Harness Cleaning Kit – for leather and sheepskin

This complete leather and shearling/sheepskin care kit contains everything you need to keep your BLD harness in good condition or restore a well-loved harness to like-new condition.

  • Bick 4 Leather Conditioner–our favorite product for leashes and harnesses!
  • Wide-toothed comb with wooden handle
  • Eucalan Sheepskin Wash (single-use pod)
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth for a quick dust-off
  • Cotton jersey cleaning cloth for applying conditioner and polishing
  • Harness Care instructions
  • Contained in a sturdy resealable bag to keep it all together

Choose the size of the Bick 4 Leather Conditioner; 2 oz. trial size, medium 8 oz. bottle, or the big 16 oz. bottle. This product has no odor and is fragrance free. It’s so good you’ll want to use it on your leather shoes, belt, sofa, and car seats too! Read more below…



Bick 4 Leather Conditioner accomplishes four important jobs: It conditions, cleans, polishes, and acts as a water and stain repellent, making it ideal for keeping leather soft while preventing the leather from drying and cracking. There is no odor or fragrance, and it’s super easy to use. It is effective on all smooth, finished leathers, including exotics. Unlike other brands, Bick 4 is a wax-free product that will not seal pores of leather thereby affecting breath-ability. Bick 4 will not darken any colorfast leather or deteriorate the stitching. Bick 4 leaves no oily residue and is safe to use on leather boots, shoes, bags, purses, jackets, saddles, belts, furniture, vehicle interiors, and exotic skins.

Poodle Comb: this wide-toothed comb has a comfortable wooden handle is the perfect tool to maintain the shearling wool/sheepskin lining on your harness. Maintaining sheepskin padding is easy! Brush the wool to remove debris and dog hair, restore the loft and cushioning, and to allow for air flow to keep your dog comfortable and cool in hot weather. Use the comb to lift the fibers away from the leather skin, working in short, strong strokes. For best results, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and dog hair.

Eucalan Sheepskin Wash: A convenient and easy to use fine fabric wash that’s specifically made to clean and protect natural fibers and sheepskin. Unscented, no-rinse formula contains lanolin to clean, condition, and protect the wool fibers from moths and dust mites. 5ml single-use pod – makes one gallon of cleaning solution. BLD only uses washable sheepskin. Learn more from the manufacturer here (https://eucalan.com/laundry-lessons/sheepskinfur-leather)

Two cleaning cloths: The black microfiber cloth is great for a quick and easy wipe down; when used dry a static charge attracts dirt and dust. The white cotton jersey cloth is ideal for applying conditioner and polishing.

Harness Care directions are included in this kit, can be found in your harness owner’s manual, and here on our website along with videos.

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