BLD’s New Everyday Working Harness (EWH)

BLD’s newest harness design is simply the best multi-purpose canine harness you’ll find anywhere. The Everyday Working Harness was developed to be a sturdy walking harness, no-pull front clip harness, tracking harness, and balance support harness. It’s for pet dogs, service dogs, sporting dogs, and hardworking canines. Seriously, this one is a game-changer. We’ve spent years studying and understating canine locomotion and designed this harness to have minimal impact on the dog’s natural movement.

  • Y-Front design, exclusive wide chest and belly plates provide proper pressure distribution around dog’s breastbone and ribs
  • Ergonomically designed for minimal impact on the dog’s gait and movement
  • No pinching or restriction of dog’s shoulders! No choking or pressure on neck or trachea!
  • Two leash connection points: Front of dog’s chest & top of the dog’s back
  • Six (6) points of adjustment for a perfect fit, even “hard to fit” dogs!
  • Rugged premium leather and quality hardware
  • Comfort for all-day wear: No rubbing or irritation from synthetic straps
  • Easy on and off with Quick-Release latches (easy magnetic latches available)
  • Optional simple leather handle and Velcro skirt for ID patches are available
  • Handcrafted to order in BLD’s own workshop
  • Backed by BLD’s famous Great Fit Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty
  • Click here for EWH Measuring Instructions 
  • Click here for EWH Detailed Information Booklet 

Made from premium American top grain leather and durable rust-free hardware, this harness is made to order in our own Colorado workshop. We will confirm your order with you directly within 5 business days. Upon receiving your order, measurements and details will be reviewed, rest assured we’ll reach out if we have any questions.

Turnaround Time: Harnesses take 4 weeks to complete and are built to your specifications.

  • Contact us if you need it faster; subject to availability with a rush fee
  • 3 week RUSH: add 10%; 2 week RUSH: add 15% (added to the cost of the harness and options ONLY)

Keep scrolling for more details, sizing info, etc.

Ready to order? Select your options and enter the measurements below.


Dog’s Information

These details help us confirm the right size and fit for your dog!


Download a Printable Info. Booklet!

 Everyday Working Harness Detailed Information Booklet  

BLD’s revolutionary wide belly plate virtually eliminates rubbing and pressure points, as it forms to fit your dog’s individual shape. The ergonomically shaped belly plate is specifically engineered to distribute nearly all leash or handle pressure under the dog’s chest to minimize, if not eliminate, impact on the dog’s neck and shoulders. When the dog pulls into the harness, force is directed under the prosternum and ribs to support the dog’s weight from the core of their body. This means the harness can be used for control or restraint while training, to lift/support dog’s front end, or to assist a person’s mobility with light counter balance or momentum pulling (with an optional handle).

The EWH has two leash attachments on the front of the dog’s chest, and the top of the dog’s back.

  1. Attach the leash to the dog’s back and you’ll find the dog can lean forward and pull into the harness, without restricting the dog’s shoulders or choking.
  2. Use the front attachment as a no-pull harness to direct the dog’s movement back to you to prevent leash pulling, or to guide the dog’s movement.

The EWH is a humane and effective no-pull harness!
Leather is more durable and comfortable than synthetic harness options. (Compare to top-rated nylon/webbing harnesses: Blue-9 Balance Harness or Dog Games PerfectFit Harness.)

Standard Features:

  • Wide, oval-shaped top strap, with O-ring for attaching leash
  • Natural top-grain leather is gentle on dog’s fur (no lining required)
  • Quick-release latches for easy on and off
  • All straps are adjustable for a perfect fit

Additional options available on your harness:

Must be selected when order is placed, as these options are built into the harness and cannot be retro-fitted. ($ = additional charge)

  • Skirt with Velcro panel ($)
    • Half-moon shaped harness top, O-ring for leash
    • Features 2” (5 cm) wide Velcro to attach patches (patches sold separately)
    • Great option for Service Dogs
  • Simple Leather Handle ($)
    • Approximately 3” tall (7.5 cm) and permanently attached via D-rings
    • Control or restrain the dog if needed
    • Support the dog’s front end while loading/unloading from a vehicle, etc.
    • Allow the dog to pull into the harness
    • Great option for Service Dogs –offers counter-balance and momentum assistance for the person (see Bridge Handle option if a longer handle is needed)
    • NOTE: As with all BLD harnesses, the EWH is specifically designed around the handle for proper support and performance. The EWH will accommodate ONLY the handle options available for this harness.
  • Add D-rings on the left and right ends of the harness top ($)
    • For attaching accessories or clip-on bridge handle (available separately)
  • Choose a different latch/buckle style
    • Magnetic latches for people with low dexterity ($)
    • Regular belt-style buckles only, recommended for heavy-duty use
  • Select special lining of the chest and belly plates if desired
    • None (durable natural leather) recommended
    • Smooth Lining (light padding and thin garment leather) ($)
    • Shearling wool (sheepskin) ($)

Choose leather color:

  • Black Latigo
  • Golden Tan Bridle Leather (will darken with use and age)

Choose hardware color:

  • Chrome/Stainless Steel (silver)
  • Brass (gold)

Choose top of harness:

  • Regular (oval-shaped top strap)
  • Skirt (half-moon shape with Velcro panel)  ($)

Choose options:

  • Plain, one O-ring only
  • Add D-rings (can be used to attach accessories) ($)
  • Simple Handle on D-rings (approx. 3” tall) ($)

Choose latch style:

  • Quick-Release latches (standard)
  • Magnetic latches (for low dexterity) ($)
  • Regular buckles only (recommended for heavy duty use, K9s, agitation, etc.)

Choose lining:

  • None (durable natural leather) recommended
  • Smooth Lining (light padding and thin garment leather) ($)
  • Shearling wool (sheepskin) ($)

Add-On Accessories:






  • Clip-On Bridge Handle  ($)Leather handle with large spring snaps and a support strap
    • Attaches to optional D-rings
    • Choose 6”, 8” or 10” length
    • Order here, along with your harness!
  • Velcro PatchesPerfect to attach to the optional skirt, or cape/vest.
  • Double Sided Badges (aka “Leash Wraps”)
  • Cape/Vest
    • EWH is compatible with BLD’s Cape/Vest! Order ONE SIZE SMALLER cape/vest than the EWH size. Available separately.


Please measure your dog before ordering to ensure the best fit. Click here for EWH Measuring Instructions.
Click here to watch the video.

  • Please provide Dog’s breed, weight, gender, and age
  • Neck/Collar: measure around middle of the dog’s neck, as you would for a collar. PURPLE LINE on diagram.
  • Over neck to breastbone: locate the tip of your dog’s breastbone—this is the prominent bone in the front of your dog’s chest. Measure from the point of breastbone up over the neck, and back to the top of the breastbone. Pull measuring tape snugly for accuracy. RED LINE on diagram.
  • Height: while dog is standing, measure from withers (top of shoulder blades) to the ground. BLUE LINE on diagram.
  • Girth: while dog is standing, measure the behind the front legs, around the deepest part of the dog’s ribs. GREEN LINE on diagram.
  • Tips! A flexible tailor’s measuring tape works best. Or use an old leash, mark the spot, and measure with any measuring tape. Please have dog standing for all measurements. Pull the measuring tape snugly; we want to measure the dog’s body, not just his fur. Take each measurement several times for accuracy.


The chest & belly plates, strap width and hardware are well-proportioned to each corresponding size; as dog size and weight increases, so does the relative size of each harness part. Don’t worry; we’ll review your measurements to assure the right size was ordered. Also remember, in addition to 6 points of adjustment to fine-tune the fit to your dog’s unique shape, fit is guaranteed.

Select the size based on your dog’s weight and measurements. Each size has two options for the girth range. If your dog’s weight and measurements fall into more than one option, size down for a lighter harness, size up for a heavier harness.


  • 40-60 pounds (18-27 kg)
  • 15-18” neck size (38-46 cm)
  • Choice of girth range: 25-28” (63-71 cm) OR 27-32” (68-81 cm)
  • Best for lighter framed dog with narrow chests, such as Border Collies, Aussies, cattle dogs, most standard poodles and doodles


  • 55-85 pounds (25-38 kg)
  • 17-22” neck size (43-56 cm)
  • Choice of girth range: 30-34” (76-86 cm) OR 32-36” (81-91 cm)
  • Most Labrador and Golden Retrievers, heavy/sturdy built doodles, smaller shepherds, Malinois, bully breeds, large greyhounds

 Extra Large

  • 80-125 pounds (36-56 kg)
  • 22-26” neck size (43-66 cm)
  • Choice of girth range: 32-36” (81-91 cm) OR 34-38” ( 86-96 cm)
  • Heavy/sturdy built large breeds, dogs with broad chests, most GSD’s, Rottweilers, Large retrievers, Dobermans, Pyrenees, smaller Newfies


  • 120 pounds and up (54 kg or more)
  • 25” and larger neck size (64 cm or more)
  • Choice of girth range: 36-40” (91-101 cm) OR 42-47” (106-122 cm) OR custom size larger
  • Giant breeds, Great Danes, Mastiffs, St Bernard, Large Newfies

 Attention Service Dog users!

This is BLD’s ONLY Y-front harness suitable for service dogs! This one harness can replace your nylon no-pull harness and service dog vest while offering simple handle options for your assistance needs. As with all BLD harnesses, this one is durable and designed for a lifetime of reliable use.

  • Designed for both attaching a leash and personal assistance
  • Optional Simple Handle (approx. 3”) offers assistance for the person including
    • Counter balance
    • Momentum pull
    • Getting up from seated position
    • Bonus: handle d-ring can be used as a side leash attachment point
  • Optional skirt with Velcro panel is perfect for attaching your service dog patches.
  • A Clip-On Bridge Handle can be added for additional functionality (D-Rings on top are required)
  • Top O-ring may be used to secure dog in vehicle*
  • Compatible with BLD’s Cape/Vest! Select a vest that is ONE SIZE SMALLER than your harness. (Medium harness fits small Cape/Vest; Large harness fits medium Cape/Vest. etc.)

NOTE: As with all BLD harnesses, the EWH is specifically designed around the handle for proper support and performance. The EWH will accommodate ONLY the handle options available for this harness.

No returns or refunds are available on made to order harnesses due to the time consuming and complex nature of this handcrafted item. Rest assured, this harness is covered by our Fit Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty. 

Important Considerations:

Not recommended for growing puppies. Due to the substantial nature of this harness, dogs should be 18 months or older. Dogs must be physically mature before training for harness work or performing high impact work, including pulling, until after growth plates are fused and joints are mature.  Consult a qualified veterinarian to assure your dog’s suitability harness work.

*Please note important safety considerations: this harness is NOT to be used as a safety restraint. It is not crash test rated or intended as a seat belt harness, or a tie-out. Always supervise your dog while using this equipment, do not leave dog unattended with any harness. Dogs should be physically mature to perform any physical work. Not designed as or recommended for heavy or full-time wheelchair pulling, as this is a challenging asymmetrical task for a dog to perform.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

Med 25-28 inch girth, Med 28-32 inch girth, Large 30-34 inch girth, Large 32-36 inch girth, XL 32-36 inch girth, XL 34-38 inch girth, XXL 36-40 inch girth, XXL 42 inch girth or larger

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