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The Perfect Pace™ is a simple no-pull training tool offering effective and gentle control
to instantly stop your dog’s bad habits. Walk in Perfect Pace with your dog.

The Perfect Pace™ No-Pull Dog Halter

  • Improved design! New cord-lock adjustment on woven material for a better fit
  • Head Collar Training Aid (head harness)
  • Stops pulling & lunging
  • Simple, gentle, instant control from behind the head
  • Encourages calmness and attention
  • Self-adjusting & easy to use
  • Comfortable, lightweight, effective
  • No pressure on the dog’s throat does not pull the dog’s head to the side
  • Use with your own leash (a shorter, lightweight leash is recommended)
  • Safety cord included! (attaches from halter to dog’s regular collar)
  • Made in the USA. Satisfaction Guarantee!

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See How Simple It Is


Measure upper neck snugly behind the head.

Small/Medium 20-60 pounds, up to 14” neck; Corgi, Border Collie, small Retrievers, etc. For dog 20-60 pounds, there may be more slack between the dog and the leash snap.
Large 60-100 pounds, up to 18” neck; Shepherds, Rottweilers, most Retrievers, etc.
X-Large 100-140 pounds, up to 22” neck; Danes, Mastiffs, etc.

If in doubt, size up. If your dog has a really long head, consider the next size up. There will be at least several inches of slack between your dog’s head and the leash snap.

*NOT for dogs under 20 lbs, dogs with short/flat muzzles, or breathing problems, such as pugs, bulldogs, and boxers.

Woven Material from $21.00

  • The soft woven version is made from a lightweight yet strong tube-like material with no hard edges, it is 3/8″ wide
  • Improved cord-lock adjustment for a better fit–simply press the spring-loaded button to adjust!  (The original style has a leather fob that loosened over time.)
  • A variety of colors are available!

Leather from $42.00

  • Leather is sturdier and more durable! Our flexible leather is the best quality you’ll find anywhere. The edges are beveled for a smooth feel.
  • Choose golden TAN bridle leather (that darkens with use and age) with solid brass hardware (gold color)
  • Or choose BLACK latigo leather with chromed solid brass/stainless hardware (silver color)
  • Small/medium and large sizes come in 3/8″ width leather. Large and XL sizes come in WIDE 1/2″ width leather.
  • All leather items come with our unmatched Lifetime Warranty.

About the Perfect Pace Products

The Perfect Pace is a halter/head collar designed to stop your dog from pulling and lunging on the leash. The comfortable figure-eight design fits around your dog’s upper neck and snout, crisscrossing under the chin. The lead comes off the top of the neck, eliminating pressure on the throat. It does not pull the dog’s face to the side or irritate the eyes. Lightweight construction is strong yet comfortable for your dog and your hands.



How the Perfect Pace Works: When your dog pulls pressure is applied gently behind the head and under the jaw: these pressure points are calming for your dog, encouraging focus. The upward pressure raises your dog’s head and reminds him to pay attention to you with less resistance.

Safer and Healthier for Your Dog: Other head collars/halters prompt people to “steer” their dog around by the face. The Perfect Pace motivates your dog to pay attention to you, and learn good behavior & leash manners.

Simple & Humane: For many dogs, the Perfect Pace is more natural and effective than other training tools, and a great training solution for dogs that are stronger than their handlers, or that don’t respond well to other training tools. Many dogs prefer this style of halter because the leash does not dangle under their chin or force them to turn their head. The lightweight, minimal design is less annoying than other halters. Professional dog trainers love this training tool because it is not aversive!

For best results, we recommend using positive reinforcement training to desensitize your dog to the sensation of the halter on his snout before using this product. The novelty of “stuff on my face” can be distracting for some dogs, but with positive reinforcement, your dog can quickly learn to accept it!

Not a Muzzle: Dogs can pant, eat treats, drink, and pick up toys while wearing this halter.

It Works Differently: Dogs that have struggled with other collars, halters, or harnesses often accept the Perfect Pace willingly and respond with calm focus and attention. If other training tools have not been right for your dog, try this one and we’ll stand behind it with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Should your dog find this training tool aversive or you are otherwise dissatisfied, return it for your money back. See our guarantee page for details.

User-Friendly Package: your Perfect Pace will come with great instructions and links to helpful videos on PerfectPaceDog.com.

Made in USA: Product is designed and handcrafted in the USA. The package is designed, printed, and assembled in Colorado. Woven material and tan leather are also American made!


A shorter, lightweight leash is recommended. 

*NOT for dogs under 20 lbs.
Recommended for medium and larger breeds (over 20 lbs.) due to the way pressure is applied.

*Do NOT use on brachycephalic dogs with short/flat muzzles (such as pugs, bulldogs, and boxers),
on dogs prone to breathing problems, with soft or narrow tracheas or similar medical conditions
(brachycephalic breeds are more prone): consult your veterinarian if you have questions or concerns.

Please read and follow the instructions and reminders in the package before using this product.
Remember that no training device works on every dog. Any tool is only as good as the hands that use it.

Additional information

Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 1 in

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34 reviews for The Perfect Pace™ no-pull Dog Halter

  1. xicko (verified owner)

    I have a 75lb 6month old lab “Billy” I weigh just a 100 lbs. I have paid a lot of money on every lead, halter, collar you can get. He still drags me! I bought the all in one nylon halter lead and was so excited you have no idea. This skinny, light weight lead, totally controls Billy! I just ordered the leather one as well as the collar just so he looks classy because he deserves it. Can’t wait to get! Besides I love it so much I just wanted another anyway and I love leather! Thank you so much! Forever a faithful customer. Anna and Billy

  2. Katrina

    The Perfect Pace is the new brand name for the former INFINITY LEAD. Please note some reviews reference the old name, but the product is the same!

  3. Barbara H.

    I just wanted to tell you that I received my fabulous beautiful, exactly what I wanted, training lead this evening couldn’t wait to tell you how happy I am with it.
    I rescued an “8 month old” standard poodle that turned out to be 14 months old with a 3 month old puppy brain and no training.
    Needless to say, he is a major “work in progress.” It’s been about 30 years since I trained any dogs, so to say that everything I knew then and products that I liked from before, and that I can now find, has drastically changed.

    Your lead is the fourth — and last – one that I will have to purchase, as it is EXACTLY what I wanted, functional and soft. I am just so thrilled with it that I had to write and let you know how much I appreciate what you do. I’m sure Teddy will appreciate it as much as I do, can’t wait to get him out with it and work with him.

  4. Caren

    My assist puppy isn’t able to use this yet, but it’s brilliant! . . . It annoys me that halti’s require sharp/sudden moves for redirection, the infinity lead makes it harder for the dog’s mind to wander for some reason!

  5. Georgeanne (verified owner)

    WOW! We just got the lead in the mail and what a HUGE difference it makes. We can walk our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog with out worrying we will be eating pavement! She’s only 6 months old and VERY strong so only my husband could walk her. That’s not practical so we bought the 4 foot lead and attached it to her 6 foot lead for road walks and a longer lead for forest and trail walking. Now my 100 pound daughter can handle her. AMAZING. After a minute or so of semi protest, Dany took to it like a duck to water. Now she really enjoys walks as this calms her down immediately and I can’t tell you how it makes US feel!
    I am going to recommend this to all my pals who have pullers and my dog trainer too. Thank you so much for such an excellent product that does exactly what it says it will.

  6. Beth E. (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased multiple Infinity collar/lead combos from you and been amazed at how much control they give me. I admit I was concerned with how thin the lead looked but after seeing how well the collar performs I now see why it doesn’t NEED to be any thicker. I can walk my Bully breed with 1 finger if I need to! I’ve been raving about the Infinity products at my agility club, veterinarian’s, behaviorist, etc.

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