Leash Caddy™ – carry your long line on your belt – utility organizer

The perfect accessory to keep your training gear organized! BLD’s Leash Caddy is designed to hold your long line, keep it from getting all tangled up, and make it easy to store your training gear so it’s ready to grab-and-go anytime. Great for all sorts of things, be creative!

  • belt loop clips around any belt
  • keep your training gear organized
  • keep your car tidy–hang from head rest
  • great for carrying toys and training rewards
  • perfect for storing harnesses
  • works great for suitcases: tether luggage for easy travel
  • choose leather or Brahma material
  • made with stainless steel snaps (sorry, no hardware changes)



Handcrafted with double clips–one end to hold your leash/gear, and the other to attach to your belt.  This handy accessory will keep your training gear organized and allow you to carry it on your hip. Made with durable stainless steel spring snaps and two stainless O-rings. (Sorry, no brass option available on this product.) Available in:

  • Braided Leather in black or tan
  • Brahma soft-grip material: black, purple, teal, cobalt blue, and high viz: hunter orange, hot pink, bright green (constructed with screw posts)
  • All are made with durable stainless steel snaps and rings (no hardware changes available on this product)
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