STOP Sign Leash Wraps

Is your dog in training? Working? Reactive? Aggressive? Shy? Special needs? These two-sided leash wraps communicate a clear message of “STOP!” to reduce unwanted encounters.

  • Double-Sided Leash Wrap, “Velcro’s” around a leash, harness strap, or a harness handle
  • STOP sign symbol is universally recognized
  • Each leash wrap is a PAIR of patches that attach back-to-back! One patch has hook fastener, one patch has loop fastener
  • Bold colors & highly legible text are colorfast and washable
  • Made from woven damask material–the design is woven into the fabric!
  • Can be a clip-on badge too! Just order the “conversion kit” and then you can clip it onto a d-ring on your harness or collar
  • Can also be a banner badge! Just order a “Banner Badge converter” and then you use it on handles

Keep scrolling down to see more information, including design options!

BLD exclusive designs! We invented the “double patch” concept! Designed in Colorado. Imported. 

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BLD’s exclusive Caution Badges:

On our first outing to the local pet supply shop and then a walk in the park, we had 3 people comment on the badge, and we discussed why one should not crowd a dog. More importantly, my dog got the respect she needed. Be prepared for engaging conversations!

Facilitate respect for you and your dog! BLD’s leash wraps are designed to communicate a message to strangers who may not recognize your dog’s boundaries. Clear and legible designs are highly visible. The colors and STOP sign symbol are universally understood, even by children. Yes, they really work! Each badge is a PAIR of patches: one has hook fastener backing, and one has loop fastener backing. The patches attach back-to-back to wrap around a leash, harness strap, or a handle bar.

  • They are so easy to use; just stick on your leash or harness strap
  • Does not interfere with the use of your leash or harness!
  • Re-position or remove at any time
  • NO SEWING required, and they don’t fall off
  • You may sew these onto a vest if you choose
  • Clip-On conversion kit allows you to attach the 2-sided badge to a d-ring!
  • Banner Badge Converter allows you to create a banner badge for use on handles!

Each 2-sided leash wrap is actually two separate patches that Velcro back to back. Yellow is a universally recognized “caution” color, and is the official color of “The Yellow Dog Project“, and helpful for “Dogs In Need of Space” (DINOS). Our Caution Badges communicate more to the lay person than a yellow ribbon. (Note: BLD is not affiliated with these groups, we just love and support their message!)

Hand wash with dish soap as needed, if edges fray, simply use a lighter or match flame to sear the threads. Imported. Looking for Service/Assistance Dog badges? Click here!

Choose from 3 designs:

*CAPS indicate LARGEST TEXT on design*

  1. STOP / DO NOT PET / DO NOT DISTRACT: Circle patch is 3.25 inches in diameter (8.25 cm) and features a simple and clear message.
  2. PLEASE / STOP/ I NEED SPACE: Circle patch is larger at 3.5 inches in diameter (8.89 cm) and features caution yellow, red, and black color scheme.
  3. Please STOP Ignore/NO eye contact touch or talk/dog is working: Octagon patch is 3″ in diameter (7.62 cm) and features a different design on each side.

Conversion Kit Add-Ons:

Banner Badge Converter (available separately):

Specially designed elastic banner with Velcro strips attaches to the handle of any service dog harness. Simply put the Leash Wrap around the elastic, and voila! You now have a 2-sided banner badge! Elastic stretches to fit the width of the handle. Handcrafted in Colorado.

  • 4 inch size: 4 inches (10 cm) of elastic, fits handles 6 to 8 inches wide (15 – 20 cm wide). Use with BLD’s BAH leather handles, or other brands of harness bridge handles or guide handles.
  • 6 inch size: 6 inches (15 cm) of elastic, fits handles 8 to 10 inches wide (20 – 25 cm wide) . Use with wider rigid metal handles, such as BLD’s MSH.

Clip On Badge Converter (available separately):

Need to clip this badge onto your collar or harness? Just order a “Clip-on Conversion kit” and you’ll be able to wrap it around your leash OR clip it onto a d-ring.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for STOP Sign Leash Wraps

  1. Sharon Miller

    I like these patches because the lettering is clear and easy to see. I also like that they are double sided. I keep mine on my working dog lead when walking in public areas.

  2. Collette Yee (verified owner)

    Somehow people always come up to pet despite patches on vest, with this though it’s big and can be seen from a distance on the leash. Absolutely love it!

  3. amberroark

    Absolutely love the double sided velcro patches for my harness. The red is easy to see and so is the lettering!

  4. Cschnegg (verified owner)

    These are very well made leash wraps. They get people’s attention if the look at the harness. You can also put them on the harness.

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