Change Hardware: customize the leash snap on your leash order

Select WHERE you want the snap changed:

  • dog end
  • handler end (for multi-functional designs)
  • BOTH the dog and handler end (for multi-functional designs

Select the hardware part number(s) desired

  • If you need to change BOTH ends to DIFFERENT snaps, select two styles and leave us a note at checkout about which snap should be where.

If you want to add new snaps or a feature to your item, please see our add modification page here.

These are options to add-on to your new leash or collar order.  Allow 5-7 business days for your custom item to be completed.


Which end of the leash would you like to change? *


The photos show all the leash snaps we have available. The standard/default options are indicated for your reference. Each photo specifies the part number and the width of the leash that the hardware will fit. Be sure the hardware you select fits the width size of the leash you are ordering!

1234       Part Number
SS          Material
3/8″        size of eye (maximum leather/Brahma width)

SS = Stainless Steel
SB = Solid Brass

Changing to a different kind of snap: hardware is available as shown in photos

  • Bolt snaps are our standard hardware, as these are the most reliable and durable hardware we’ve found. However, we have a few other hardware options available to meet your needs.
  • Scissor / Trigger snaps (where a thumb lever opens overlapping gates) – Many people find these easier to operate. Only available in Stainless Steel in 1/2″ wide and larger.  However, in our experience, these are less reliable hardware choices and are not recommended if you are looking for a super secure snap because the way the gates hinge on a pivot point. Consider using a Safety Cord as a backup attachment. (see Leather Safety Cord, or woven Safety Cord) Brass has been discontinued due to low quality. 
  • Lever/Spring Snaps (where the gate hinges into the snap) – Many people find these easier to operate. However, in our experience, these are less reliable hardware choices and are not recommended if you are looking for a super-secure snap because if the snap twists, the collar ring can activate the gate. Consider using a Safety Cord as a backup attachment. Only available for 1/2″ or 5/8″ sizes. (see Leather Safety Cord or woven Safety Cord
  • Shackle Snap: BLD’s exclusive tactical style, super-secure panic snap is designed to be a reliable swivel snap option for working K-9s and dog sports. This stainless steel snap releases quickly in an instant by pulling the tab. Shackles like this are used in marine hardware, like on sailboats, to be strong under load with the ability to unsnap quickly when under load. Stainless steel (silver color) XL 3/4″ and XXL 1″ widths ONLY.
  • Locking Carabiner: This is a fantastic choice for security. This solid brass snap is an exclusive, hard-to-find snap! After you clip this snap to your dog’s collar/harness, turn the lock to close the snap completely. The lock must be unscrewed to open the snap. Solid brass (gold color) available 3/8, 1/2″. 3/4″ and 1″.
  • Alligator Locking Jaw Snap: This is a specialty snap made-in-Italy, the jaws lock closed so the snap cannot come off the collar/harness. Italian Bronze (gold color) XL 3/4″ and XXL 1″ widths ONLY. This is a weighty, heavy duty snap.

Notes about changing hardware: 

  • The option you choose will change both the color and style of the hardware–we’ll make all hardware on your leash match the color of the snap you choose! We won’t double-charge you to change the style and color.
  • Note: the SIZE refers to the LEATHER/BRAHMA WIDTH that the hardware will fit on (determined by the width leash you choose). Round eyes can accommodate smaller widths. Square eyes must match the leash width.
  • Remember that all of our hardware is the best quality available and is rust free (solid brass or stainless steel, and occasionally chrome plated solid brass, depending on the individual piece of hardware).
  • We cannot guarantee the performance of Scissor/Trigger snaps or spring snaps but are happy to build your leash with whatever hardware works for you.
  • Please allow extra time for your order to be made to your specifications.
  • Refunds on Custom Modifications: We will gladly accept returns for customized leashes, collars, and training equipment but due to the individual nature of customizations refund/credit will only be issued for the base price of the item.

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