Replacement Rigid Support Handle for MSH

This is a replacement Rigid Support handle for the BLD Mobility Support Harness (MSH). We will need the handle height and dog’s width to make your new handle. Click on the button below for measuring instructions:

Replacement Handle Measuring Instructions

*BLD’s MSH harnesses are made with interchangeable parts, and these parts will not work on any other harness.

If we have any questions about your order we’ll follow up with you to confirm.

Custom made to order! Allow 7-10 business days for creation. 


If available, we would like to update your harness file.

Please measure the distance of the support bars, see measuring instructions. Round to the nearest inch.


Replacement Rigid Support Handle Measuring Instructions PDF:

Replacement Handle Measuring Instructions

Please click on the button above to view instructions for how to measure for replacement Rigid Support handle.

Order a new Rigid Support handle to adapt a harness to a new user or a new dog, or to replace a damaged one. A Rigid Support handle is made from lightweight aluminum (adjustable height), includes a padded handle grip that is comfortable and easy to clean, and features reflective tape on sides of handlebar.

**Custom made to order. Allow 7-10 days for completion. We may follow up with you to confirm both the measurements and that your order will work on your harness!

MSH Rigid Metal Support Handle height: 

Height is the distance between the top of the harness saddle and the top of the handlebar. Our handles are adjustable so you can easily get the best height for you. Support Handle adjustment range is approximate as exact dimensions depend on the harness size and dog’s width. Width of the handle will match your dog’s actual width.

  • 2-4” *Select this size if your dog’s withers are equal to or higher than your wrist measurement
  • 3-6”
  • 5-8.5”
  • 9-11” TALL *Harness saddle MUST be made to accommodate this size: Support Bars on the harness saddle must be 1/4″ thick.

*The TALL size handle applies more torque and pressure to dog than shorter handles. Not recommended for most users or for any dog smaller than our recommended size. Consider the BAH if tall handle is required.

Handle Grip:

  • Standard straight handlebar (straight across)
  • Ergonomic grip (z-shaped for more natural hand and arm position, allows  your arm to stay closer to your body for comfort), indicate left or right hand (add $50)


Bolts hold the handle onto your harness (Replacement bolt sets are available):

  • Complete set: Includes a pair of round cap bolts, a pair of wing cap bolts, and 6 rubber washers. Just like the kit that came with your harness
  • Round Caps: A pair of round cap bolts plus washers
  • Wing Caps: A pair of wing cap bolts plus washers
Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Replacement Rigid Support Handle for MSH

  1. Benjamin Eckert (verified owner)

    This ergonomic handle is really good quality and fits perfect for my service dog Athena. The padding on the handle is very comfortable.


    These handles are amazing! BLD makes sure they are perfectly wrapped and padded to give the ultimate comfort to the user. The metal is sturdy but still lightweight so it doesn’t add a bunch of unnecessary weight to the harness!

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