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Leather Training Tab or check cord:

  • A “handle” for your dog–attach to collar or harness
  • Perfect for off-leash work
  • Allows dog to move freely, yet you can easily get hold of your pet
  • Choose knot, loop with ring, or fully braided style

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Customer Review:

“Do you have a dog that acts really good the second you put a leash on them? I do but didn’t want to have her dragging her nice leash around so I found this magic Training Tab. As soon as I put it on her she thinks she’s on a leash. It’s perfect for helping her remember her house manners;) As with all BLD products this is a very well made item.”–Julia


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Perfect for dog training and off-leash exercises! Attach a Training Tab to your dog’s collar or harness so you can get a hold of the dog when needed. When worn on the collar, the tab touches the dog’s chest to remind him he is in training without interfering with his movement. Great for obedience, agility, fly ball, nose work and house-training.

Braided Tabs makes a great fidget sensory toy! Customers have told us children with autism spectrum disorder and other sensory disorders enjoy the sensation of the braided leather, plus it can clip onto a belt or backpack so it’s always handy. Fantastic feel is a great de-stressor.


  • Medium is 1/2″ wide, 8″ long (12.7 mm x 20 cm) with medium sized hardware
  • Large is 5/8″ wide, 9″ long (19.5 mm x 23 cm)  with large-sized hardware


  • Knot – easy to grab – braided with no fasteners
  • Loop with RING – small loop for a finger hold, secured with screw posts
  • Braided –  beautiful plait style is easy to grasp


  • Black with stainless steel bolt snap and O-ring
  • Tan with solid brass bolt snap and O-ring



Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × .75 in
Tab style

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Material Color




7 reviews for Leather Training Tab (check cord)

  1. Dawn B. (verified owner)

    I do nose work with my dogs and I discovered when I started with my older girl that it was much easier to grab a tab hanging off her harness (rather than the harness itself) to hold her before an off-leash search or to catch her after we were done. I had gotten so used to it that I felt like something was missing from my youngster’s harness. I finally got so tired of switching who had the tab or forgetting to switch altogether that I decided to buy another one. I really liked the leashes I got here last year, so I ordered a thin tab with a big knot in the end, which has worked great for holding back my crazy youngster at the start lines before our searches (and is surprisingly comfortable even when she’s straining full speed ahead to get started).

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