Leather quad leash and wheelchair hook
Adjustable leash length, medium lengthquad wheelchair hook leash long lengthMed length, behind chair 1Short leash length for working close to wheelchair chairBLD cusotm quad leash, collar and leash comboBLD collar for quad leash, openBLD collar for quad leash, closedlarge ring for wheelchair hookBLD wheelchair hook

Custom Quad Leash and Wheelchair Hook


Our specially designed Leash Hook mounts to your wheelchair, and the leash has rings that drop onto the hook. It is safe, secure, and easy to use. The custom leash has an integrated Fastener-Free collar so you can leash and hook up your dog without any buckles or latches.

Designed for people with quadriplegia and those with very limited hand and arm movement. We know how difficult it is to find equipment that actually works, so we’re here to help. This item is custom made to meet your needs.


Product Description

Quad Leash and Wheelchair Hook

Do you struggle to keep your dog from getting tangled in your wheelchair? Do you have a hard time operating buckles and snaps? Need a leash that you can actually use? We have the solution for you.

Our new Wheelchair Leash Hook with custom multi-length leash is the answer you have been looking for. Client’s tell us that this is the ONLY leash they have ever been able to use without assistance, and love that they can finally leash up their dog and go out on their own.

This custom leash has three parts:

  1. Leash Hook Attachment: designed to work on any type of wheelchair (power or manual). The hook attachment mounts to the frame or tubing on the wheelchair. It is super easy to install (no tools required). The hook attachment mounts with super sturdy Velcro wraps, and is lined with grippy material to keep it just where you need it. Yes it is strong and sturdy. The hook itself is designed to pivot with the gravity of the leash so the leash does not come off accidentally.
  2. Custom Quad Leash: Our custom leash will be designed to meet your needs. We will work with you to get the size and length just right.  The leash will have large rings that drop onto the hook. The rings will be placed so you can change the length of the leash for different tasks. For example, a short length for working close, a medium length for getting through a doorway, and a long length for relieving and retrieving.
  3. The custom leash has an integrated Fastener-Free Collar so you can leash and hook up your dog without any buckles or latches. Check out the Fastener Free Lead to see how this idea works. The collar slides open just enough to fit over the dog’s head and tightens a little so it does not come off accidentally. The attached lead has a swivel to prevent tangling. The collar part can be made with a handle loop so it is easier to grasp. Dogs learn to dress themselves when its time to go to work!

This is a super-custom leash design; we will work with you to be sure we get all the details right for you. We can chat over the phone or via email to get the measurements to customize the leash for your needs.

This is the best quality leash you will find anywhere. There is no stitching to come undone or rivets to wear out. We use only the best and most durable leather that is always soft to the touch and only improves with age. All edges are beveled for a smooth feel. Top quality hardware assures strength and durability. We believe so strongly in the quality of our work, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Questions? Contact us.


Safety Note: Do not use with an untrained dog. Not for dogs that pull on the leash. This leash is NOT for dogs that lunge or are difficult to control, as this could be very dangerous. NOT intended for pulling the wheelchair.

5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for Custom Quad Leash and Wheelchair Hook

  1. 5 out of 5


    Very pleased, made a few adjustments and used it successfully by myself the first time! c-5 quads need this!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have used with leash/collar combo with 3 clients that have C4-5 quadraplegia. In all cases they found this device easier to use, more safe for the dog and good looking to boot. Will recommend this to all clients that need a leash that can be easily put on and removed.

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