Katrina Boldry, owner & designer poses with her previous service dog Kepler in his Mobility Support Harness. Kepler assists her with balance and mobility while walking.

BLD’s Service Dog Equipment:

Designing solutions for people and their dogs.

We specialize in handcrafting custom service dog (assistance dog) equipment, including wheelchair-friendly leashes, leashes and collars with accessible features, and assistance harnesses. We enjoy designing custom work, creating adaptive designs, and love finding solutions. We know that off-the-shelf products may not have the features and functions you need; let us help find the right equipment to enhance your independent lifestyle. Our quality and workmanship cannot be beat. We take pride in everything we make and are always here for our customers with the best service available anywhere.

If you don’t see exactly what you need in the shop, or need to know more, contact us and we’ll gladly answer your questions.

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 I know how difficult it is to find equipment that really works. I started designing service dog equipment because there was a serious lack of good quality, user-friendly gear out there. There was a gap between what people needed and what was available.  Every day I strive to help people find solutions that will make their lives better. – Katrina Boldry, Owner & Designer

Bold Lead Designs is an innovative small business that designs and crafts premium quality dog products, including: leads, collars, harnesses and accessories. Using only the best leather and materials for products that last a lifetime. Located in Aurora, Colorado, BLD’s workshop serves clients in all 50 US states and over 50 countries worldwide.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for human-dog interactions by creating functional and reliable equipment for pet owners, canine professionals, and service dog handlers. Our products are designed to enhance our client’s lives, while putting the safety and comfort of the dog first.

BLD is a leader in specialized equipment for working and service dogs. With over 15 years of dedicated research, experience, and consultation with canine professionals of all kinds, we are continuously developing and improving our unique, specialized dog harnesses. In order to ensure our functional harnesses are designed for correct fit and load distribution to minimize impact on the dog’s physiology, we follow the latest science on harness research.

Owner and designer Katrina Boldry has pioneered specialized assistance dog harnesses that considered not only the dog’s physiology, but also how the human partner impacts the dog through their use of the equipment. Developed with advisement and approval from orthopedic specialists, physiotherapy/rehabilitation experts, and service dog organizations, BLD’s mobility/balance assistance harnesses have set the gold standard in the service dog industry.

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