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Leash Hook Attachment for Wheelchair (WC HOOK)


Our specially designed Leash Hook Attachment mounts to your wheelchair to hold your leash. It mounts to your wheelchair so the leash can drop onto the hook. It is safe, secure, and easy to use.

Designed for people with quadriplegia and those with very limited hand and arm movement who need a way to help manage the leash, or for anyone who needs a hands-free way to manage their leash safely and conveniently. This is the hook attachment only, use with your own leash.

(Need the whole setup with a custom leash designed to meet your needs? See our Custom Wheelchair Lead here!)

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Product Description

Our Wheelchair Leash Hook Attachment  is the answer you have been looking for. Clients tell us that using this hook gives them the freedom to manage their leash for the first time.

Leash Hook Attachment: designed to work on any type of wheelchair (power or manual). The hook attachment mounts to the frame or tubing on the wheelchair (fits 3/4″ to 1.5″ diameters frames). It is super easy to install (no tools required), it simply wraps around. The hook attachment mounts with super sturdy Velcro wraps, and is lined with grippy material to keep it just where you need it. Yes, it is strong and sturdy. The hook is designed to pivot with the gravity of the leash so the leash does not come off accidentally.

Designed to be used with our custom Quad Leash, but can be used with your own leash. Whatever leash you use, please be sure it is the right length to avoid tangling and getting hung up in the wheels: it should be minimal and sort, without excess to drag or get caught. Your leash should have a large ring on it so it can easily drop onto the hook.


Safety Note: Intended for Service Dogs. Do not use with an untrained dog. Not for dogs that pull on the leash. This leash is NOT for dogs that lunge or are difficult to control, as this could be very dangerous. This hook is NOT for pulling the wheelchair.


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