Full-Custom Designed Leather Dog Leash – the leash of your dreams!

Design your own perfect leather leash!

Not finding the perfect dog leash? Here it is. This leash is anything you want it to be. Any size. Any length. Any features. Crafted from premium American leather and top quality hardware in any configuration you’d like. Our craftsmen will assist you in designing the perfect leash that meets all of your needs. Wow, this is going to be an awesome leash! Our satisfaction guarantee assures you will love your custom leash and we back it with our Lifetime Warranty. 

Product details and suggestions for features can be found below. Keep scrolling

Have questions? Contact us. We are happy to offer suggestions if you don’t have the measurements right now–just let us know what you need and how we can help. 

Made to order! Allow up to 10 business days for creation.


Here’s what I want

Tell us all about what you need! We’ll follow up with any questions or suggestions. Please be as specific as you can and include measurements. Not sure? No worries. We’ll follow up to discuss.

If we need to contact you for more information, how would you like us to contact you?


Let’s work together to create a totally unique custom design that suits all of your needs. Remember, we guarantee our work and know you will just LOVE your new leash. Bold Lead Designs’ Lifetime Warranty assures the highest quality and durability available.

Even if you’re not exactly sure what you need, just let us know what you want from your leash and we’ll make it work for you.

First, select the basics:

  • Black Latigo OR Tan Bridle Leather
  • Select the width (S 3/8”, M 1/2”, L 5/8”, XL ¾”)
  • Color of hardware (Stainless Steel OR Brass)

Next, how would you like the leash to attach to the dog? 

  • A leash snap to attach to their collar or harness (See photos for hardware options):
    • Standard bolt snap: This is our standard hardware and it’s the most reliable. Choice of either stainless steel (silver color) OR brass (gold color).
    • Scissor/trigger snap: Some people find these easier to operate, but they are the least reliable hardware in our experience.
    • If there’s a specific hardware part number you’d like, please notate your preference.
  • Built-in collar: The Fastener-Free Collar is a great option. See it here. 

Finally, tell us more about you and your dog and how you plan to use the leash. 

What do you want the leash to do? What activities do you do with your dog? How will you use it? Understanding the purpose of the request will help us determine the best way to make your leash. Points to consider…

  • Hands-free options:
    • Wear over your shoulder, like a sash
    • Around the waist, like a belt
  • Handle style:
    • Regular loop handle
    • Regular loop handle with O-ring (loose ring on handle)
    • O-ring (no handle, leash ends in a plain O-ring)
    • Bolt snap at end (no handle)
    • Open handle (bolt snap, clips to ring 18″ from end)
    • No handle (straight end)
  • Adjustable length:
    • Specify the lengths you need. Just do some measuring in the various positions and activities you will want to use the leash for!
    • Perhaps you want to wear the leash hands free, and have enough leash so your dog can lay down, THEN shorten the leash when they stand up. Measure each position and pass the details along to us.
    • Would you like fixed rings? Loose rings? Braided grip points? Extenders? Swivels? Detachments? Other special features? All in one multi-dog leash? Whatever you like!
    • Special assembly requests?

We will offer recommendations and advice, get you what you want, and find the best way to construct your dream leash. We are experts in this sort of thing, and know our materials and tooling methods well–we’ll be up front if a request can be made more elegant or improved by tweaking the design. Trust us to find a great solution for your needs! 

If you like one of our existing leash designs, but only need minor changes to make it just right, this may be less expensive. Customizing one of our leash designs starts at only $5 per modification.

Have questions? Just contact us, we’re happy to help!

Leather & Hardware Color

Our leather comes in two colors: tan and black.

Our standard leather/hardware color combinations are:

  • Black leather with stainless steel/silver colored hardware
  • Tan leather with brass/gold colored hardware

*If you would like a different leather/hardware color combination, select the option “Make with OTHER Color Hardware”.

*Note: brass hardware can stain white/light coated dogs. Sometimes the oil in dogs’ coats can create tarnish, a harmless chemical reaction

About our leather:

Our Golden TAN BRIDLE leather is 100% American vegetable-tanned leather, made with NO dyes or toxic metallic chemicals. Reminiscent of fine English horse tack, this leather is superior in quality to any other leash you’ve seen. Every leash is HAND-OILED to bring out the softness, so your leash arrives supple and feels great in your hands immediately and only improves with age. The color will darken with use and age. 

Our lovely BLACK LATIGO leather is solid black, and superior to ordinary leashes in texture and quality, cut from select USA hides. It is incredibly durable, yet is very flexible. Feels great in your hands and will simply get better with age. 

Leather care is easy! Don’t worry too much, and don’t be afraid to use your items — we promise leather is incredibly resilient, and regular weather won’t hurt it. If you think your item looks dirty, dry, or just need a little extra love, pouring a little leather conditioner on a cloth, and rubbing it in like lotion will usually do the trick. Baths and a jaunt in the river are just fine, but you might want to offer a little conditioner to your products afterwards. Saltwater can be harsh, so after a visit to the ocean, a good rinse in fresh water and proper conditioning will help preserve and protect your treasured leash or collar. See our Leather Care page for more specific information.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products.

All Bold Lead Designs’ handcrafted leather & Brahma products that we make in our workshop are guaranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship for life!

If your leather lead, Brahma lead, training equipment, or harness ever breaks or is damaged from regular use, simply contact Bold Lead Designs for a replacement or repair at no charge. There is no time limit. This is the best warranty in the industry.

If service is required, please see Warranty Claims & Repair Service below.

Warranty is limited to replacement or repair of covered product only, and does not cover things outside of our control such as chewing, neglect, misuse, normal wear, external trauma, or customer alterations. Bold Lead Designs reserves the right to determine if a repair or replacement is covered by our warranty. Items we don’t make in our workshop, such as accessories and consumable items, are excluded. Note: bldBASICS, any item sold as used or imperfect or marked with a star is excluded from this warranty or guarantee.

Limitation of Damages:

Guarantee/Warranty is limited to replacement or repair of product only. Bold Lead Designs, LLC, or its associates, cannot be responsible for any claims or liabilities beyond the scope of the guarantee. Chewing, neglect and misuse, customer alterations, external trauma, and items marked with a star void all warranties. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are made. User assumes all responsibility for proper and safe use of product and care of animal. Customer pays for shipping for warranty claims. This warranty is nontransferable.

Have a warranty issue? Need a repair or replacement?

Please contact us first so we can help determine the best way to get you taken care of!

If the product sustained damage under normal use, and is covered under warranty, we will make it right at no charge (just pay for shipping).

Non-warranty repairs and alterations may be available, even for chewing and external damage. Repair costs start at $5 plus shipping. We will provide an accurate quote upon assessing the damage.

What to do: Tell us what product you have and what the issue is. If you can, please email us photos of the damage so that we can determine the best solution (repair, replacement, or something else). Usually we will have you mail the item to us, in which case we ask that you send the item to us with a completed Warranty-Repair Form. Please download, fill it in, print, and include with your return.

All warranty claims and repairs must be accompanied by the form otherwise we won’t know what to do with your item when received. If you don’t have a printer, you may write out all the pertinent information on a paper and include it with the item. Customer is responsible for all related shipping costs.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Full-Custom Designed Leather Dog Leash – the leash of your dreams!

  1. vinniepudel@yahoo.com

    I had a four foot version of the eight way lead made (minus the middle ring) and I love it. BLD was awesome about working with me to make sure they were making exactly what I wanted and I am thrilled with the end product. I was sent drawings with questions verifying what I needed and I quickly had the lead I wanted. I now own three BLD multi purpose leads and they are absolutely my favorite go to leads to use. Thanks BLD! There’s nothing like a high quality leather leash ?

  2. kolby

    The Guide-Dog-style leash is my favorite leash design. I am blind and choose to partner with a Guide Dog for enhanced mobility and independence. Bold Lead Designs is the only company I have found who understands the concept of the Guide Dog leash. I have several brahma Guide-Dog-style leashes and wanted a leather leash to use with my dog. My leash feels just right in my hand. Its width and thickness are exactly what I wanted. It enhances how I work with my Guide Dog. Thank you, Bold Lead Designs, for the best products.

  3. Kyle Kaminski

    I had my leash made in May of 2017, and it has been through the ringer since. Bold Leads took the drawing I made of what I wanted and they made suggestions that made it even better than my imagination had pictured. They were also able to take the special snaps I wanted and incorporate them into the lead. I’ve put this lead through plenty of dirt and accidental creek plunges in the time I’ve had it and it’s held up perfectly. This is a lead that will last for years without a doubt. I would spend the money over and over for this quality of leash.

  4. Sarah Justiss

    I am extremely happy with the gorgeous martingale collar and custom leash we received in the mail today. Bold lead designs is now my go to for equipment. Beautifully made, wonderful customer service, and they made my custom order so fast.

  5. Mike Pace

    I had two long leashes customized by BLD. I am very particular about placement and finishes, and they nailed everything. Every time I think I thought of my perfect leash, I thought of something else to add or change and they would accommodate it if possible. If they couldn’t, they would explain why.

    The service was amazing, from time of manufacturing, speed of communication, quality of product and ease of customization, I couldn’t find one thing to even begin to nit pick about.

    I’ve already started thinking up my next custom leash for the future dog I don’t have yet.

  6. Cheryl Thomason

    Katrina customized an 8-way leather leash for my service dog. She was hands-on all the way and even used fasteners that she preferred not to use. I have used this leash for years, and it has traveled the world with us. It shows no wear and is so beautiful, soft and comfortable, and easy to use. I am hands-free with the dog, so can rummage through my purse while opening a door, and my dog remains at heel and safe.

  7. Emily D.

    A custom leash that I ordered arrived today. I just wanted to let you know how thrilled with it I am. It’s such a beautiful, well-made product. The quality reminds me of very nice horse tack. I look forward to using it for many years.

    Additionally, I’m very happy with the locking jaw snap (thoughtfully recommended by an employee) as a solution to prevent my dog from flinging off traditional bolt snaps whenever she shakes. The snap is very easy to open and close, but super secure. My solution until now has been using a leash with two bolt snaps, so she’s still attached if one shakes off. I’m happy to start walking her knowing that she will stay on the leash no matter what, and I can stop checking to make sure both bolt snaps are attached *every single time she shakes*.

    I look forward to ordering a new collar to match the fabulous leash, very soon!

  8. Tim V.

    My experience with Katrina and Bold Lead Designs was exemplary! The lead I needed was of an unusual design to meet a very specific set of needs. The finished product is of excellent quality and the creativity in addressing my particular requirements is outstanding. I have nothing but praise to offer for Katrina and her work. If you’re searching for a creative and practical design for a custom lead, search no further. You’ve found your solution right here.

  9. Shay

    I just wanted to take a moment & thank you for the EXCEPTIONAL harness & custom leads you made for me & Emmy. . . I LOVE both the quick release collar and locking jaw snap on the leads. It makes it so easy to get on & off as well as change lead length from walking to resting..Again, so many things to be thankful for this year & finding you is at the top of my list…

  10. Lindsey M.

    Bold Lead Designs made me a custom 13 foot lead. The leather is very soft and feels so nice in my hands when handling my dog. The hardware is heavy, top quality. Overall, this is the best lead I have ever used. I highly recommend Katrina’s work at Bold Lead Designs for anyone who wants a top quality lead. I always spoil my dog, I bought this lead for me and I am so glad I did. Both my dog and I LOVE it!

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