Locking Carabiner Swivel Snap for dog leash – 4 sizes

  • This swivel snap is designed to be secure with a lock that spins closed
  • Premium quality SOLID BRASS!
  • Great option for Houdini dogs – Stays closed when clipped to your dog’s collar or leash
  • Sized appropriately for canines; from small to large
  • Compatible with our exclusive Safety Cord for even more assurance

Please Note: Only available in Solid Brass (gold color). When adding to a new leash order, leash will be made with all solid brass hardware to match. 

Hardware only: 10x packs are at wholesale pricing. If you are purchasing just the snap, please select “hardware only.” (Please do NOT select “add” unless we are making you a new leash with this snap.)

If you would like to modify/upgrade the hardware on a new leash order, select “Add to my leash order.” The snap will replace the standard hardware on the “dog end” of the leash (price reflects the CHANGE of hardware). Select TWO if you want one on both ends of a multi-functional leash.

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Need More? Save more!

Quantity Price % Discount
1 - 5 $8.00$45.00 -
6 - 11 $6.80$38.25 15%
12+ $6.40$36.00 20%

Do you have a dog who mysteriously is able to shake loose of a regular leash snap? This is the solution!  Unlike spring gate dog leash hardware (the kind where the gate swings in), this one will not pop off the dog’s collar/harness when twisted. Furthermore, unlike traditional bolt snaps (the kind where the lever pulls down to open the gate), it will not accidentally release if caught on brush, nor will it be shaken loose when used properly. Unlike rock climbing carabiners that can be both massive and expensive, this snap is appropriately sized for dogs and swivels to prevent leash tangles.

This snap is not necessarily fast to attach or detach, but  this is why it can provide a great sense of security!  A note to our disabled friends: this requires good dexterity to operate.

Four sizes to suit different material widths:

  • small fits 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) straps, for small dogs under 30 pounds (NOT for larger or very strong dogs due to the dainty, small gauge size)
  • medium fits 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) wide straps, medium gauge snap
  • XL fits 3/4 inch (19.5 mm) wide straps, heavy gauge snap (shown on the leather leash, flat portion where leash connects)
  • XXL fits 1 inch (25 mm) wide straps, heavy gauge snap

How to use:

  1. Spin the lock to open (clockwise) and release the gate
  2. Snap onto the dog’s collar or harness
  3. Spin the lock closed (counterclockwise) to secure the gate
  4. Always spin the lock completely closed when in use on the dog’s collar or leash to ensure the snap is locked

Caution! Do not use the snap in the “open” unlocked position. This snap must be fully locked closed when in use. Failure to spin the gate lock closed may cause the hook to bend out of alignment and fail. The lock sheath reinforces the hook part of the snap to make it secure. BLD’s leash warranty assumes proper use of this snap.

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1 review for Locking Carabiner Swivel Snap for dog leash – 4 sizes

  1. pohtaytoe

    I got it as an add on to my custom longline and it is fantastic. Lightweight but very secure! Fantastic in water and mud too. Well worth the extra money spent to know the lead will stay on no matter what.

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