Extra Set of Wingnuts for MSH (for old style harness)

Replacement knobs for the Mobility Support Harness; the knobs hold the handle on the harness. This is the “old style” nut that screws ONTO the threaded posts on your harness support bars for harnesses made BEFORE December 2015.

Set of 4 wing nuts for handle assembly. These wing nuts have self-locking nylon inserts to prevent the knobs from loosening. Some people find the wing nuts easier to turn.

(Be sure to use some teflon plumber’s tape on the threads! You can get this at any hardware store, sorry we don’t sell the tape.) 


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We recommend keeping an extra wingnuts handy in case one gets lost.

TIP to keep your knobs on! Add some teflon plumbers tape to the threaded post, as shown in last photo. You can get this at any hardware store. It increases the friction and helps keep the knobs tight. Just add a little of the tape to the screw part and then put the knob on the harness. Works like magic to keep it from loosening.


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