Small business supporting small business!

Thank you for supporting small business and quality products that are hand made in the USA! We truly believe your customers and colleagues will appreciate the design and quality of the leather leads, collars, and accessories we handcraft in our Aurora, CO workshop.

As a small independent business, we design, manufacture and represent our own products. This allows us to develop close relationships with our customers and retail partners to maintain our standards of quality. Each leash and collar is made by our team with the highest quality materials we can source.

  • Order online now and save 15% off regular retail pricing on BLD’s most popular products when you buy 6 or more
  • No special account or login required
  • Discount automatically applies in shopping cart if order qualifies

Pro Discount for Canine Professionals: 15% off

Order 6 or more of these popular BLD products and receive 15% off regular retail pricing. There is a “Pro Discount” category in our online store, and the discount will automatically apply in the shopping cart. The following items and minimums are applicable for the Pro Discount. Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion of most products, some large quantities may take longer to create.

Perfect Pace no-pull products:

Bold Lead Designs premium leather products:

Bold Lead Designs Brahma Soft-Grip vegan products:


Service Dog Accessories

Wholesale pricing is available on BLD’s most popular standard products for independent retailers and professionals who need larger quantities of our premium products. For full details and policies, and a printable version, download this PDF:

BLD wholesale discounts

Wholesale orders can be placed by phone or email.

Individual items, harnesses, and some specialty service dog equipment do not qualify for wholesale pricing.

Details on various product categories are explained below:

Woven Perfect Pace Dog Halters & Halter Leashes summary

  • Woven Perfect Pace come in cases of 6 identical pieces.
  • Minimum of 24 pieces per order (4 cases): 40% less than MSRP
  • Generally in-stock and available to ship in 3-5 days
  • For leather Perfect Pace, please see our standard products below

bld BASICS summary

  • Minimum of 25 pieces per SKU: 20% less than MSRP
  • Custom orders in additional sizes and colors may be available; inquire to discuss your needs

BLD’s standard products made in-house summary

  • These products are made to order in our own workshop!
  • Includes BLD standard leashes, collars, and Leather Perfect Pace.
  • Minimum of 24 pieces, all orders must include 12 or more of one SKU
  • Discount ranges from 20% to 35% less than MSRP
  • Estimated turnaround times
    • 24-50 total items: 3-4 weeks
    • 51-100 total items: 4-6 weeks
    • Larger volume orders will be negotiated

Contact us directly to personally discuss your wholesale needs. Please include your business name and tell us what you are looking for in your message, or feel free to give us a call!

We are accepting a limited number of new private label clients at this time.

BLD specializes in private labeling and custom product design.

We’d love to work with you to create something unique to your business and promote your company name.
  • Using your own logo: Private label branding is available on leashes and collars for clients that want to promote their own company brand. This specialty option is available to clients placing wholesale orders at least 3 times per calendar year. There is a one-time setup fee to create the stamp for your logo (usually $150-200) and a $25 handling charge per order (handling charge waived for orders with 24 or more of one SKU. ) Allow additional production time on your first order to create the branding plate. You may choose to omit BLD’s product tags from your order.

We are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the Bold Lead Designs (BLD) and Perfect Pace brands, and strive to help your business maximize sales.

As artisans, we believe that our products are valued based on the integrity of their design, quality, and durability, rather than on price alone. To that end, Bold Lead Designs, LLC has implemented Minimum Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) to protect the consumer experience and discourage price based advertising. Bold Lead Designs and Perfect Pace branded products will be delivered to you with minimum suggested retail pricing (“MSRP”) for each item.  If you promote, advertise, or sell BLD or Perfect Pace products online more than 10% below the MSRP, we reserve the right to refuse to supply you with our products at wholesale pricing in the future, at the sole digression of the management of Bold Lead Designs, LLC.

In short, we ask that you set your advertised prices at or above our MSRP.

This policy excludes: in-store materials at brick-and-mortar location (such as an in-store special or clearance sale), items offered to a dealer’s employee or non-profit organization’s volunteer/customer for personal use, or items sold as used. This means it’s okay for your friends or employees to pay a lower price as long as it’s not promoted online.

We look forward to continuing to be your trusted partner for premium, professional quality, handcrafted dog equipment.

Terms and pricing subject to change without notice due to raw materials cost and availability.

We stand behind the quality and workmanship of our products. Every Perfect Pace and standard BLD branded item comes with informative package/tags and includes details on our guarantee. (Product tags can be excluded upon request). Our satisfaction guarantee extends to your wholesale orders. BLD’s famous lifetime warranty for products made in-house extends to your customers. Details can be seen here on the website.

Custom order and private label branded items are not returnable, but are backed by our warranty. We will work with you, our client, directly for any warranty issues your customers may have. We will replace any item that is defective or does not meet our product standards. Just let us know if there are issues and we’ll help figure out the best and simplest way to solve the problem (replace or repair). Photos of the product and issue are super helpful; please send via email. In most cases BLD sends you a replacement directly, so you can take care of your customer.

Terms and pricing subject to change without notice due to raw materials cost and availability.