Here’s how the 2021 Sample Sale will work:

  • Mark your calendar! The 2021 Sample Sale event will START on Thursday, September
    23th at 4pm US Mountain Time (Denver). Once the event is live items may be purchased.
    • Here’s a helpful time zone converter:
  • The Sample Sale Preview is available NOW! Many items can be seen now and more
    collars and leashes will be added over the weekend. During the Preview items can be seen
    on the website, but cannot purchased yet.
  • Plan for what you need & get out your measuring tape! Now is the time to measure your
    dog (and yourself as applicable) for any products or harnesses you are interested in.
  • Prepare now! Once the Sample Sale event goes live, items will sell-out fast, so be
    prepared with your shopping list ahead of time! We recommend registering on our
    website now to expedite the checkout.
    • To create a login, go to and “register.”
  • Planning on snagging a rare discounted BLD MSH or BAH Service Dog Harness? Make
    sure you are registered on our website before the sale starts; customers must be logged
    in to be able to view and purchase Service Dog Harnesses. Sample Sale MSH & BAH
    harnesses are limited to one per user/household.
  • Have a question? Ask now! Due to the nature of this special sale event, customer service
    will be extremely limited. We expect these items to sell-out fast!
    • If you have specific questions about your measurements, sizing, or features that are
    not addressed in the info booklet or on the website, please reach out before the sale
    goes live.
    • We are available Tuesday September 21
    th & Wednesday the 22
    nd to reply to
    emails or phone calls. (If you get voicemail, please leave a message so we can get
    back to you.)
    • We will be unable to assist with Sample Sale product questions or phone orders once
    the event starts on Thursday September 23, 2021.
  • Please thoroughly read all the details and conditions. Sample Sale items will be sold as-is
    on a first-come-first serve basis only via our website.
  • You may place multiple orders; however each order will ship separately and shipping
    charges are calculated per order. All items on one order ship together. Due to the popularity
    of our Sample Sales we are unable to combine multiple orders during this event.
  • Items in your cart will be reserved for 15 minutes before being released—plenty of time
    to complete the checkout process. There will be no wait list, no product holds, and no
    changes to orders once they are confirmed.
    10.And finally, if you’re able to snag one of these deals, kick back and wait for the magical
    delivery to arrive! There are so many items it will take us some time to get each order ready
    to ship. Sample Sale orders will begin shipping October 1st.