Customize the hardware on your leash or collar order! (Price depends on the request.) 

All of our leather products come standard with BRASS hardware on TAN, or CHROME on BLACK, as shown on the leather in the photos. Our standard leash hardware are bolt snaps, the most reliable and durable hardware we’ve found. Not what you need? No problem!

You customize your order by selecting one of these options. Simply change the hardware color (applies to ALL hardware on the item), or specify a special hardware request. Just need a larger snap on a small or medium width leather? No problem! There are lots of options. The photos show all the hardware we have in our workshop, labeled with the part number and maximum width of strap that they will fit. You may notate the part number so know what you’d like!

See description below for more details! 

Custom modified items are made to order! These are options to add-on to your new leash or collar order.  Made to order! Allow 5-7 business days for creation. 

Make this change to…

Select your hardware

Check all that apply! If you are changing snaps on BOTH ends of a multi-functional leash, be sure to order TWO changes.

Other notes–

indicate your desires, or specify the hardware part number. (We’ll contact you if the website miscalculates the actual hardware and labor charges.)


Change Hardware Color: You can change hardware color for any leash or collar. Choosing this option will change ALL the hardware on ONE item.

Change to a different kind of snap:

  • Bolt snaps are our standard hardware, as these are the most reliable and durable hardware we’ve found. However, we have lots of hardware options available to meet your needs.
  • Need a larger snap on a small or medium width leash? Just select “make with larger bolt snap.”
  • Need a smaller snap on a large or medium width leash? Just select “make with smaller bolt snap.”
  • Trigger / Scissor snaps or spring gate snaps are great if you don’t care for the bolt snaps. Many people find these easier to operate. We have several size and material choices available. (However in our experience, these are the least reliable hardware choices, and are not recommended if you are looking for a super secure snap.) 
  • Shackle Snap (additional charge): BLD’s exclusive tactical style, super secure, quick-release panic snap is designed to be the safest swivel snap option for working K-9s and dog sports, it releases in an instant by pulling the tab.
  • Leash snap changes will be done on the “dog end” hardware. If you would ALSO like the “handle end” changed on your multi-functional lead, be sure to order TWO hardware changes.
  • Order ONE change PER SNAP.

Notes about changing hardware: 

  • The option you choose will change both the color and style of the hardware–we’ll make all hardware on your leash match the color of the snap you choose! We won’t double-charge you to change the style and color.
  • Select the style you want and feel free to leave us a note when you check out if you need something specific, or to clarify your request.
  • Note: the size refers to the LEATHER WIDTH that the hardware will fit on (determined by the width leash you choose).
  • Note: if you want to change the hardware on BOTH ends of your multi-functional lead, please order TWO. Otherwise, we’ll assume you just want the special hardware at the “dog end” of the lead. Again, feel free to leave a note so we can make it to your specifications.

Remember that all of our hardware is the best quality available and is rust free (solid brass, chrome plated solid brass, or stainless steel, depending on the individual piece of hardware).

Custom orders: Please allow extra time for your order to be made to your specifications (up to 10 days).


Need to add or change other features? Click Here.

If you don’t see the exact options you are looking for, contact us and let us know what you’d like.

If you’d prefer more features, check out our Custom Designed Leash and design your leash from the ground up.


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