Oh dear, it sounds like you have a warranty issue! Contact us at the workshop and we’ll get you taken care of.

  7. Kristen (verified owner)

    We just got our Frenchie this collar. It is gorgeous! We can’t wait to use it for our family photos next month. Super high quality leather, responsive sellers and quick shipping. We love the matching leash as well. Our pup looks sooo handsome!

  8. Kelly J (verified owner)

    Collar looks great, seems to be high quality. 1 major problem, it wont stay on. The quick release will open and the collar will fall off. Not sure how its happening because it seems secure when inspecting it, however within 5 minutes of being off-leash in the backyard it will pop open and fall off. A collar that wont stay on is pretty useless.

    • Katrina

      Oh goodness! It seems you may have a warranty issue. Let us get that buckle replaced for you. Thanks for your honest feedback and for giving us a chance to get it right. We’ve emailed you the warranty info for your reference.

  9. Sheila (verified owner)

    I have a 4yo Frenchie and his collar has been won out so badly so I wanted to get something that was sturdy, functional, and looked good. I am glad I purchased this. It is a beautiful, high quality collar! It is very easy to adjust and fits my French bulldog perfectly.

  10. Nora (verified owner)

    We bought this collar and loved it. The quality of the leather was seemingly great and the color was gorgeous. The collar looked even better as the leather was broken in and conditioned. However, after 3-4 months, we started noticing the notch coming loose and the collar almost falling off. Well, today, we lost the collar and all of the tags on it while our dog was out. We conditioned and waterproofed the leather and loved it. Until it became a giant pain to replace all the tags. Never using a leather collar again. This was one pricey collar to last five months.

    • Katrina

      I’m sorry to hear you are disappointed. We wish we would have known you were having trouble with the buckle so we could have repaired it under warranty before it had a chance to get lost. Always feel free to contact us with any concerns so we can address your issues. We’re here to help!

  11. Adrienne Atwood (verified owner)

    Never will I use another collar. this one is so classy and beautiful. I’m happy with this collar and the quick realese for my shaking hands. Thank you for the best collar…..I needed it.

  12. Shannan Meehan

    This is a great collar and the quick snap feature is great! It’s easy to clean and care for and is holding up great for my German Shepherd. The metal on the snap somehow got scratched but it is still totally functional. A great collar!

  13. Richard Sagarsee (verified owner)

    I have the black medium-sized collar (1″ width). I love it; the buckle allows you to get it to just the right fit, and I had the extra ‘O’ ring attached for me to attach the leash to. With the quick-release, getting the collar off and on is so quick and easy; no fumbling, no messing with getting the extra strap back through a buckle and loosened from the buckle tongue…just a click and it releases. Getting it back on is just as easy. My dog doesn’t like a lot of fumbling around his neck, so this collar is wonderful. I can take it off in literally 2 seconds when I am grooming him or giving him a bath. Richard

  14. Carol (verified owner)

    I love this collar. My dog looks very dapper in it and the hardware is very strong. I didn’t have to work hard to keep it clean and looking like new.
    I’m actually about to order another one as my foster pup chewed up my dogs…the price of puppy fun. Didn’t think twice about replacing it!

  15. Dara

    I bought this collar a little over a year ago, and could not be happier with the quality. We needed a quick release collar for our doggy daycare, and I wanted a classic look (not nylon!). Not only does it look great, it has held up through countless days of rough and tumble outdoor play at doggy daycare. I will say that the tan color definitely does darken with time. We just got another puppy and I plan on making a few more purchases here – going to try out the leashes next!

  16. Susan Dietrich (verified owner)

    I have two water dogs who are in the water all the time. They have had their leather collars now for 2 1/2 years. They have never failed me or my dogs. The quick release is a must for me because my two big dogs play with each other all the time which means the chance of getting a jaw hooked in the collar is possible. The water has only enhanced the beauty of the leather. People notice the beauty and strength of the collars and ask where can they get one . I am proud and pleased have my dogs wearing BLD collars.

  17. michael sackar (verified owner)

    This is a great collar that replaced a cheap plastic clip quick release / fabric collar. The quick release is perfect and I’m glad I have this product.

  18. Kim (verified owner)

    I purchased both the black and the tan collars for my two dogs, along with matching traffic leads. These are the only quick-release, leather collars I have been able to find, and I absolutely love them. They are excellent quality and beautiful. I only wish I had purchased the extra smalls originally, as the smalls are slightly too large for my dogs (they are Carlin Pinschers; their necks measure 13″ exactly). Unfortunately, the extra small is no longer available.

  19. Lisa Rose (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased three of these, a black 1″ wide collar (purchased in 2013), a 3/4″ golden tan (purchased in 2013), and a 1″ golden tan (purchased in 2014) and they are amazing quality. I love how the brown darkens with age and all three just get softer with age. They hold up to our dogs rough and tumble behavior whether on walks or just playing around the house. I’m already making plans to buy a fourth when our newest addition is done growing, it’s become a rite of passage in this household. I have gotten a large quantity of compliments on the beauty and quality of these collars and I always recommend these collars. I fully expect these colors to last the life time of our dogs and any future dog will get their own BLD collar!

  20. Meghan

    The best collar! I constantly receive compliments on this collar my dog wears. He’s a 100b lab and it has a nice weight and quality to it. It’s been almost a year and the collar has worn beautifully. Really like how you can adjust the size easily as well for a leather collar. With so many cheap feeling leather ones out there this is the one you’ve been looking for.

  21. David Costa (verified owner)

    The leather wears nicely getting darker and softer with age. I ordered mine with an extra ring which makes a great leash attachment that floats around the collar. The hardware is also very durable and works without flaw. I also love the adjustability of the collar. The price is also reasonable with fast shipping and great customer service. I will definitely be ordering more products from bold lead designs.

  22. Kristin (verified owner)

    I ordered the black leather quick release collar in medium and the 1″ wide option and it fits my 70 lb lab mix perfect! The quality of the leather and hardware is excellent – definitely built to last. The service and shipping was also very fast. I placed the order on a Friday night and received the collar early the next week. I am very happy with the purchase, it is well worth the price. Thanks for creating quality products for dogs!

  23. ArkayMajor

    Fabulous quality leather, and very user friendly. The hardware used is nice and strong, especially the quick release clip, which is really easy to use especially for those with joint or hand issues.

  24. HD (verified owner)

    Just wanted to let you know that today the leash and collar arrived at my doorstep, fresh from customs. The collar fits nicely (neat technique to make the fitting work as finely as it does) and the leash is a wonderful piece of handcraft, looking sturdy and this should be a leash that actually looks better with a bit of wear & tear along the years.
    The package and the nice little dog-bowl has been much appreciated, as has your pitch-perfect service and aid along the way.

    Many thanks again – I’m looking forward to field-testing the gear in the forest this afternoon :-D.

    All the best

  25. Robin Emanuel-Smith

    Wow! Recently I sent Michelle’s mobility harness to Katrina for some repairs. She had made this harness for us in 2009. When Katrina inspected the harness she found so many things that were about to fail on the harness, in addition to what I had asked her to repair, that she decided that what we needed was a new harness. Katrina honored the “working life of the dog” warranty and made a brand new harness. I only had to pay shipping charges! What a wonderful human being!!!

    Thank you Katrina and Bold Lead Designs!

  26. Kelsey R. (verified owner)

    Just received the leash and collar that I ordered and they are Fantastic!! They came so fast! I Love them! You don’t know how hard it is to find a good quality leather leash and collar. My Dane Marley will wear it with pride!

    Thank you!


  27. Anda (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased quick release collars from other online vendors and the hardware always broke! I bought my BLD’s collar and its latest a good 2 years and still going strong. The leather softens up and hardware is very durable. I’ve gotten so many compliments and people asking where I got it. I highly recommend it and just received my 2nd order for my new rescue.

  28. Ana S.

    I love this collar. The leather gets softer and darker with age, and the quick release is a great feature. I will definitely get another one!

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