8-Way Lead™ – versatile leather leash (6 or 8 feet long)

BLD’s 8-Way Lead ™ is a multifunctional leash that has 8 different positions, including a hands-free over-the-shoulder option. The leash is approximately 82” from bolt snap to bolt snap (~6.75 feet), can make a 6, 4 ½, & 3 ½-foot lead, and has a floating ring for a slip-collar.

Also available in an eight-foot-long 8×8 Lead! It has the same features as the 8-Way lead, only longer! From bolt snap to bolt snap this leash measures approximately 105” long (~ 8.75 feet) and makes an 8, 6, or 4 1/2-foot lead.

Artisan handcrafted in Colorado, USA!

See description below for more information on the amazing versatility of this leash.

Popular sizes are in-stock and ship in 1-2 business days. Please allow 5-7 business days for made-to-order items!

Due to new limitations in our supplier’s leather processing, the base cost of all 3/8” products have been increased to cover the additional cost of labor needed to continue to provide this size of leather.

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The six foot long 8-Way Lead™ is our most popular leash design. This European style, multi-functional lead is so versatile it’s like having eight leashes in one!

Our standard 8-Way Lead is just over six feet long at approximately 82 inches/208 cm long from bolt snap to bolt snap. It features a bolt snap at each end, 3 fixed rings, and one loose ring. This leash does NOT HAVE A FIXED LOOP HANDLE, rather it has a bolt snap at each end so you can use the leash in any configuration. This means that you can form a loop handle by clipping the bolt snap at the “handle-end” onto the first fixed ring.

Functionality Highlights

  • Can be shortened or lengthened to make a 6, 4 ½, or 3 ½ foot lead
  • Excellent as a hands-free leash that can be worn across your body by placing the leash over your shoulder (approximately 4.5 ft. from your shoulder to the dog)
  • Dual Control Option: you can connect one end of the leash to a training collar, and one to the regular collar
  • Great for use with head collars or harnesses
  • Excellent for Schutzhund/protection work, obedience training, service dogs, and everyday use
  • This multi-functional lead can be clipped to a collar or harness, or may be used as a slip-collar for effective yet gentle training

This sturdy lead goes beyond the standard dog leash—be sure to check out the illustrations to see what this leash can do.

Want to see it in action? Watch a video demonstration of the leash!

See us make this leash live on the morning news! 9 News KUSA, Where in the Town 

There are several options available for you to select from when ordering your new leash:

  • Available with a belt feature: Selecting this option will add an Adjustable Ring and fob to the middle section of the leash to allow the leash to be worn hands-free around the waist.
  •  8×8 version: Same features, just longer! Eight-foot-long 8×8 Lead makes an 8, 6, or 4 1/2-foot lead. When worn hands-free over the shoulder, it’s approximately 6 ft. from your shoulder to the dog. Approximately 105″ from bolt snap to bolt snap, this extra-long lead is designed for tall or larger people and/or short or small breed dogs. Made to order. Select the option “8×8 Longer 8ft version” to order this leash. 
  • Chew Resistant Chain version: This variation is made with a premium stainless-steel chain at the dog-end for dogs that are tempted to bite at their leash. This option replaces the leather at the “dog end” of the leash with 24″ of chain and omits the loose ring feature. If you wish to use the collar feature, simply clip the snap directly to the chain. Made to order. Select the hardware option to “Make with Chew Resistant Chain.” Only available in ¾” wide (19 mm).

Please see the Leather & Hardware Color tab for information on the color options that are available.


The 8-Way Lead™ is always the same length of approximately 82 inches/208cm from bolt snap to bolt snap, making it just over 6 feet long.

Also available in an eight-foot-long 8×8 Lead! It has the same features as the 8-Way lead, only longer! From bolt snap to bolt snap this leash measures approximately 105” long (~ 8.75 feet) and makes an 8, 6, or 4 1/2-foot lead. When worn hands-free over the shoulder, it’s approximately 6 ft. from your shoulder to the dog. This extra-long lead is designed for tall or larger people and/or short or small breed dogs. Made to order. Select the option “8×8 Longer 8ft version” to order this leash. 


There are four different options for the width of the leather:

  • Small (3/8” / 7mm. width)—Best for smaller and medium-sized dogs. Lighter weight leather is braided at both ends; this narrow width is very secure. Small yet strong hardware.
  • Medium (1/2” / 11mm. width)—Great for medium sized dogs, yet sturdy enough for larger dogs. Great for people with petite hands, or who prefer a lighter weight leash. Braided at both ends. *Most popular choice! *
  • Large (5/8” / 14mm. width)—For larger dogs, size fits well in your hands. Good sturdy weight with larger hardware. Screw posts used for durability at the “dog-end” of the lead.
  • Extra Large (3/4” / 17mm. width)—Sized for large, giant, and very strong dogs. Great for people who like a big, sturdy leash. Heavy duty hardware. Screw posts used for durability at the “dog-end” of the lead.

Leather & Hardware Color

Our leather comes in two colors: tan and black.

Our standard leather/hardware color combinations are:

  • Black leather with stainless steel/silver colored hardware
  • Tan leather with brass/gold colored hardware

*If you would like a different leather/hardware color combination, select the option “Make with OTHER Color Hardware”.

*Note: brass hardware can stain white/light coated dogs. Sometimes the oil in dogs’ coats can create tarnish, a harmless chemical reaction

About our leather:

Our Golden TAN BRIDLE leather is 100% American vegetable-tanned leather, made with NO dyes or toxic metallic chemicals. Reminiscent of fine English horse tack, this leather is superior in quality to any other leash you’ve seen. Every leash is HAND-OILED to bring out the softness, so your leash arrives supple and feels great in your hands immediately and only improves with age. The color will darken with use and age. 

Our lovely BLACK LATIGO leather is solid black, and superior to ordinary leashes in texture and quality, cut from select USA hides. It is incredibly durable, yet is very flexible. Feels great in your hands and will simply get better with age. 

Leather care is easy! Don’t worry too much, and don’t be afraid to use your items — we promise leather is incredibly resilient, and regular weather won’t hurt it. If you think your item looks dirty, dry, or just need a little extra love, pouring a little leather conditioner on a cloth, and rubbing it in like lotion will usually do the trick. Baths and a jaunt in the river are just fine, but you might want to offer a little conditioner to your products afterwards. Saltwater can be harsh, so after a visit to the ocean, a good rinse in fresh water and proper conditioning will help preserve and protect your treasured leash or collar. See our Leather Care page for more specific information.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our products.

All Bold Lead Designs’ handcrafted leather & Brahma products that we make in our workshop are guaranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship for life!

If your leather lead, Brahma lead, training equipment, or harness ever breaks or is damaged from regular use, simply contact Bold Lead Designs for a replacement or repair at no charge. There is no time limit. This is the best warranty in the industry.

If service is required, please see Warranty Claims & Repair Service below.

Warranty is limited to replacement or repair of covered product only, and does not cover things outside of our control such as chewing, neglect, misuse, normal wear, external trauma, or customer alterations. Bold Lead Designs reserves the right to determine if a repair or replacement is covered by our warranty. Items we don’t make in our workshop, such as accessories and consumable items, are excluded. Note: bldBASICS, any item sold as used or imperfect or marked with a star is excluded from this warranty or guarantee.

Limitation of Damages:

Guarantee/Warranty is limited to replacement or repair of product only. Bold Lead Designs, LLC, or its associates, cannot be responsible for any claims or liabilities beyond the scope of the guarantee. Chewing, neglect and misuse, customer alterations, external trauma, and items marked with a star void all warranties. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are made. User assumes all responsibility for proper and safe use of product and care of animal. Customer pays for shipping for warranty claims. This warranty is nontransferable.

Have a warranty issue? Need a repair or replacement?

Please contact us first so we can help determine the best way to get you taken care of!

If the product sustained damage under normal use, and is covered under warranty, we will make it right at no charge (just pay for shipping).

Non-warranty repairs and alterations may be available, even for chewing and external damage. Repair costs start at $5 plus shipping. We will provide an accurate quote upon assessing the damage.

What to do: Tell us what product you have and what the issue is. If you can, please email us photos of the damage so that we can determine the best solution (repair, replacement, or something else). Usually we will have you mail the item to us, in which case we ask that you send the item to us with a completed Warranty-Repair Form. Please download, fill it in, print, and include with your return.

All warranty claims and repairs must be accompanied by the form otherwise we won’t know what to do with your item when received. If you don’t have a printer, you may write out all the pertinent information on a paper and include it with the item. Customer is responsible for all related shipping costs.

Reviews (67)

67 reviews for 8-Way Lead™ – versatile leather leash (6 or 8 feet long)

  1. vinniepudel@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    I have both a six and eight foot version of this lead and absolutely love them. They are my go to leashes for everything and I really like their versatility. I have been training and showing dogs for over 30 years and these are the best leads I have used.

  2. Marfnet (verified owner)

    It’s hard not to cherish BLD leads, and they just keep getting better over time as the leather softens. I am an occasional customer and purchased the medium (1/2 inch) 8-way lead to replace my Atlas lead I sadly misplaced. I ordered the 6 foot version and it is a perfect length for most close-quarters activities, although if I did it again I would have gotten the 8-foot version.

    Takeaways —

    Slip lead ring – I use the slip lead ring far more than I ever expected. It truly replaces having a slip lead for those quick trips from building to vehicle or a quick potty or quick leash up or whatever. I am often switching gear around and sometimes my dogs do not wear collars (like at a dog show), and this is just sooo handy. I also have a long-haired dog (bearded collie) and I tried a lot of different martingales and things that kept getting tangled in his fur, and this is our best option to easily clip or unclip him for sport without having to go over his huge hairy head. I would love a BLD leather slip lead design with two adjustable safety stoppers to keep it from getting too tight and too loose.

    6 foot vs 8 foot – I went for 6 foot because I thought it would be a great everyday leash. I think I would have slightly preferred the 8 foot because I don’t mind choking up on the leash or modifying the length using a different loop connection. I also have a dog (hound) where we both appreciate a little extra length of leash for her to get her sniffs in any time it is possibly feasible/appropriate. Sometimes I attach this to BLD’s Working Dog lead worn as a crossbody and get the best of both worlds.

    Material – leather is so good. I used other materials for a long time but BLD has completely sold me to the point I have come to dislike my biothane/brahma leads in all but the wettest most gross conditions.

    Durability – seriously, if you’re on the fence, this is a pro, not a con. Conditioning the thing now and then is not that hard and it just gets softer over time. I have used these leads with young large breed dogs have been occasional strong pullers and I feel completely confident in this gear.

    Suggestions – I would love more carabiner options, especially as these leads are often recommended for working dogs. Some dogs or situations do call for extra security. I have never had equipment failure with the normal connector trigger snaps, but prefer to err on the side of security.

  3. MineralMizu (verified owner)

    My first leather leash and hand-free leash. At first, it felt awkward because I was used to rope leash but after 2 weeks of daily use, it became my go-to leash. The few times I switched to a regular Nylon (heavy rain I did not have leather conditioner at the time and first-day dog training) with the leash in my hand I thought “Man I miss my leather leash”.
    I have been using it since June 2023. Some wear especially around where the leather and shoulder meet.

  4. Nightwolfemp (verified owner)

    I have several of these leads that get regular if not daily use. They are the first thing I toss in my bag while traveling and are a must have to keep in my vehicle. The ability to go from a leash to a slip collar is very useful in situations where I thought when I left the house with my service dog that I wouldn’t need to get out of the vehicle but it turns out I do need to run into somewhere. At least the poor planning on my part doesn’t slow me down as long as I have a solid multi function lead. I love how easy the leather is to care for and how buttery soft they get with age.

  5. BARBARA MANDY (verified owner)

    I’d give this lead 10 stars if I could. I bought the 6′ black latigo 3/8″ leather lead and could not be happier. The leather is amazingly soft right from the start and so beautiful.
    I had BLD add another adjustable ring on the dog end of the lead and that made a big difference for me. Customer service is awesome, with Bill calling to clarify exactly what I wanted. He was so patient and caring.
    I had the Perfect No Pace No-Pull, (which changed my pup) and attached the multi-function lead to that while we went through the chaos of 4 airports.
    I was able to put it comfortably around my waist then attached the clasp to the 2nd adjustable ring to pull her in nice and close, yet I could give her more line by a simple pull on her end so she could lay down if necessary. She walked through the masses of passengers, some running, carts racing by, children crying…everyone knows what airports are like these days… and there she was, walking calmly without me holding her lead, but safe and attached, still attentive to me. When she needed a potty break, I just undid the clasp and she had plenty of length to move.
    Now that we’re back, we go to the grocery store like this and it still amazes me.
    It truly is the best investment (besides her BLD harness) I’ve made in a product for her and well worth every penny. I have one in tan, but it doesn’t have that 2nd ring so it doesn’t get used much, but it’s still a beautiful piece of workmanship.
    BLD knocked it out of the park with this incredible lead!

  6. brookesandstreams

    My favorite leash. I use it for almost everything! Having all the clip options is great. I like the 8ft leash for my pet dog. Might have to get a 6 or 7ft version for when I have a SDIT puppy to raise — the 8ft doubled over gives a little more room than I’d like for wandering when out in public.
    I got this over five years ago and it’s still in great shape, better than any other brand of leash I’ve had that long. I’m sure it will last another decade at least with occasional conditioning! This leash has been through rain, sun, heat, cold, snow, sand…it’s good in any conditions.
    I love the feeling of the leather. It’s beautifully soft and only gets better as I use it.

  7. Hodoku (verified owner)

    I am a canine behaviourist who works with dogs of all breeds who have behaviour issues. It is essential that I am free to use both hands and also free to engage with the dog whilst knowing that I have a good quality and length of lead. This lead ticks all the boxes. Exceptional quality and is very easy to maintain.
    Being in Ireland I had to pay the customs fee, but I can assure you that it is worth every penny. I have already ordered the Atlas Lead.
    Canine Behavioural Consultants and BAT practitioners.

  8. SK (verified owner)

    Love it so much, I have two in different widths, which are now 6-7 years old. Very well thought out in design and execution. Originally got the ?” wide 6-foot 8-Way Lead, which was sturdy enough for an exuberant pittie mix. That proved to be too heavy & thick for working my service dog, although I still use it multiple times a day as a slip lead on its longest length to take her out to pee when we’re home. The second one I have is the smaller ½” width, also 6-feet. This has proven a lifesaver during the pandemic, or in any situation where you want to stay attached to your dog or don’t want to have a leash touching the ground; normally I use(d) BLD’s Guide Dog Lead when out & about with my service dog, and would drop the leash & put my foot on it anytime my service dog was in front & perpendicular to me, like when checking out at a cash register. She’d pick up the leash & return it to me when it was time to move on. During the pandemic, I didn’t want to have a leash on the ground, so I switched over to using this one. I’m glad I have both/all of these at my disposal. Worth every penny, to be sure.

  9. BryanLlewhellin (verified owner)

    Training my 9 week old Blue Heeler. Spent a week online searching for leads and collars for Training. He literally smiles when I hook him up.
    I am incredibly impressed with the quality and workmanship and the fast shipping. The informative and comprehensive website originally piqued my interest and I laud the words of so many positive reviews before mine. Communication at shipping was incredible. Thanks for a great product.
    I also ordered the leather Perfect Pace harness. I have used similar nylon products in the past but this leather Perfect Pace has more options for security and the soft leather will give me comfort that he is wearing a soft product across his snout ( broken in with brick4 and leather oil). He is not old enough for the harness yet but we are just learning to wear it for a moment and take it on and off.
    To potential future customers I assure you these are quality products and surpassed my expectations.


  10. Mpaige (verified owner)

    I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about this leash at first. I ordered the 8 foot version, and it was a bit longer than expected. Customer service offered to help when I reached out, but I ultimately decided to keep it, and I’m sure glad I did! It’s nice to see the description was updated with the total length from end to end. It can take a bit to get used to longer leash if you’ve never used on before. With a bit of practice, it’s much more manageable. It goes on every walk with my dog now, and the leather has only gotten better and better now that it’s been worked in!

  11. mznormann@gmail.com

    My favourite lead!! I had this customized to be 7 feet and it’s the perfect length for me and my service dog. I love having my hands free and having the option of using this in several different ways. I got it initially to use hands free when we go hiking and I’m using trekking poles for balance. It quickly became my favourite and now I use it daily. It’s worth every penny and even after a lot of hard use it’s in great shape. It really shows BLD quality!

  12. shar_k_tooth

    I’ve actually had this leash for over a year and a half and it’s still basically new. Such amazing quality, I love it so much

  13. Karyn Johnston (verified owner)

    I recently received my 8×8 8ft leash in Black Latigo Leather. After using it for a week both in town and up on the trails, I can honestly say am in love with this product. I love how versatile it is, allowing me to wear it around my waist (with the addition of the adjustable o-ring) or over my shoulder and use as a normal leash to train my puppy, but also having the ability to extend it all the way out to its 8 foot length to allow my pup more room on the trails to practice recall and future off-leash trail etiquette.

    I had originally ordered the Atlas leash in the Brahma material to use in the same way, but found it too heavy and cumbersome for what I wanted to use it for. It was a great leash for sure, but just wasn’t exactly what I wanted. After speaking with Nicole and Jeremy on the phone, they patiently and kindly offered their advice and expertise, which helped me settle on this option–and I couldn’t be happier!

    If I weren’t wanting the extra length for hiking, I would definitely want the 6 foot length, because that would fit me and my uses off the trail better, but with the adjustable toggle, the leash can both fit me and have that much more adjustability. (And, let’s be honest…I’ll probably order the 6 foot length someday, too) :-)

    I am a loyal BLD customer now. I love that they guarantee their products, their customer service is incredible, their products are the highest quality I’ve ever seen, and I love that they are woman-owned, made in Colorado. I love BLD!!!

  14. 3Catahoulas (verified owner)

    This is the best leash I own, and I own a lot of leashes. I ordered this when we adopted a 90 lb Rottweiler this spring. I wanted a sturdy leash with a double attachment. I ordered a 3/4″, which proved to be a bit too large for my hands. I called and talked to Nicole, who was most helpful. A new 5/8″ leash was ordered and sent out asap.
    My return was handled promptly and with no problem.
    I would recommend this leash to anyone who is looking for the best leash at the best price.

  15. jennastokes (verified owner)

    This leash is amazing! I was so excited to see something so functional in high-end leather. It is so incredibly useful, and I find myself adjusting the length frequently even during a single outing with my pup to keep her at appropriate distances for different places. It’s much more comfortable than just trying to hold a standard leash in the middle. I’ve had people comment on how nice it is, both just walking my dog normally and when they see me quickly reconfigure the leash to adjust the length on the fly. This is the perfect leash and it seems like it will last a lifetime but I’m tempted to get a spare so that if I manage to do something to my current one I don’t have to go without.

  16. s. kim (verified owner)

    i purchased the fastener free collar for my dog, paco, and was so pleased with the craftsmanship, thoughtfulness, and beauty of it that i decided to purchase the 8-way lead. a friend of mine in brooklyn had this leash, and i always admired it, but held off on buying it because it seemed TOO lovely a product! :o) hehe, i am glad i let go of that idea! i especially like the hand free option, and the ability to alter the length of the lead, depending on where we are walking. i will only buy BLD products from now on. thank you for a beautiful, functional, quality product!

  17. Laura

    I just adopted a greyhound and this lead has been a life saver! The Brahma material is amazing. Feels like like well worn leather. It is tough as nails despite the soft feel. The multiple lead positions have been great to help my retired racer adjust. I LOVE the hands off feature! I will be getting the regular 6 foot lead. The craftsmanship on these leashes is outstanding! Well worth the price!

  18. Jordan (verified owner)

    I recently made my first purchase from Bold Lead Designs and I couldn’t be happier. I experienced fantastic customer service and received a beautifully made product. The 8-Way Lead is perfect for my GSD and our active lifestyle. I will definitely be buying from this company again! Thank you very much!

  19. Lisa M.

    Hi Katrina and Josh, It was GREAT to meet you at the PennVet Working Dog Conference! I’m so glad I stopped by your booth and bought several of your 8-way leashes, as they have been game-changers in my work! I don’t have a “typical” working dog, like a patrol or search-and-rescue dog, instead, I work with therapy/facility dogs in a children’s hospital. We do everything from simple cheer-ups to working with our Child Life, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy teams, to help our kiddos achieve various goals. Since we are a hospital, hand hygiene is very important so the dogs aren’t a vector for anything. In the past, I’d have to juggle: hand sanitizer: census forms; pens; and the dog’s leash. With your 8-way leash, I can go hands-free, and work to help kiddos clean their hands, take my notes, answer a page, and still have my dog attached to me! Often, kiddos won’t want to get out of bed to do their physical therapy, but if they love dogs and get a chance to walk a dog, it’s motivation for them to get out of bed and walk with their PT. I used to use two leashes with the dog, so I can maintain control of the dog, and the kiddo can hold the other leash… maybe I should try out your dual handle leash next for that!I work with fairly large dogs (Rhodesian Ridgebacks) and your leashes are such top quality leather, I’ve experienced no stretching at all (even when we’re walking “off-duty” in my neighborhood and see squirrels!) The braided leather sections are really well-placed to provide a place to grab, should a squirrel simply be too tempting and the dog decides to pull.
    Again, THANK YOU for such a great product!! Cheers,Lisa

  20. Dawn B. (verified owner)

    I bought this leash (1/2″ golden tan) after my previous over-the-shoulder style leash broke (snapped apart right at a rivet when my shepherd mix lunged forward to take off after a deer). Since that was the second one I had that broke that way, I was looking for something stronger but still made of leather which I couldn’t find in local stores (they only had big, thick, nylon leashes in this style). I also wanted something that wasn’t too wide, as most leashes seem to be when they are this long, since I wanted to be able to attach it to a Gentle Leader head collar and didn’t want the extra weight pulling on my dog’s head.

    I have had this leash for almost a year now and it has performed excellently. I got this one and the 8×8 at the same time, but I have found that since I am tall, the 8×8 works better for me generally, as this one is a bit too short when I wear it over the shoulder for my dogs to be able to sniff on our walks. However, I have figured out a way to use it with one of my dog’s harnesses that works quite well and gives her plenty of freedom without getting tangled up around her legs all the time. The braiding and overall leather has held up perfectly to numerous squirrel induced lunges and the hardware has a very smooth action, unlike some leash clips I have had in the past that barely slide. Personally, I could do without the floating ring since I don’t like the way it jingles when it hits the other rings/hardware, but all in all, I have been extremely happy with this leash.

  21. Kate Mortensen

    When I first got my new 8-way 6-foot black leather lead, it seemed awfully bulky with the braided portions and hardware, and I wasn’t sure I would like it. On the other hand, my service-dog-in-training is a 65 pound standard poodle, so the bulkier 5/8″ lead made the best sense. I shrugged and put it on him to try it out.

    That was a few weeks ago, now, and I haven’t had the other leash on him since. The leather is comfortable, even brand new, and all that braiding actually seems to make it easier for me to grip. Keeping him on-lead while tying him to something else is both simple and priceless.

    The biggest surprise is that due to the braids and extra hardware, it looks like working gear even to the uninitiated, and I no longer need the huge “STOP – Do Not Pet” sign I had to use on his old, more standard leash to keep most people from trying to pet him when we’re out in public. This, too, is priceless. You haven’t lived until you’ve fended off 30+ dog lovers while trying to buy two items at Walmart.

    Thank you, Bold Lead, for this wonderful, well-made, truly multi-functional leash. You are my heroes.

  22. John D Karl

    I bought the 8 way lead for use with my service dog. The product is of high quality, excellent design, and performs as promised (rare these days). The hands free feature is wonderful for someone like me who has to walk with a cane. I love this leash!

  23. David Nowak

    I have several of these leashes for my service dog and for my asst. trainers dog. They are extremely well made, versitile and handsfree. This gives my service dog team partners the hands-free ability to control their service dog as well as adhear to the ADA requirements that the service dog must be teathered to the owner/partner at all time….
    It a great leash !

  24. Fiona

    I have a very tenacious terrier who despite her small size can almosf rip your arm out of the socket getting to an interesting smell! This leash is great and by wearing it accross my body she walks to heal much better
    whilst keeping my arms intact. I love not having to hold a leash on long walks. It is also very well made and should last for many years.

  25. Britta Moellenbeck

    As I’m walking 2 big and a small dog together I had ordered a slightly modified version with extended hand loops on all leashes so they wouldn’t bundle up to much in my hand. Easy process, the results are fantastic leashes that are sturdy yet feel soft in your hand, reliable and look good as an additional bonus. Would by them again immediately but I don’t think I have too as they look and feel like they will hold up well for many many years to come. Love it!

  26. Johanna Tak

    I absolutely love this! I live in the city and bring my dog with me everywhere!
    I love being able to have my hands free while I carry something or sit at a restaurant.
    This can’t be bought in a store in Sweden and I get a lot of compliments for it!

  27. Lisa Padgett

    I’ve had this leash for at least three years and use it several times a week. It gets even more comfortable in the hand as it ages and the hardware is a sound as when I first bought it. I use all 8 configurations, and especially like the hands free option. I’ve recommended it to friends who have also purchased it and have been very happy with it too. This made in the USA product can’t be beat!

  28. Sabine

    This leash is great, and I love all of the options! I’ve had it for over two years now through rain, snow and sun the leather and hardware have really stood the test of time.
    There is only one thing I think should be mentioned, I have a 40lb beagle-mix who really pulls, and purchased the thickest option, however the leather still stretched quite a bit at one end. The integrity of the leather was not compromised and the leash has lasted this long without issue or appearance of breaking down further.

  29. Sarah

    The lead is a lovely combination of being functional, aesthetically pleasing, and reasonably priced. I’ve been searching for a lead just like this for months and am quite happy with BLD. Not too mention, it shipped fast.

  30. Karen B (verified owner)

    I love this leash! It makes life so much easier with my service dog as I can use it in a variety of ways. I bought an extra to leave in the car in case of emergency, but I haven’t needed it except for the time I forgot to put the leash on the dog after harnessing him up and he got into the car. When the second one arrived, I realized how soft the first one had become through our daily use; just like fine leather does with time. This is the only leash in my future.

  31. Kim H.

    I love this lead! I am in a wheelchair most of the time so the hands free feature makes walks go much smoother. The leather is supple and the craftmanship is outstanding.

  32. Emily (verified owner)

    I bought this leash mainly for the hands free option since I have a service dog and need to be able to use both of my hands. The hands free feature is very nice, but I also discovered how useful all of the other positions are. I especially like that I can tie up my dog without having to take off the leash and loop it around with I am attaching him to. I use this leash every time we do out into public and I love it!

  33. Jan P

    I love the 8 point lead. The leather is wonderful. I have a large dog and love the hands free aspect to the lead. It’s variable lengths also give several options for control in different settings.
    An awesome product!

  34. Allison Strong

    Love this lead! The quality and craftsmanship is excellent!

  35. Jamie Popper (verified owner)

    I love this leash! I love it so much that I purchased TWO! The leash comes perfectly soft, but only becomes better with age. BLD recently posted a picture on their instagram that shows the difference between brand new leather and 5 year old leather. Yes, this high quality leather lasts a lifetime. This company uses the best leather I have found. I will continue to purchase from them in the future! :D

  36. Susie

    I love the soft leather and the versatility of the leash. I usually use it over my shoulder but can also use it at full extension to let him sniff and explore. It is a nice quality priduct

  37. Jeanene

    I use this lead for everything. This is absolutely the first lead I grab for clients and handlers who need to learn to be more hands off with their dogs. This lead (without the braids) is also one of my personal favorites for my own service dog and working dogs. The leather breaks in beautifully, the hardware is sturdy but not overwhelming, and it is a sturdy lead that even in the thinner widths I prefer is strong enough to hold back the shepherd puppies who are pretty rotten about pulling on lead.

  38. Lola (verified owner)

    This is a great tool and it is beautiful. It does everything and it works for every situation. The leather is perfect and of very high quality. What I love the most is that it has the feel of durability, and for me that is essential. It is an object that will last long and that matters to me, cause I do not like to buy buy buy. This is a good investment.

  39. Lori (verified owner)

    The 8-Way Lead is absolutely the best & most versatile lead I have ever used!
    The quality is amazing and will last a lifetime, and has a great guarantee.
    I own 2 collars and 2 BLD leads…. and will never use anything else.

  40. Zoe K. (verified owner)

    Ordered all the way from Singapore because couldn’t find anything like it here!

    A well-made, quality product that is as convenient and versatile as it is good-looking. Use it every day…paired with the quick release matching leather collar with metal buckle.

    Meg the Mini Schnauzer is without doubt, the best accessorised dog on the block.

  41. Patricia Meredith

    I bought this lead because of the description, although I rarely have been happy with any leather lead. I thought I would use it occasionally but it has become my first choice. The leather quickly softened and feels wonderful in my hand. I have a service dog and it is the first lead I have had that I can use comfortably (hands free) in a buffet line! After two years it stll looks great.

  42. Liz

    This is the best leash ever. It is so versatile and I love being able to use it in so many ways. I am able to bike with my dog without any interference. Thanks for such a great product!

  43. Jacki (verified owner)

    I decided to order this leash after my dogs trainer allowed me to borrow hers during a training session for hands free walking. My dogs trainer said that she has her leash for years, but there were no signs of wear. I loved the hands free option, so I decided to invest in a nice leash that would last many years. I am so glad that I did! We get compliments all the time on the quality of the leash and the different options. I love that I can have her close to me when walking in crowds, or give her more of a lead, but my favorite option is the hands free. I have noticed such a difference in training and her walk. The leash is beautifully crafted and the leather is soft. This is the perfect versatile leash for anyone who would like options for walking their pup.

  44. Brittany

    Love this leash! It is both elegant and very functional. Very durable, but the leather is very soft and subtle. It’s convienent for both city walking and taking a stroll through the woods. It’s also wonderful to use for hands free handling!! I recommend this leash to everyone!!

  45. Brittney Jarman (verified owner)

    This is an amazing leash that both my husband and I use on our dogs and we couldn’t be happier with it. We can use it in so many ways hence the “8 way lead” name so I can go from holding the leash to in seconds have it over the shoulder! We plot the widest width out of our preference and given we have large dogs too! Highly highly recommend to everyone that I come across!!!

  46. Dana Rankin

    My favorite leash. The leather has worn welll. Still looks amazing 2 years later. Extremely functional. I get a lot of compliments on this leash. So practical for walking more thsn one dog. My labrador puppy modified my 8 way lead. I sent it to Katrina and she fixed it no problem. It is as good as new! Love this lead.

  47. Jessica (verified owner)

    I bought this leash about two years ago for my min pin, Reggie. He is not the greatest on leash so I like that I can change the positioning based on how much control I need on him. I also like that it is 6 ft so that when we’re sitting the park (We live in NYC) it gives him a bit extra length to run and play. After two years it’s still in excellent condition AND he looks great wearing it! :)

  48. Julia (verified owner)

    This was exactly what I needed! I have a service dog and discovered very quickly that holding a leash in one hand and trying to do something else with the other was difficult. Grocery shopping was a biggie but now I can wear this leash over my shoulder and have both hands free. The leather and hardware used is superb. Clasps and rings feel solid, leather is strong but supple and will feel buttery soft and wonderful quickly. Like most dog owners I’ve owned a lot of leashes but I doubt I’ll ever get a leash anywhere else. Trust me they are that good and the customer service is perfect. Recommended to all my dog loving friends.

  49. Debbie (verified owner)

    I own a couple multi-functional leashes and a few leather leashes from other companies, but none of them compare to BLD leads because 1) other leather leashes do become soft but retain the hard edges and surface, but this BLD leash becomes buttery soft and the edges are bevelled 2) though it’s soft, it not only feels strong…it IS strong, and you don’t need a really wide lead to achieve this 3) the multifunctional tool! Well none of the other brands include a slip lead, and none of them have the braids that make it easier to grip. 4) it’s light 5) it’s beautiful, not of cheap leather but quality leather with a rich brown that darkens and and deep black, and for both, the colour is dyed right through, none of this black surface leashes with light brown edges. I love this leash so much, I have several (different size or colours). :) Can’t go wrong.

  50. Amy (verified owner)

    The trainer in my Teen Basics Class wanted me to use two leads with my bouncy Bearded Collie, one clipped to the front of the harness, one clipped to the back. Then I discovered this option…all in one! I ordered it in the tan. I can use it hands-free for training, or as a 6′ lead or clipped front and back to shorten the length or to provide additional control when he sees a person or dog he wants to see RIGHT NOW. I’ve used BLD’s recommended Bick’s cleaner and protectant on it with great results. It was stiff when it arrived, but soon became butter-soft and easy on my hands. It doesn’t look like it is wearing at all. This was my second lead purchase from BLD, after the standard braided lead, and I am beyond pleased with both.

  51. Melissa

    Excellent leash! I have the golden tan color, and it is very soft, doses not hurt the hands.

  52. Judie (verified owner)

    I am currently using my 8 way lead that I had for my service/therapy dog Molly that sadly we lost last October. I am using it on my new rescue cattle dog mix Tikka. The lead is 6 years old and in beautiful shape btw. Tikka has some fear issues and Sunday without warning backed out of her harness after being startled on a busy street. I was able to convert the lead into a slip lead in seconds and secure her until I could settle her down. I have used this one lead for so many different situations I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t buy it!! Thanks again and again!!

  53. Patricia

    I ordered an 8 way lead from you a couple of months ago. Initially it felt awkward to have so much lead in my hand. So I used it occasionally for walks in the neighborhood. Took my service dog to a conference two wks ago and decided to use the new lead. Now I am sold.
    Walked Trent with the leash in half. Although he does a reliable down-stay i could tether him to provide safety.
    But the clencher was going through the buffet line and having both hands free with lead over my shoulder!
    This has become my primary lead.
    Thanks for making a product worth buying.
    Patricia M. and HD Trent II

  54. Mali (verified owner)

    I just wanted to thank you for making going out in public with my service dog so much easier with the 8-way lead! It is perfect for service dogs. When I walk with Percy in stores, he walks at a heel and I can carry armloads of items, a grocery list and pen, push a cart, etc., and I don’t have to hold on to the leash because of the fabulous over-the-shoulder design! Not to mention, the craftsmanship is fabulous. I recently realized I do need a more traditional lead as well and I looked in local pet stores, but I just knew I would never be happy with those leads in comparison…so I have just placed an order for a traditional lead through Bold Lead Designs – as well as a training tab for our agility classes and a quick-release collar! I will try to get quality pictures of Percy in all of his new gear when it arrives, and will send them to along to you.
    Thanks again,

  55. Lisa S.

    I bought two of your 8-way leads a while back and they are great! I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the craftsmanship and the soft leather materials. I have two large dogs and use the leads over my shoulders to walk them at the same time. I like having two attachments to each dog for safety. I refer folks to you all the time when they ask about the leashes. This is a great product.

    Lisa S.
    Gainesville, FL

  56. Rosemary N

    I received the leashes that I ordered & just want to say WOW! Thank you so much. They are beautiful & well made. The leather is not only substantial but supple. I ordered 2 standard 6ft black leads, a brown traffic lead, & a black 8-way lead. The standards will of course be for everyday walks. The traffic is for my very large Anatolian who I like to keep close when I take her into social situations, & the 8-way will be used when I go on transports for various rescue groups. I feel certain that they will be well used & long lived!
    I also appreciate the travel water bowl & 2 key rings you sent along with the order. :)
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  57. Scott

    I’ve had this leash for a couple of years and still looks brand new thanks to the great quality. The different combinations makes it a great leash for any situation.

  58. Terry Sublette

    I’ve had many leashes over the years and some I liked, some I tolerated. After taking in a rehab pup that needed some additional training my trainer showed me her BLD 8 way’s and I really like the feel of them and the versatility (I am a disabled vet with a spinal injury so the “loop around the waist feature REALLY stood out to me as it would help eliminate tugs that put pressure on my back). Now, a month later I have no regrets and have probably told 50 people about the 8 way leads. I doubt I would use other lead again so long as BLD’s keeps making the 8 ways!

  59. Sally Hout

    I have several leads from BLD and I can honestly say that I would never purchase a lead anywhere else. I have this lead and several custom leads and I love every one of them. The craftsmanship is top notch and unmatched in any other lead that I have ever had or even looked at. Do not hesitate purchasing a lead from BLD and if you have something different in mind that would be helpful for you and your dog I’m sure that it can be done by BLD!! Thank you again so much for my leads and all your help!!

  60. Helen P.

    I just got my MSH harness & cape and I absolutely love it!! The quality of workmanship is amazing and I have already gotten many compliments on how good it looks. I’ve also now purchased 4 8-way leashes with the oldest being about 3 yrs ago and it looks as good as the day I received it. I will never buy leashes from anyone but Katrina and Bold Lead Design.

  61. vicki (verified owner)

    this is my second lead (I am about to buy a third to walk two dogs). I love the quality of the leather and how it ages. With this lead the versatility is excellent!

  62. Suzan M.

    What an awesome lead! I was fortunate to meet Katrina at the IAADP conference and check out all the wonderful BLD products in person. The leather is of such high quality and the craftsmanship superb. I had this lead customized to 7.5′ so that it could be worn across the shoulder and reach a front clip harness on a dog lying down. I am 5’4″ but needed just a little more length. No problem. Katrina is happy to create something to meet your exact needs.

  63. Leigh Novak

    This leash is beautifully made, soft, supple and sturdy. Dog lovers often make comments about it and at least one bought one within a week after seeing mine. I have a 1/2″ width tan one.

    I LOVE this leash – it’s so versatile, allowing my dog 6′ of ‘free roaming space’ or giving me the ability to tether him to my waist when my hands need to tend to something else. Even fashioning into a collar when needed – this is a great leash and should last for many years.

  64. Dana and the Namaste Dogs

    By far my favorite leash of all time, and over the years I have been working with my assistance dogs, we have been through at least 3 dozen leashes trying to find the perfect one. The search is over!

  65. Helen P.

    I have the 8-way 3/8″ leash in tan and love it!! I ordered it over 2 yrs ago and it still looks good. I am getting ready to order a mobility harness and would not order it from any other company. Kudo’s to you Katrina for making such a superior product.

  66. Lisa Padgett

    Beautiful and functional lead that is really holding up to years of regular use.

  67. Linda

    This leash is fantastic. I ordered the medium width in tan leather. The leather is soft and supple and feels great in my hands. I can use it at all different lengths, or even use it as a double-attach leash, since there is a bolt snap at each end. It gets heavy use, and is still like new, or maybe even better, over a year later. In fact, I like this leash so much I bought a matching one for our other dog, and then another as a spare. I’m spoiled now: this is head-and-shoulders better than any other leash I own. Highly recommended.

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