Little Black Treat Pouch – magnetic closure, low-profile

BLD’s Little Black Treat Pouch is here!

  • Compact and convenient size (5 in. x 5 in./13 cmx13cm)
  • Easy-access with magnetic closure
  • Machine of hand wash (air dry)
  • Zipper pocket on the front (for little necessities like poop bags, clicker, etc.)
  • Adjustable belt is removable, can slide onto your own belt, too
  • Sturdy clip to connect to a belt loop or hang on a hook

“I’ve tried every style of treat pouch out there and found flaws in each of them. I wanted a simple treat bag that I can clip to my belt loop that’s quick and easy to access and is easy to wear all day long. Not too big, not too small, this one is just right.” –Katrina



Other treat pouches left something to be desired. Many were either poorly made or quite expensive. Some were bulky or heavy, and others were not compatible with curvy hips, and most became annoying to wear all day long. Some had openings that were hard to get your hand in, others spilled open when I leaned forward. Many had belts that could not be removed, or cheap plastic belt clips that broke after a few weeks. I found zippers and draw-strings to be cumbersome; I liked the French hinge style well enough, but these were either too stiff to quickly open, or were too difficult to get into with weak hands. Several were not machine washable, and that’s a deal breaker. I combined all the details I liked, and eliminated features I didn’t to come up with this simple little beauty. I hope you enjoy this little pouch as much as I do.

–Katrina Boldry
Owner & Designer, Service Dog Handler

Made from heavy-duty fabric with smooth nylon lining, magnetic closure, 1 inch wide poly webbing belt with side release buckle, sturdy triangle shaped snap hook. Dimensions: 4 in/ diameter cylinder shape is 5 inches tall, 3 inches deep., 6 inches wide when top is closed. Imported.

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