Bickmore Leather Conditioner (BICK4) – OUR FAVORITE!

This is BLD’s favorite leather treatment! It cleans, conditions, polishes, and protects in one easy step. Use it on leashes, collars, harnesses, shoes, sofas, car seats, and more! We use it in our workshop to clean and recondition any BLD product. It makes harnesses look like new and makes leashes soft and silky.

We love that it is very neutral with no scent or perfumes, super easy to apply (just like using lotion), and leaves a beautiful luster making your old gear look like new. Just try it.

Available in 2 oz (trial size), 8 oz,  and 16 oz bottles.

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Bick 4 Leather Conditioner accomplishes four important jobs: It conditions, cleans, polishes, and acts as a stain repellent, making it ideal for keeping leather soft while preventing the leather from drying and cracking. It is effective on all smooth, finished leathers, including exotics. Unlike other brands, Bick 4 is a wax-free product that will not seal pores of leather thereby affecting breath-ability. Bick 4 will not darken any colorfast leather or deteriorate the stitching.

Bick 4 leaves no oily residue and is safe to use on leather boots, shoes, bags, purses, jackets, saddles, belts, furniture, and exotic skins.

If your item is very dirty, try Bick 1 Leather Cleaner first to lift heavy, ground in dirt, then use Bick 4 Conditioner.

Info from the manufacturer’s website:

Q: How often should I use Bick 4?

A: New leather items should be pretreated with Bick 4 and periodically thereafter depending on use. There is no set rule on how often to use Bick 4 because there are so many variations in leathers, use, and the type of weather and stress the leather experiences. The best indicator is the look and feel of the leather. If it feels dry or if it’s dirty, it needs to be cleaned and conditioned. We generally recommend applying Bick 4 once a week if the item is used every day. (BLD thinks weekly is excessive, but do what you like!)

Q: How do I apply Bick 4? 

A: Use a clean, lint free, cloth. Pour a quarter size amount on the cloth and massage into the leather. Make sure to treat the entire surface, let dry, and buff with a shine cloth if needed. We recommend applying Gard-More after the item is dry and buffed.

Q: Will Bick 4 darken leather?

A: No, but we only recommend it for smooth, polished leather. Do not use Bick 4 on distressed, suede, rough out, or nubuck.

Q: What does Bick 4 do?

A: Leather is a natural material and need to be continually conditioned. It dries out with time from exposure to the elements. By treating leather with Bick 4 you restore the natural oils, lubricate the fibers, which prevents scuffing, cracking, and staining from occurring. Bick 4 also provides a mild weather barrier.

Q: Is it safe to use Bick 4 on my couch? Can I sit on it afterward?

A: Bick 4 is great for your couch. You can sit on it as long as it’s dry, if for some reason you do have a skin reaction, just wash with mild soap. We do make a product that is specifically designed for large leather items like couches. Bick 5 is in a spray bottle so it’s easier to cover large surfaces and has all the benefits of using Bick 4.

Q: I applied Bick 4 to my leather item and now it has white streaks. What did I do wrong?

A: It sounds like you forgot to buff it out. Sometimes if you use too much product it can dry and cause streaking. It will come out, just buff it out with a cloth, or clean the boot and reapply.

Q: What are the ingredients in Bick 4?

A: Bick 4, like all of Bickmore’s products are protected by Trade Secret laws. While we cannot provide a list of ingredients, we can tell you that Bick 4 is a proprietary blend of natural emulsifiers, conditioners, and moisturizers.

Q: Why would I use Bick 4 versus another product on the market?

A: Other leather conditioners may contain wax, chemicals, or animal fats. Over time, wax builds up on the surface of leather and impairs its ability to breathe. Leather conditioners that contain chemicals or animal fats may darken light leathers or pull color.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Bickmore Leather Conditioner (BICK4) – OUR FAVORITE!

  1. brookesandstreams

    Conditions very well without leaving residue or changing leather color. Love it!

  2. Julia (verified owner)

    Bought this to use on my mobility harness and leashes and couldn’t be happier. Easy to use. No smell. Keeps my beautiful leather products looking great.

  3. Mechelle

    I am now in love with Bick 4 conditioner! It works so well and is very easy to apply! It’s The best! I will be purchasing more in the near future. Thanks again!

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