Leather Safety Cord / Attachment Strap

Double-ended safety cord serves as a back-up attachment for your leash.

Use with head halters, prong collars, martingales, front clip harnesses, or any type of training tool as a fallback plan. Just in case. Why? Because sometimes you need peace of mind by having two points of attachment. Excellent option for Houdini dogs who somehow wriggle their way out of their gear or shake loose from the leash clip. Features the same premium quality leather used in all BLD gear

  • Standard Leather Safety Cord is made with a bolt snap at each end, the braided leather is flexible
    • Small size is approx. 7.5 inches (20 cm) long, made from 3/8″ width leather and small hardware
    • Medium size is approx. 9 inches (26 cm) long, made from 1/2″ width leather and medium size yet durable hardware
  • NEW! Ultimate Safety Connection is made with our special Locking Carabiner Snap(s) that secure with a screw-down lock sheath. This version is heavy duty and recommended only for large breed dogs. Made with a 3/4″ wide leather connector.
    • Choose single or double Locking Carabiner style, approx. 7.5″ long (20cm), only available with brass hardware
    • Ultimate Safety Cord with one Locking Carabiner and large bolt snap on the other end
    • Ultimate Safety Cord with double Locking Carabiners

Looking for our lightweight options? Click here!

Attaches to any leash, halter, harness, or collar. Intended as a secondary attachment to back-up your primary gear.



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Crafted with the same quality leather and hardware found on all of BLD’s products.

Tan bridle leather comes standard with solid brass hardware (gold color)

Black latigo leather comes standard with chromed brass or stainless steel hardware (silver color)

Locking Carabiner snaps are only available in brass.


How to use Locking Carabiner Snap:

  1. Spin the lock to open (clockwise) and release the gate
  2. Snap onto the dog’s collar or harness
  3. Spin the lock closed (counterclockwise) to secure the gate
  4. Always spin the lock completely closed when in use on the dog’s collar or leash to ensure the snap is locked

Caution! Do not use the snap in the “open” unlocked position. This snap must be fully locked closed when in use. Failure to spin the gate lock closed may cause the hook to bend out of alignment and fail. The lock sheath reinforces the hook part of the snap to make it secure. BLD’s leash warranty assumes proper use of this snap.


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