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Our Fastener Free Collar is designed without buckles or snaps to make it easy to use. Limited-slip action allows collar to tighten to dog’s neck but will never get too tight. Perfect for people with limited dexterity, arthritis or injuries who don’t want to fuss with buckles or leash snaps. An excellent grab and go collar, just slip it over your dog’s head, and off you go! Use with any leash.

See below for more details and sizing info. Artisan crafted in our own workshop, with our famous lifetime warranty.

Also available with an attached leash!

Made to order! Allow 3-5 business days for creation. 


Our standard color combinations are:
Tan Leather with Brass (gold) Hardware
Black Leather with Stainless Steel (silver) hardware

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Fastener Free Collar™ 

Simply place the collar over the dog’s head, and you are good to go. The collar slides open just enough to fit over the dog’s head and tightens just enough to not come off accidentally. This collar is SAFE because it tightens enough to prevent the dog from getting loose, yet does not choke the dog. The leather collar holds its shape making it easy to put on the dog with little effort. Leather is gentle on the dog’s neck and is so durable it comes with our Lifetime Warranty.

We designed this collar especially for service dogs and people with limited dexterity or strength. This collar is SAFE because it tightens enough to prevent the dog from getting loose, yet does not choke the dog. The collar is adjustable for a perfect fit with a special Conway buckle. Once adjusted, no buckles or clips are needed, just slip off and on over the dog’s head.

Extra Small 10-14″ neck, 1/2″ wide (recommended for dogs over 20 pounds)

Small 13-16” neck size, 5/8” wide (recommended for dogs over 30 pounds)

Medium 16-20” neck size, ¾” wide (fits most large breed dogs, like retrievers)

Large 20-24” neck size, ¾” wide


Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in
Leather Color


Collar size

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7 reviews for Fastener Free Collar™

  1. s. kim (verified owner)

    i saved up and purchased this beautifully made collar for my dog, and am so thrilled to have it. he is extremely furry, kind of like the “burt reynolds of dogs,” and the clasp on his former collar always caught some of his chest and neck fur in it when i put it on him. the golden tan fastener free collar looks so lovely against his black fur. i will only buy leads and collars from bold lead designs now. it is money well spent to last a lifetime. thank you for a classic, handsome and thoughtful product!

  2. Sarah Farsad

    This is my favorite Bold collar. I am so happy with this product and it is super easy to use. I have a young dog who is a rescue and she is great and happy go lucky but not too patient when it comes to getting a collar or leash on. This collar is fast to get on – no buckles or fasteners and what is even better – my dog can’t back out of it. She is an escape artist but not with this collar and it doesn’t hurt her. I am more confident when walking her and I love the products. thanks so much! sarah and Khora

  3. Karen B (verified owner)

    This was the perfect answer for my service dog and myself. He has to be sleeping within hearing range (his, for my call), but the tags on his collar drove me nuts in the middle of the night. Removing his regular collar was easy, as he helped by pulling and twisting his head out, but fastening it back on in the morning was difficult. Now he puts his head into the collar while I hold it up. It is so well made, and I love the adjustability to get it fitted just right.

  4. Debbie (verified owner)

    I have one of these in tan, well it was tan but now is getting closer to a dark brown…so rich and classy looking. At first I didn’t like that the braid sticks out the one side, but one day when my boy was off leash and I had to grab him right away, that braid made it super easy to snatch him. Additionally, it became a very short leash, almost like a grab tab. The braid makes it easy to grip. It also came to me already super soft, no aging necessary. I’m very tempted to buy one of their slip collars to use as a tag holder because of how nice this collar is.

  5. Christi P. (verified owner)

    This collar is absolutely a lifesaver for me! Not only is is easy to put on, but right after I got the shipment my dog’s old collar broke! This collar I don’t have to worry about the snaps breaking or the D ring falling off. This collar is very sturdy and even if I am having trouble with clasps am able to just slide it on and walk out the door without having to fudge around with anything extra.

  6. Jenn M. (verified owner)

    “I received Aspen’s Fastener Free collar, and the 8-Way Leads today. Once again, I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of your pieces! Aspen was very curious about his new collar, and kept trying to crane his head and neck around to get a better sniff of it. Just like Lilly though, he visibly looks *so* much more comfortable in your collar than he did in his nylon one. I can’t tell you how much I love this collar for my special needs babies! Your design is beautiful, durable, comfortable, safe and humane. The Fastener Free collar is THE Perfect Collar, in my humble opinion. It the dog couture equivalent of a little black dress that can be worn out on the town, and still be comfy enough to wear at home everyday =) Honestly though, having two sensory-impaired dogs who are far more sensitive to touch and tactile sensations made finding a safe and non-irritating collar a necessity. Lilly, who is both blind and deaf, extremely sensitive to touch, and who was forever digging at her collar (she is part Shar Pei, with chunky little neck wrinkles), almost never itches now (unless she’s having an allergic reaction to yet another food), has no broken/matted hair where her collar sits, and her collar still looks like new despite having been through rigorous months of adventures and hijinx. Thank you so much for all that you do! We will continue to tell everyone about BLD, and Katrina’s awesome gear!”

  7. Jenn (verified owner)

    I just wanted to take a moment to let you know just how much Lilly and I LOVE her new Fastener Free Collar and custom harness. Not only are they absolutely beautiful, and buttery soft to the touch, but the quality, care and craftsmanship radiate from every stitch and braid. I didn’t think it was possible to find this level of quality anywhere anymore. These two pieces of gear have been game changers for our daily outings, and I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to discuss our specific concerns and needs, and for crafting exactly what we needed!
    You have given me the means to ensure that Lilly is comfortable and safe; and her self-confidence continues to flourish. Her happiness means the world to me, and I can’t begin to thank you enough!!

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