The S-BINER® TAGLOCK™ by NiteIze is the perfect accessory for holding your dog’s tags, your keys, etc. This little s-hook biner has a locking mechanism to keep the gates closed. Makes switching tags to new collars easy. Can also be used as a key organizer, clip onto an ID badge, or hold small accessories.

Choose from the following finish colors:

  • Black (sold individually and in sets of 2)
  • Spectrum/Rainbow (sold in sets of 5)
  • Steel (sold individually)

Please note that S-Biners may not come with NiteIze packaging. 




With the S-BINER® TAGLOCK™ by NiteIze, no matter how much your pet runs, rolls, jumps, or fetches, their ID tag will always “Stay!”

  • Universally designed to fit most ID tags and collar/harnesses
  • Available in Black, Stainless, and Spectrum/Rainbow finishes!
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Secure stainless steel wire gate closure with center locking feature that locks both gates
  • Dimensions: 1.39″ x 0.59″ x 0.27″ | 35.46mm x 15.08mm x 7.07mm
  • Weight: 0.14 oz | 4g
  • Weight Rating: 3 lb.

*Please note that S-Biners may not come with NiteIze packaging. 

Warning: Not for use where disengagement could result in bodily injury or property damage. NOT FOR CLIMBING.


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