Pull-Strap for BLD MSH/BAH

A pulling strap for forward momentum and wheelchair pulling.

Since pulling and bracing are 2 different mobility needs, we have developed a great way to allow our Mobility Support Harness (MSH) to serve as a combination pulling harness!

  • Pull-strap clips onto the existing harness
  • Adjustable length from 14-18″
  • Can be made to a specific length–just let us know in the notes when you check out!
  • Available in black or tan leather
  • Also compatible with BLD’s Balance Assistance Harness (BAH)



A highly recommended accessory for our Mobility Support Harness. 

The pull-strap can be used anytime you need the dog to lean forward into the harness, such as for pulling, assistance with forward momentum, climbing stairs, walking up a hill, getting up from a seated position, and even pulling a wheelchair on occasion.

The pull strap (sometimes called a bridge handle) has stainless steel snaps on each end and clips to the d-ring on BLD’s Mobility Support Harness. Pulling pressure is directed to the breastplate on the harness. The strap length is adjustable so you can find just the right length for the most leverage. Overall length adjusts from 14-18″ long. If you need a different length, OR prefer a specific fixed length, just let us know in a note when you check out (no extra charge for longer length if needed!). Made from our fabulous black Latigo or Golden Tan bridle leather, the edges are beveled for a smooth comfortable feel. Hardware is stainless steel and chrome plated solid brass for a lifetime of durability. 

The dog will understand the difference between you pulling on the handle strap and pressure on the support handle: You want the dog to PULL into the pulling strap, and BRACE for the support handle on the Mobility Support Harness.

Accessory strap only. Harness not included.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Pull-Strap for BLD MSH/BAH

  1. Rebecca Shreiar (verified owner)

    I don’t know about you but sometimes I wear shoes that make me stand further back then normal..it’s so nice having a pull strap that can accommodate for that without the need for multiple of the same item. It’s lightweight and durable like all BLD products. Comes in handy too! Definitely would buy again if ever needed.

  2. Amber

    The pull-strap works great for when I’m using my wheelchair and would like a little extra help from my dog. The strap feels good in my hand and is small enough that I just leave it attached to my harness all the time and I’ve never had a problem with it getting in the way.

  3. Jasmine (verified owner)

    We had one of these custom made in a slightly larger size and it works perfectly. It is a bit difficult to adjust, but luckily instructions were included. The style of clips makes it very easy to take the strap on and off your harness as needed.

  4. Christi P. (verified owner)

    I really loved the pull strap. Very easy to adjust to shorter and longer lengths and the fact that it is removable really helps. It was very easy on my hands and is small enough for easy storage.

  5. Macy/Maple

    I really appreciate the pull strap. It’s a must for those of use who use our dog for momentum and other pulling tasks. Not only will it keep my harness nice longer it also allows my dog to use her body correctly. Definitely a worth while accessory for the mobility harness.

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