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Welcome to the only fully-customizable dog leash designed specifically for wheelchair users! We understand people with disabilities have uniquely individual needs. Let us help you design the right leash for you and your dog.

  • If our other wheelchair leashes do not suit your needs, then this is the way to custom order your perfect leash.
  • Product details and suggestions can be found in our 25-page Wheelchair Leash Info Packet PDF. We recommend reviewing the booklet for all the details on this very specialized product. 

Download BLD Wheelchair Leash Info Packet PDF

Just need a Wheelchair Hook? Order it here.
Would you like one of our carefully considered wheelchair leash designs? See them here. 

Feel free to call to discuss and order by phone! 303-856-3012. We are happy to answer your questions and offer suggestions to build a leash that meets your needs. Before you call, please review the options and measure as described in the Info Packet booklet so we can more effectively help with the details. 


How do you want the leash to attach to your dog?

Dog’s Neck Size

Regular hooks are oriented for vertical, up and down, bars.
Our Rotated hooks are best for horizontal, side to side, bars.

Standard hooks work with bars up to 1.5″ in diameter.
Our Extender Wrap options are for bars up to 4″ in diameter.

Measurements Needed

Please indicate any custom hardware, other Brahma color or special requests here (may require quote)


Full-Custom Wheelchair Leash for use with Hook Attachment. 

  • The only custom made dog leashes specifically designed for wheelchair users
  • Hands-free leashes that attach to the wheelchair
  • Tangle-free designs prevent snags and hang-ups
  • Options available for people with limited strength, low dexterity, quadriplegia, etc.
  • Available in premium leather or Brahma soft-grip material all with high quality, durable hardware
  • Satisfaction guarantee and a LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • If our other wheelchair leashes do not suit your needs, then this is the way to custom order your perfect leash.

Print out detailed literature for this product:

Download BLD Wheelchair Leash Info Packet PDF


Questions? Contact us. We’ll make suggestions based on our experience so you can get just what you need! We recommend reading through the information first so we can answer your questions and help you make an informed choice.

Safety Considerations:

These products are intended for use with fully trained service dogs/assistance dogs/pet dogs that have excellent leash manners. We’ve designed all of our Wheelchair Leash options to manually detach from the wheelchair in the event of an emergency situation. Why? Because it’s simply a smart idea!

Only you can determine if letting go of the leash and attaching it to your wheelchair is the right choice for you and your dog.

Attached leashes (fastened to a person, wheelchair, or another mobility device) are not safe for all dogs and/or users of wheelchair/mobility devices. Please choose your equipment wisely and use responsibly.

Do not use wheelchair leashes with an untrained dog. Not for dogs that pull on the leash. Wheelchair leashes must NOT be used with dogs that lunge or are difficult to control, as this could be very dangerous. Additionally, DO NOT USE FOR PULLING A WHEELCHAIR.

Please note: If your strength or dexterity is limited, you may need assistance from a friend to install the wheelchair attachment and make the initial adjustment to the leash. Once attached and adjusted, the leash will remain at the desired length and is easy to connect to and remove from the wheelchair.

Additional information

Weight 0.82 lbs
Dimensions 0.82 × 8 × 8 in
Material Color

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4 reviews for Full-Custom Wheelchair Leash for use with Hook Attachment (quad lead)

  1. Joshua Speer (verified owner)

    This custom quad leash is amazing. I wouldn’t be able to take my dog on walks without it. It has a very secure way to attach to your wheelchair and has a hook with rings on the leash so you can adjust the length of the leash to control how far you want your dog to be able to go while you’re walking them. The quality of materials and craftsmanship of this leash are second to none as are all of bold lead design products I’m sure. When I called to order this leash the staff were very friendly and helpful. The person who took my order took the time to walk me through what type of custom leash would best fit my needs and my dogs needs. It only took about a week to make my custom leash and get it shipped to the other side of the country, and this was even while the company was moving to a different location. This company is very professional and friendly and best of all they make incredible products for your pets that just make life easier. Whenever I need a leash or harness in the future I will definitely be going with bold lead designs, I highly recommend them.

  2. Leslie

    I can’t say enough about how perfect and empowering my leash is and how great Katrina was to work with. I called to order a custom ‘quad’ leash, which I was hoping would just be easier to use than the leash I had modified to walk my dog alongside my wheelchair. Katrina was impressively knowledgable about the specs of the leash to recommend after a brief conversation. And the result is amazing!!! The design of the leash/ collar combo is brilliant, allowing me complete and efficient independence in placing it on my dog and attaching her to my chair despite very limited hand function. I feel confident in my ability to walk her safely anywhere, even in crowds and along narrow sidewalks, and I have much more versatility with respect to how much length of leash she has (three perfect lengths!) thanks to Katrina’s advice. Plus, the quality of the leather, hardware, and craftsmanship is excellent. I appreciate the freedom I have gained with this leash on a daily basis -it has improved my qualify of life. Thank you so very much for the excellent work you do!!

  3. Barb Calhoon

    I have used with leash/collar combo with 3 clients that have C4-5 quadraplegia. In all cases they found this device easier to use, more safe for the dog and good looking to boot. Will recommend this to all clients that need a leash that can be easily put on and removed.

  4. Jason

    Very pleased, made a few adjustments and used it successfully by myself the first time! c-5 quads need this!

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