MSH™ Saddle only

If you do not need the complete harness, you may purchase the Mobility Support Harness saddle only here. Choose the support bars to accommodate the handle you will be using on the harness. Keep scrolling for more information below.

*This is the saddle only, not a complete harness. No straps or handles are included.

Made to order! Allow 2-3 weeks for creation. 



Please see the Mobility Support Harness™ listing for details about this item.

  • The standard support bars accommodate handles heights of 8″ or less (the metal on the handlebar must be 1/8″ thick to fit)
  • The tall support bars accommodate any size handle (these bars are heavy 1/4″ thick metal designed for tall handles over 9″)
  • Pull-Rings are available for people with limited dexterity who have trouble grasping a small knob, pull-rings can be added to make it easier to operate the handle folding mechanism.
  • Magnetic Latch option for those with very limited dexterity

Saddle size and support bars/handle mounts cannot be changed after the saddle is constructed.

Choose harness size: 

  • Standard MSH
    60-95 pounds, with a girth size of 26-34 inches (best choice for most retrievers and doodles). NOT available for dogs under 60 pounds.
  • Extra Large MSH
    For most dogs 90-150 pounds, with a girth size of 33-40 inches (also recommended for deep-chested breeds such as GSD’s and Dobermans weighing 85 pounds or more, and any dog over 100 pounds such as Rottweilers, Great Danes, Newfoundlands, etc.)
  • Giant size MSH
    For dogs 140-200 pounds, with a girth size over 40 inches (best choice for larger Great Danes, Mastiffs, etc).  Pull-rings and tall handles over 8” are not available on this size.

Harness color:

  • Black: Solid black latigo leather is our standard offering. This leather wears beautifully over time, does not fade, and hides the appearance of scuffs and scratches
  • London Tan (add $20): Gorgeous vegetable-tanned Bridle leather. Color and shades will vary; each part of harness may be a different shade. Tan leather naturally appears rustic and may show scuffs and wear over time; color may darken with use over time.
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