Replacement Breast Plate

Our Mobility Support Harness (MSH) and Balance Assistance Harness (BAH) are designed with replaceable parts. This is a replacement breastplate.

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Replacement breast plate assembly for Mobility Support or Balance Assistance harness. 2″ wide breastplate comes complete with straps for attaching to the harness saddle.

Available in 4 width sizes: 

  • Small: 10″ for dogs with a 7-8″ wide chest (narrow breeds, and dogs under 50 pounds)
  • Medium: 12″ for dogs with an 8-9″ wide chest
  • Large: 14″ for dogs with a 10-11″ wide chest.
  • Extra Large: 16″ for dogs with an 11-14″ wide chest.
  • GIANT: dog’s width plus 4″ for dog’s 15″ or larger

The size refers to the length of the oval part of the breastplate. If your dog has a heavy chest build or has a very long back, order the next size larger.

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