Leather Handle Sample Sale!

We have gathered assorted leather handles that may have various flaws or minor cosmetic issue that prevented the harness from being sold at full price. These items may have been used as samples, made incorrectly for a customer, made in the wrong size and returned, made by a BLD team member as they train to be a harness specialist, and may have cosmetic imperfections (uneven stitching, etc.) and/or otherwise deemed to be irregular. Each item has been inspected and verified to be functional and structurally sound; this means these Sample Sale items will perform as intended despite being imperfect.

Please refer to this Sample Sale info booklet for detailed product information, harness features, and measuring instructions, an abridged version that reflects the conditions of the Sample Sale. Measure your dog and yourself to determine what size you will need and the features that you want your harness to have. Measure the dog’s height and the user’s hand to ground while holding a mock handle or pencil: the difference between the dog’s height and the person’s hand measurement equals the handle height/length needed. Follow the measuring instructions in the info booklet, and check out our fit video. You may want your handle at a specific length (longer or shorter than the measured distance between the hand and dog’s back–that’s no problem! Select the size that works best for you).

Please read the information in the booklet and on this Sample Sale website page thoroughly to understand what you are purchasing. These components will be sold as-is on a first-come-first serve basis only via our website. Due to the nature of this special sale, customer service will be extremely limited. We expect these items to sell fast! If you have specific questions about your measurements, sizing, or features that are not addressed in the info booklet or on this page, please reach out during the preview time before the sale goes live.

This listing is for leather handle only (harness not included). All sales are final. Sorry, there are no returns or exchanges on discounted equipment. These items are being sold as-is with no warranty or fit guarantee; no modifications, no special requests, or changes are available on these items. 

***The listed handle height/length is approximate; there may be variance of one inch (2.5 cm).***

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Sample Sale Handle details:

Flexible leather handles are made with double-layered leather and will soften and slump over time with use.
Semi-Rigid leather handles have a reinforced core for a stiffer feel and will hold their shape with use.
Handles 4.5″ or taller have a brace strap (horizontal strap to hold the handle in a U-shape). All measurements are approximate and may vary by up to one inch (2.5 cm).
All measurements are approximate and may vary by one inch (2.5cm). Listed measurements are the functional handle length from the top of the harness saddle to the handle grip when attached to the lower handle mounts on a STANDARD SIZE BAH OR MSH saddle. The width of the dog can affect the actual handle length/height by an inch or so; all handles have been measured on a 9″ wide dog. “Top to bottom” measurement refers to the length when the handle is lying flat, including hardware, as shown in photos.

Balance Handle (for Balance Assistance Harness) with quick release buckles:
Mounts low on the Balance Assistance Harness with quick-release buckles. This handle is vertical and is designed for counterbalance stability. Can also be used as leather Guide Handle on either the MSH or BAH, if the harness is equipped with quick-release guide handle mounts (these are located just below the breast plate shoulder straps). If used as a Guide Handle, the functional length will be approximately 3 inches (7.6 cm) longer than stated. For example: a 7 inch balance handle is about same as a 10 inch guide handle.

  • Semi-Rigid BAH balance handles (BAL SR)
    #2 BAL SR, black   6″        (11.5” top to bottom)
    #4 BAL SR, black    5.5″    (11” top to bottom)
    #5 BAL SR, black    5″       (10.5” top to bottom)
    #6 BAL SR, black    5″       (10.5” top to bottom)
    #7 BAL SR, black    5″       (10.5” top to bottom)
    #8 BAL SR, black    4.5″    (10” top to bottom)
    #9 BAL SR, black    4″       (10” top to bottom)
    #10 BAL SR, black  2″       (8” top to bottom)
    #13 BAL SR, black  10.5”  (16” top to bottom)
    #32 BAL SR, black   3”       (8.5 top to bottom)
    #33 BAL SR, black   11.5”  (17.5” top to bottom)
    #34 BAL SR, black   11”     (17” top to bottom)
    #35 BAL SR, black   10”     (15.5” top to bottom)
  • Flexible Leather BAH balance handles (BAL FLEX)
    #15 BAL FLEX, black    3″      (9” top to bottom)
    #30 BAL FLEX black     6.5”   (12.5” top to bottom)
    #31 BAL FLEX L. TAN  12.5”  (18 “top to bottom)

Support Pull Handles with spring snaps:
Support Pull Handle clips to the lower “support D-rings” with spring snaps. This handle angles back slightly and is designed for momentum pulling, and can provide counterbalance.
Harness must be equipped with lower D-rings and “mouse ear loops.” Mouse ear loops can be added to Standard sized BAH or MSH harnesses. Request mouse-ear loops when you order; install them yourself with a screw driver. XL and Giant size harnesses cannot be retrofitted for a Support Pull handle. Handles 4.5″ or taller have a brace strap (horizontal strap to hold the handle in a U-shape).

  • Semi-Rigid support pull handles (SR SP)
    #37  SP SR     8.5”   (14.5” top to bottom)
    #38 SP SR     10”     (17” top to bottom)
    #39 SP SR     3”       (9.5”  top to bottom)
    #41 SP SR     6.5”    (13” top to bottom)
    #42 SP SR     4.5”    (11.5” top to bottom)
    #43 SP SR     3.5”    (10.5” top to bottom)
  • Flexible support pull handles (FLEX SP)
    #36 Flex Clip-on          (not for support pull)      5” as a clip-on    (13.5” overall from snap to snap/ 6” top to bottom)
    #40 FLEX SP, black      2” as a support pull.     8” as a clip-on    (9” top to bottom)

How to Measure for the right handle height:

  1. Have the person who will be using the harness stand wearing normal shoes, and allow their arm to hang naturally at his/her side. Be sure the person is balanced and comfortable. Measure multiple times for accuracy.
  2. Have the person grasp a pencil (or other object) in the palm of the hand, as if he/she was holding onto a handle. With the arm relaxed and elbow slightly bent measure from the pencil to the floor.
  3. Measure your dog: Have the dog stand square and balanced. The withers are where the dog’s shoulder blades stick up.
  4. Measure height from withers to the floor (lay a book across the shoulders if you like).
  5. This hand measurement minus the dog’s height equals the handle height.  (If your dog is taller than your hand, we suggest a 2-3” handle.) This method is the most accurate.
  6. If you prefer something different, simply measure from the “sweet spot” behind the dog’s withers to where you wish to hold the handle.


Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in

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