Replacement Handlebar Wrap

Replacement handlebar wrap kit for your Mobility Support Harness Rigid Support handlebar. Use to refresh tattered handles or to add extra circumference and padding to your handlebar. Kit includes one roll of padded bar tape (1 meter long) and a set of reflective tape to “finish” the edges of the tape for a clean, professional look.

We have sourced a brand new material that has superior performance, even for dogs that really beat up their handle!

  • Replacement handlebar wrap/padding (one roll) plus reflective tape to finish the ends
  • Works for the standard and/or ergonomic grip styles
  • Refresh tattered handlebars, or add extra circumference and padding
  • Extremely resistant to abrasion and tearing yet easy to clean
  • Silky texture feels great and offers optimal comfort
  • Flexes well for wrapping around handle bends
  • See video below for instructions on re-wrapping your handlebar

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Replacement handlebar wrap for Rigid Support handle on Mobility Support Harness. Works for both the standard or ergonomic grip styles.

Product specifics: Pro Bike Gear Race Control Handlebar Tape. Hi-End Microfiber Smart Silicone. Adhesive back. Made in Taiwan for Shimano, the Netherlands. Tape is 100mm long x 30mm wide x 2.5 mm thick.

Designed for bicycle handlebars (high end road bike racing, to be specific), is the best option we’ve found for our harness handles. Lightweight, durable, and easy to clean, plus it has a great texture and provides a comfortable grip.

Replacement Handlebar Wrap Kit includes one roll of padded gel tape and two pieces of reflective safety tape to finish the ends. Easy to install: Just wrap around handle bar while applying some tension. Cut off the excess with scissors and secure the end with a little electrical tape, then apply the reflective tape to the ends for a finished look. You can add an extra layer right over your existing handlebar wrap or peel off the old stuff and re-wrap with new.

How do I refurbish my handlebar?

Watch our instructional video to learn how to re-wrap your handlebar. Katrina will walk you through the process:

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