This is a replacement handlebar for the BLD Mobility Support Harness. BLD’s MSH harnesses are made with interchangeable parts. (It will not work on any other harness.) We will need the handle height and dog’s width to make your handle for the right fit.

Custom made to order! Allow 7-10 business days for creation. 

We may follow up with you to confirm both the measurements and that your order will work on your harness!

Please Note – Ergonomic Handles are temporarily out of stock; please allow extra time for completion. Thank you!


Handle Measurements

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Order a new handle bar to adapt a harness to a new user or a new dog, or replace a damaged one. Complete handlebar is made from lightweight aluminum (adjustable height), includes grip padding and reflective tape on the sides.

**Custom made to order. Allow 7-10 days for completion. We may follow up with you to confirm both the measurements and that your order will work on your harness!


  • Standard straight handlebar (straight across)
  • Ergonomic grip (z-shaped for more natural hand and arm position, allows  your arm to stay closer to your body for comfort), indicate left or right hand (add $50)


Standard height handles are 8″ or less, made from 1/8″ thick metal. Your harness support bars must have 3/8″ long screw posts to accommodate a standard handle. Indicate the height & width you need.

Tall handles are 8.5″ or taller, made from 1/4″ thick metal. Your harness support bars must have 1/2″ long screw posts OR the internal thread nut. (Note: tall handles will NOT work on standard harnesses.) If your harness originally accommodated a tall handle, we can make a shorter handle to fit your harness support bars, just be sure you order a TALL replacement handle so it will fit the harness correctly. Indicate the height & width you need.

Measure for the height: Measure the dog’s height to the withers. Then measure your wrist: Stand wearing normal shoes, arm relaxed at your side, then measure from your wrist to the ground.)

Simply subtract the dog’s height from the wrist measurement to equal the handle height.


Made to the width of your dog so the handle is the correct size to fit over his body. Measure straight across the front of the dog’s chest--we need to know how wide his body is OR measure the with of your existing handlebar (if it is a correct fit).

Questions? Not sure? Contact us and we’ll be sure you get the right handle for your harness.


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