Want something special? You may request custom changes to your leash order. Modifications start at $10.

We will custom build your leash to order when you select any of these choices, options can be combined as desired. Tell us what you’d like! 

Please allow our expert craftsmen to make suggestions for the best functionality and durability of the item you are ordering; we will let you know if the request is not recommended.

(leash not included, these are customization options to add on to your order)

Need different hardware: See Change Hardware here.
Need something really special? Check out our Full Custom Designed leash here and we can design the perfect leash for you, from the ground up.

Custom modified items are made to order! We’ll follow up with you within 3 business days if we have any questions about your requests. Allow 5-7 business days for creation. 

Modify my leash order

Indicate what features you’d like to add to your leash. Check all that apply.


Ordering one of our leashes but need to make small changes to some of the details? No problem! Please allow extra time for your order to be made to your specifications (approx. 7-10 days), feel free to leave us a note or call to discuss if you wish to clarify your desires.

Customize it starting at $10:

Add a ring to the handle (loose on the handle is the default, can also be added as a fixed ring where the handle fastens,)

Add a loose ring to the lead. (if a multi-functional lead, let us know which section to add it to. Example: “add a loose ring to the middle section of 8-way”)

Add a fixed-ring to the lead (select braid or screw post fastener). Indicate position. Example ” 3 feet from dog end”

Add a Ring Splice (O-ring Joint) to the lead. (3/8″ and 1/2″ leather will be braided, All Brahma and leather 5/8″ or larger will have screw posts) Indicate position. Example ” 3 feet from dog end”

Add a Braided Grip (Anywhere you want! Indicate position. Example: “15 inches from dog end”). Want two? Order two! We love the braided grip option, it’s less cumbersome than an extra handle loop.

Need another handle loop? Add a quick-grab handle to the dog end if you need more control, measured to the center of handle. Please note: Due to the length of handle, and hardware, used to form the Quick-Grab Handle, requests made that are 16″ or less from the dog end will be crafted at the dog end. 

Change to Screw Posts instead of braids (on medium, large, or XL sizes).

Make lead with 3″ Thumb Loop instead of the regular handle (on Traditional, Tracking or Traffic Lead). only $5

Or make it with NO handle, just a straight end (or request a knot if you like). only $5

Need snap on your leash? Add a bolt snap to the handle loop. Be sure to also add fixed-rings to clip it to!

Need the length of one of our leash designs tweaked a little? Just ask us to make shorter or longer. Longer may require a quote to add more leather.

Need another small change? Select “ask me” and notate what you’d like. This may require a quote, so we guesstimated a price for this one. We will followup if there’s a price difference.


Want to change the hardware? Go here to change the hardware style or color. 



If you don’t see the exact options you are looking for, contact us and let us know what you’d like. Feel free to leave a note for us when you check out too and we’ll confirm if your choice is possible (and a quote if applicable).

If you’d prefer more features, check out our Custom Designed Leash and design your leash from the ground up.


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