Everyday Working Harness

The Everyday Working Harness was designed to be the best multi-purpose canine harness on the market. It’s for pet dogs, service dogs, sporting dogs, and hardworking canines alike! BLD’s Y-front harness design allows the dog to move, breathe, and work with minimal impact from the equipment. This versatile design can function as a walking harness, no-pull front clip harness, tracking harness, and balance support harness.

Custom made-to-order, this harness is handcrafted in our own workshop and has several customization options to fit your needs. Please scroll down to find more information on all of the options that are available.

Turnaround Time: Harnesses take 4-6 weeks to complete and are built to your specifications.

Before placing an order, please read through the Complete Information Booklet, available to read/download by clicking the button below:

EWH Complete Information Booklet


Dog’s Information

These details help us confirm the right size and fit for your dog!

download ewh complete info pdf EWH Measuring Instructions

BLD’s Everyday Working Harness (EWH)

At a glance:

  • Y-Front design and exclusive wide chest and belly plates provide proper pressure distribution around dog’s breastbone and ribs
  • Ergonomically designed for minimal impact on the dog’s gait and movement
  • Two leash connection points:
    • Front of dog’s chest
    • Top of the dog’s back
  • Six (6) points of adjustment for a perfect fit, even on “hard to fit” dogs!
  • Premium leather and quality hardware
  • Comfort for all-day wear: No rubbing or irritation from synthetic straps
  • Easy on and off with Quick-Release latches (magnetic latches available)
  • Handle options for added functionality
  • Optional simple leather handle and Velcro skirt for ID patches are available
  • Backed by BLD’s famous Great Fit Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty

BLD’s wide, ergonomically shaped belly plate is specifically engineered to distribute nearly all leash or handle pressure under the dog’s chest to minimize, if not eliminate, impact on the dog’s neck and shoulders. With a leash attached to the top of the harness (on the dog’s back), when the dog pulls into the harness the force is directed under the prosternum and ribs to support the dog’s weight from the core of their body. This means the harness can be used for control/restraint while training, to lift/support the dog’s front end, tracking, nose work, or other sports.

When a leash is attached to the front of the harness (on the dog’s chest), the EWH is a humane and effective no-pull harness that can be used to direct the dog’s movement back to you to prevent leash pulling or to guide the dog’s movement.  

The EWH fits loosely on the dog’s body. If you’re looking for a snug, stable, and supportive service dog harness, please see our Balance Assistance or Mobility Support Harnesses.

For Service Dogs:

This is BLD’s ONLY harness for both personal assistance and attaching a leash! This one harness can replace your nylon no-pull harness and service dog vest while offering simple handle options for your assistance needs. As with all BLD harnesses, this one is durable and designed for a lifetime of reliable use.

  • Optional Simple Handle (approx. 3”) offers assistance for the person including:
    • Counter-balance
    • Momentum pull
    • Getting up from a seated position
    • Handle is low-profile and lays down on the dog’s back.
  • Optional skirt with Velcro panel is perfect for attaching your service dog patches. (Patches/badges are available separately)
  • A Clip-On Bridge Handle can be added for additional functionality (D-Rings on top are required)

As with all BLD harnesses, the EWH is specifically designed around the handle. The EWH will accommodate ONLY the handle options available for this harness.


Select the size based on your dog’s weight and measurements. If your dog’s weight and measurements fall into more than one option, size down for a lighter harness or size up for a heavier, wider harness. We will review your dog’s weight, breed and measurements to assure the best size.

Medium $275

  • 40-60 pounds (18-27 kg)
  • 15-18” neck size (38-46 cm)
  • Choice of girth range: 25-32” (63-81 cm)

Best for lighter framed dogs with narrow chests such as petite retrievers, Border Collies, Mini Aussies, Kelpies, Cattle Dogs, most Standard Poodles and doodles.

Large $275

  • 55-85 pounds (25-38 kg)
  • 17-22” neck size (43-56 cm)
  • Choice of girth range 30-36” (76-91 cm)

Most Labrador and Golden Retrievers, heavy/sturdy built doodles, smaller German Shepherd Dogs, Greyhounds, Malinois, smaller bully breeds, and narrower dogs in the 85 pound range.

Extra Large $290

  • 80-125 pounds (36-56 kg)
  • 22-26” neck size (43-66 cm)
  • 34-38” ( 86-96 cm) girth

Heavy/sturdy built large breeds, dogs with broad chests, most GSD’s, Rottweilers, large retrievers, Pyrenees, larger bully breeds and smaller Newfies.

XXL $290

  • 120 pounds and up (54 kg or more)
  • 25” and larger neck size (64 cm or more)
  • 36-47” (91-122 cm) OR custom size larger

Giant breeds, Great Danes, Mastiffs, St Bernard, large Newfies

Choose Color:

  • Black: Solid black latigo leather is our standard offering.  Because the leather is solid black all the way through it does not fade, hides the appearance of scuffs, and wears beautifully over time.
  • London Tan ($): Gorgeous vegetable-tanned bridle leather. Color and shades will vary; each part of the harness may be a different shade. Tan leather naturally appears rustic and may show scuffs and wear over time; color may darken with use over time.

Harness Top Shape: 

  • Regular Top (standard option): Oval shape; Includes O-ring for attaching the leash.
  • Skirt with Velcro Panel ($): Half-moon shape; Features 2” (5 cm) wide Velcro to attach patches (patches sold separately)– Great option for service dogs!

Top Options:

  • Plain, no handle or D-rings (standard option)
  • D-rings ($): Use D-rings for attaching a clip-on bridge handle (available separately) or accessories
  • Simple Leather Handle ($): Approximately 3” tall(7.5 cm) and permanently attached via included D-rings
    • Control or restrain the dog if needed
    • Support the dog’s front end while loading/unloading from a vehicle, etc.
    • Allow the dog to pull into the harness
    • Great option for Service Dogs –offers counterbalance and momentum assistance for the person (see Bridge Handle option if a longer handle is needed)

Latch/buckle style for the girth straps:

  • Quick-Release latches (standard option): Metal side release buckles are easy to use and are recommended for most purposes
  • Magnetic latches ($): Available for people with low dexterity 
  • Regular belt-style buckles: Only recommended for heavy-duty use

NEW! Easy neck buckle option:

With a latch on the neck strap, the harness easily clips around the dog’s neck, so the harness does not have to go over the dog’s head. A great option for dogs with big, broad heads, and/or to make it super-easy to take the harness off your dog. Choose a buckle on the left side of the dog’s neck, OR to have buckles on both neck straps:

    • NONE: original style
    • Quick-Release style on ONE neck strap ($) Most popular!
  • Quick-Release style on BOTH neck straps ($)
  • Magnetic Latch style on ONE neck strap ($)
  • Magnetic Latch style on BOTH neck straps ($)


  • Natural leather: Our standard option is the most durable, lightest weight, and lowest maintenance option.   Most popular!
  • Smooth Lining($): Light padding and thin garment leather on the chest and belly plates
  • Shearling wool/sheepskin ($): Includes shearling on the chest plate, belly plate, and the top piece.  Recommended!

Harness Accessories:

Clip-On Bridge Handle ($)

Flexible leather handle with large spring snaps and a support strap that attaches to D-rings that are included with this option. Available in the following 4 sizes and will be made to match the harness hardware and leather colors:

  • 6”
  • 8”
  • 10”
  • 12”

*Important Note: The size is the overall measurement of the handle from top to bottom, including the snaps. The functional length of this handle is shorter than the size and depends on your dog’s unique shape. We recommend ordering one size larger than the length you want.

Cape/Vest ($)

BLD’s Service Dog Cape/Vest is a utilitarian accessory for displaying identifying patches, increasing visibility, and holding essentials, such as medicine, paperwork, a wallet, phone, clean up supplies, or other small items. Includes Velcro panels for attaching patches (patches available separately).

Order a cape ONE SIZE SMALLER than your harness:

  • Small cape vest (fits Medium EWH)
  • Medium cape vest (fits Large EWH)
  • Large cape vest (fits XL & XXL EWH)

Service Dog Accessories for the EWH:

Velcro Patch: Patches backed with Velcro stick onto the optional EWH skirt, or to BLD’s vest/cape. No sewing required!  Choose one or a combination of patches to identify your dog’s status as a service dog.

Leash Wrap / Double Patch: Specially designed as a leash wrap, this round two-sided badge Velcros around a leash or strap 1” or smaller. Looks great on the shoulder straps or the brace strap on a bridge handle.

You are ready to order a harness…Now what? Here is a quick list of the steps to take to place a harness order:

  1. First, select the desired harness size.
  2. Next, select the color, primary assistance handle type, strap buckle options, and any additional handles & optional accessories that you need. The Complete Information Booklet has more information on all of these options, and if you need further assistance, feel free to give us a call or email!
  3. Proceed to the next section where you will need to fill in the Measurement details.
  4. Finally, add any notes that you feel are important to your order.
  5. Click Add to Cart.

*Final price depends on the options that are selected. We will confirm your order with you directly within 5 business days. Upon receiving your order, measurements and details will be reviewed. Rest assured we’ll reach out if we have any questions.

Turnaround Time: Harnesses take 4-5 weeks to complete and are built to your specifications.

Contact us if you need your harness faster (subject to availability with a rush fee).

You must contact us directly to request rush service.

Rush fees:

  • 3 week RUSH: add 10%
  • 2 week RUSH: add 15%

*Rush fees are added to the cost of the harness and harness options ONLY

Shipping price includes insurance and tracking via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days in USA). Yes, we ship WORLDWIDE!

Leather care is easy! Don’t worry too much, and don’t be afraid to use your items — we promise leather is incredibly resilient, and regular weather won’t hurt it. If you think your item looks dirty, dry, or just need a little extra love, pouring a little leather conditioner on a cloth, and rubbing it in like lotion will usually do the trick. Baths and a jaunt in the river are just fine, but you might want to offer a little conditioner to your products afterwards. Saltwater can be harsh, so after a visit to the ocean, a good rinse in fresh water and proper conditioning will help preserve and protect your treasured leash or collar. See our Leather Care page for more specific information.

Luckily, the harnesses are easy to clean and maintain! Simply apply leather conditioner regularly to keep harness supple & weather resistant and clean the wool lining using a brush and vacuum.

Your harness can also be hand washed if needed. Here is a video on how to hand wash your harness:

Dogs must be physically mature and of appropriate size, fitness and soundness for the work you would like them to perform.

Not recommended for growing puppies. Due to the substantial nature of this harness, dogs should be 18 months or older. Additionally, the adjustment range is limited and may not be able to accommodate a pup’s rapid growth.

Dogs must be physically mature before training for harness work or performing high impact work, including pulling, until after growth plates are fused and joints are mature.  Consult a qualified veterinarian to assure your dog’s suitability harness work.

Safety considerations: this harness is NOT to be used as a safety restraint. It is not crash test rated or intended as a seat belt harness, or a tie-out. Always supervise your dog while using this equipment, do not leave a dog unattended with any harness. Dogs should be physically mature to perform any load-bearing or pulling work. Not designed as or recommended for heavy or full-time wheelchair pulling, as this is a challenging asymmetrical task for a dog to perform.

Use only with handles & accessories designed and approved by BLD for this equipment.

The proper fit for each harness is assured by our Great Fit Guarantee. Our famous Lifetime Warranty, plus BLD’s excellent customer support, is standard with everything we make in our workshop.

Great Fit Guarantee

All new harnesses and custom service dog equipment come with a Great Fit Guarantee. Every effort is made to produce a harness that fits your dog perfectly. If we made an error, or a fit adjustment is needed, we will correct it at no cost to you within the first 4 weeks of delivery. This includes new parts and standard shipping. If inaccurate information or measurements were given when the order was placed, we will still adjust your harness or fabricate new parts at no charge to ensure the correct fit, but shipping costs will apply. (There may be additional charges for a change of size and/or features as well.) Sorry, no refunds or returns are accepted on all new harnesses and custom service dog equipment. We will do our best to be sure you have the right equipment, properly fitted, and we promise to be here if you have questions.

Lifetime Warranty

We proudly stand behind the quality of our products. Bold Lead Designs’ handcrafted leather & Brahma products are guaranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship for life!

If your BLD harness ever breaks or is damaged from regular use due to materials or craftsmanship flaws, contact Bold Lead Designs for a replacement or repair at no charge. There is no time limit. Customer is responsible for shipping charges.

If you ever have issues or questions about your equipment, contact us at the workshop so we can help find a solution! Non-warranty repairs and service may be available for a nominal repair charge. Replacement parts may be available for purchase.

Warranty is limited to replacement or repair of covered product only, and does not cover chewing, neglect, misuse, normal wear, or customer alterations. Bold Lead Designs reserves the right to determine if a repair or replacement is covered by our warranty. Items we don't make in our workshop, like accessories and consumable items, are excluded. Note: any item sold as used or imperfect or marked with a star is excluded from any warranty or guarantee.

Limitation of Damages:

Guarantee/Warranty is limited to replacement or repair of product only. Bold Lead Designs, LLC, or its associates, cannot be responsible for any claims or liabilities beyond the scope of the guarantee. Chewing, neglect and misuse, customer alterations, and items marked with a star void all warranties. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are made. User assumes all responsibility for proper and safe use of products and care of animal. Customer pays for shipping for warranty claims. See our warranty page for complete details.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Everyday Working Harness

  1. SMtakoda

    Purchased the standard size EWH. Was impressed with its construction. However after wearing it for a few weeks it was causing a balding spot between his shoulders where the o-ring connects the two neck straps and the strap that goes toward the back to connect the saddle/belly band. Immediately discontinued using the EWH. I just need to wait to see if the fur grows back. :(

    • Katrina Boldry

      We’re so sorry to hear the harness is causing discomfort for your dog. This is the first we’ve heard of the issue. We guarantee the fit and performance of our equipment; we’ll take care of you. We’re reaching out to you directly for solutions!

  2. ptlubeck

    My Mobility Service Dog is a Working Line GSD. The day my new harness arrived it has been a hit with her. We work together well and she doesn’t suffer from heat with this. We work wonderful as a team and love the easy.

  3. Patience Misner (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the everyday working harness! It took my pup some training and patience to get used to a new type of harness (both fit and material), but it looks so professional and clean! He wears it every time we go out now. I also ordered a patch that says he’s working, which has been helpful for keeping the public from touching him. I hope to have this product a lifetime! Since I don’t live close, I’ve already scouted out a local leather shop for any small fixes I need.

  4. BARBARA MANDY (verified owner)

    This is such a beautiful harness. The black latigo is soft and supple, the design and craftsmanship are amazing. There are no parts that could chafe her or make her uncomfortable. It’s obvious BLD takes pride in their products.
    We’ve tried other leather harnesses that never fit well no matter how many adjustments were made. I was worried about spending the money on yet another, wondering if this would be more money wasted. I spoke to Bill and he talked me through the process, offered suggestions, and guaranteed a great fit. He was absolutely right. It fits perfectly and is solid without much weight for my 54 lb dog.
    The whole experience was wonderful from start to finish and I think they must be the most patient and talented people in the business. They’ve got a customer for life!

  5. fedx816 (verified owner)

    My dog does momentum pull, and this harness is perfect for it. I ended up going with this design because it has a similar pressure distribution to his bikejoring harness, free shoulder motion, and the usual amazing workmanship from BLD. It looks very professional, and there was no break-in period. I went with the padded leather and it’s perfect for my buddy with a sensitive underside. I have patches on each of the shoulder straps, and occasionally put a small leash wrap or additional patch on the top strap. It’s been in service for over 2 years, conditioned roughly quarterly, and is just starting to match some of my older leather gear.

  6. Katrina Boldry

    thank you

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