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100% Natural Dog Chews: Rocky Mountain Elk Antlers

Antlers are simply the BEST natural dog chew ever. Dogs simply love them! These are the LONGEST LASTING and safest dog chews available. We only offer naturally shed antlers; that means NO ANIMALS ARE HARMED! Locally sourced.

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Our generous sizes are ONE SIZE BIGGER than what you’ll find from other shops! (Ships to USA only.)

More antler chews are coming in soon! If the size you order is out of stock, it will take a few extra days for your order to be filled. 



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Small Antler Chews are sized for small breeds (up to 30 pounds). Approx. 4-6″ long, up to 1″ in diameter.

Medium Antler Chews are sized for medium breeds (up to 60 pounds). Approx. 5-6″ long, up to 1.25″ in diameter.

Large Antler Chews are sized for large breeds (up to 90 pounds), and any smaller dog that likes to chew. Approx. 7-8″ long, up to 1.5″ diameter.

Extra Large Antler Chews are sized for large/giant breeds. Approx. 8-10″ long, up to 2.5″ in diameter. Best for power chewers!

100% Natural Long-Lasting dog chew. Hand cut from select naturally shed ELK antler. Our sizes are generous (larger than others!) and competitively priced.

Dogs Love Our All-Natural Antlers!

Antlers are simply the BEST natural dog chew ever. Dogs simply love them! Antlers are the LONGEST LASTING chew available and are full of trace minerals and protein. Antlers last longer than bones and are safer because they don’t splinter or fragment into sharp shards or cause digestive troubles like other chews can. Antlers are also softer on the teeth than beef bones. Plus they’ll never stain your carpet or get stinky!

We’ve sourced the best quality Rocky Mountain natural sheds (deer and elk shed their antlers once a year) and cut them into doggie pleasing sizes. Locally sourced! These are whole, round antlers (no splits available, sorry).

NOTE: Each piece is unique: color, shape, density and size will vary. Please allow us to select a nice antler for you. Images show a sampling of our antlers for reference.

The actual amount of time it takes your dog to get through the antler will depend on the individual dog AND the individual antler, as natural products can vary. It will take some time, but when your dog has gnawed the antler to a size that fits inside his mouth, discard the remainder to eliminate a choking hazard. As with any toy or chew, you should always supervise your dog to be sure it is safe.

Antlers are sometimes inaccurately referred to as “deer horn” or “elk horn”, but antlers are shed and regrown annually unlike horns which are permanent and too hard for dogs’ teeth.

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7 reviews for Elk Antler Chew – 100% natural and healthy

  1. Jessica Brucks (verified owner)

    Wow! My dogs never really liked the pet store antlers. I took a chance and ordered a large one just to see if they would like it. I just opened it about 5 minutes ago and they both can’t stop playing and passing it back and forth to chew. Now that I know they love it I’m going to have to order more. Thank you!

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