Add extra comfort to your leash or harness handle!

Leash Handle Wrap/ Multi-purpose strap cover: 

MULTI-PURPOSE THICK SHEEPSKIN PAD!! Add a little touch of luxury to any leash or handle. Really, this one will work on just about anything made from flat webbing, metal, or leather up to 1″ wide; excellent for padding your dog’s hiking pack straps, horse halters, ropes, whatever! Handy VELCRO closure along the long edge KEEPS IT ON the webbing, strap, or rope.

Crafted by Just Merino Wool in Texas, these sheepskin wraps are the best we’ve found! Perfect for adding extra comfort to your BLD gear. This are the softest, most luxurious, cushy-feeling sheepskin we’ve ever seen! Made from silky-soft and fluffy shearling: genuine merino wool on suede-like leather hide. These sheepskin wraps have Velcro to wrap around virtually any item you’d like. Quick and easy to put on your gear.

  • Choose 9″ long wrap for leash handles, harness handles, or other straps. Available in Tan or Black.
  • Choose 4.5″ long wrap for smaller items, such as Ergonomic MSH handles, or to pad the knobs on your MSH harness. Available in Tan or Black.

See below for more information. Handcrafted in Texas, USA.

Please allow 3-5 weeks if the item you selected is on backorder. More are being made but the turnaround time, due to Covid-19, is estimated. 

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Leash Handles: 

  • Add a touch of luxury to any leash! Simply use the 9″ long wrap on the handle of your favorite leash
  • Fits on any flat strap up to 1″ wide

Other Uses: 

  • Try on Crutches, walkers, or wheelchair handles!

Mobility Support Harness:

  • Add extra comfort to your handle grip, or pad the sides of the handle.
  • Use the 9″ long wrap for the MSH Standard “straight grip” brace handle bar.
  • Use the 4.5″ long wrap for the MSH Ergonomic “Z-grip” brace handle bar.
  • Pad the side of the handle: Use the 4.5″ long wrap for covering the knob on the sides of the handle. Protects from bumping against your leg, and prevents the knobs from coming off too. (Note, they must be removed or moved up to fold the handle each time.)

Basic Assistance Harness balance handle and Leather Guide Handle:

  • Make your leather handle extra comfy with these sheepskin wraps with the 9″ long wrap.

Handcrafted in the USA of imported Australian Merino Sheepskin. The manufacturer states: “We hand-trace and hand-cut each cover from Real Sheepskin hide. The natural leather backing ‘grips’ straps to minimize slipping or sliding around.” We’ve created specific sizes of wraps to compliment your favorite BLD products.

Caring for your sheepskin wraps:

Hand wash as needed according to manufacturer’s instructions: Brush or vacuum wool to fluff and to clean. Hand wash. Use clear glycerin soap and cool water. Air dry indoors.

Not covered by BLD’s lifetime guarantee, as we don’t make them.


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