the best leather

We have selected top quality full grain leather for its feel and strength. Our leather is soft and pliable, yet far more durable than the average pet products. We use USA cowhides because they’re the best. Your leash, collar or harness will arrive feeling great in your hands, which will only soften more with use and age.

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Quality Hardware

To assure durability, we use solid brass and stainless steel hardware. The standard solid brass bolt snaps used on our products are proven to be easy to use and durable (brass is chrome plated for silver color). A variety of other fastener styles are available to meet individual preferences. We avoid fasteners made from inexpensive die cast and malleable metals used by most manufactures. You will never find cheap hardware that would rust or break in our workshop.

True Craftmanship

First, we start with the best leather, then cut and bevel the edges of each strap. A strap is hand selected and individually cut to make each lead, one at a time. We use hand tools and special punching and braiding techniques to ensure a sturdy leash. There is no stitching to come un-done & no cheap hardware that would rust or break. Our technique allows quality control every step of the way, and for repairs if necessary. We  guarantee our workmanship (or “work-womanship” as the case may be).

Hardware Sizes

Small (3/8” / 7mm)

  • Best for smaller and medium sized dogs Small yet strong hardware. Crafted with braids at both ends.
  • Also available in a lightweight XXS option, by request, for dogs under 20 pounds!

Medium (1/2” / 11mm)

  • Our most popular width is light enough for smaller dogs, and durable enough for large ones. Great for people who prefer a light weight yet sturdy leash. Medium sized durable hardware. Crafted with braids at both ends.

Large (5/8” / 14mm)

  • Sized for larger dogs, size fits well in your hands. A good sturdy weight lead with large hardware. Braided handle, screw posts used for durability at the “dog end” of the lead.

Extra Large (3/4” / 17mm)

  • Our wide width is sized for large, giant, and very strong dogs, yet fits nicely your hands for a good grip. Great for people who like a big, sturdy leash. Heavy duty hardware. Braided handle, screw posts used for durability at the “dog end” of the lead.
  • Heavy weight bridle leather available by request for a heavy-duty leash.

XXL (1″ / 20mm)

  • Extra wide width is heavy-duty, and sized for giant, and very strong dogs, or for people who prefer a big, fat, heavy-duty leash. Heavy duty hardware. Crafted with screw posts. Available by request on many of our leash designs. (Not shown in illustration.)


Special hardware requests and customized orders are welcome! Contact us if you would like something special or have questions.

Standard bolt snap hardware on black and tan leather of various widths next to rulers for scale.
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