BLD Leather Key Fob

This leather key fob is a handy little accessory!

Everyone needs the perfect key fob– this one is made from our famous, premium leather just like all of our leashes and collars.


  • Simple Fob (a straight piece of about 2.5″ of leather; low-profile to fit nicely in a pocket). Width varies (1/2 to 3/4″ wide)
  • Loop Fob (a loop of leather, about 3″ long; easy to grasp or hook on over your thumb, hang on a hook, or slide onto your belt) 1/2/” to 9/16″ wide.
  • Braided Fob (a special plaited design with a lovely texture. 1/2″ to 9/16″ wide.

Every key fob includes 1″ split ring

Option: Add a bolt snap if you want to make it fancy and extra-functional. With the stainless steel bolt snap on the split ring, you can clip your keys to your belt, bag, or wherever: a nice trick for those of us who frequently lose our keys.

Artisan handcrafted in Colorado, USA!


Want to add a Bolt Snap?


Everyone needs another key ring!

  • Made from a little piece of our famous leather, branded with our logo.
  • Perfect for motorcycle keys–the leather will not scratch your tank and the key fob can be felt in your pocket with gloves on.
  • A great key fob for service dog handlers! Service dogs can retrieve your keys by picking up the leather, avoiding the metal in their mouths
  • Every key fob includes 1″ split ring

Colors Available:

  • Golden Tan Bridle Leather is hand-oiled to bring out the softness and golden tones of the leather and will darken to a deep chestnut brown with age. It’s our best selling leather.
  • Black Latigo is jet black and rather thick with a great texture

Save on 6 packs! Great for gifts or stocking stuffers.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for BLD Leather Key Fob

  1. brookesandstreams

    I have the braided key fob. It’s a lovely feel, and makes it easy for SDITs to grab my keys. I imagine I’ll be using it for years to come! Previously, I had a fabric one from another place, but it started wearing out after less than a year of use. This has been holding up for several years with no signs of wear.

  2. SK

    Have one of each, but use the Braided Fob & Key Fob daily. One’s attached to my car keys and the other on my house keys. They’re substantial enough for my service dog to easily pick up, while not being cumbersome, and having one of each allows me to quickly determine which key set is in my hand without having to look at them. Love that they can be clipped together and attached to my belt, service dog harness, bag, etc. Between using these, and hanging a wall hook at home, it’s helped reduce losing my keys a LOT!

  3. mommagrizzly

    I LOVE my key fob. It is so soft, and looks nice. It makes grabbing my keys easy, and it isn’t bulky.

  4. tgainsbrough

    My service dog already picked up keys fairly well. I got one as a gift and so I decided to try it. I was surprised how fast my dog got that the fob was for her to use to pick it up. While it took her a few tries each time to get the keys for her to have something to hold. She was able to pick up my keys each time using the fob. Plus she can also now smell to find the keys.

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