BLD’s referral program: share the love

Invite a friend to enjoy premium dog equipment, and they’ll get a free $10 welcome credit. You’ll get $10 referral credit in your own account as our little thank you.

How Does It Work?

First, please make sure you have an account set up through the BLD website; your referral credits are only tracked electronically via our website. Once you’ve shared the love, and the person you referred uses your special referral code, they receive a $10 credit toward their first Bold Lead Designs order when they spend $50 or more. Once their order is verified (and completed), you’ll receive a $10 referral credit to use on your next order.

Yep, it’s that simple. The best part is, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, and no minimum order required to use your credits. You may even use multiple referral credits on one order.

Example: get $50 in free gear! Refer 5 verified new customers. Earn $10 for each one. Your credit is automatically applied to your next online order.
Prefer to use your referral credits when placing a phone order? Purchase a Gift Certificate before giving us a call.

Program Rules

Your friend will receive a referral email when you invite them to join the BLD family. This email will have a special code to claim their $10 welcome credit that applies to their first order of $50 or more. The referral must be a verified new customer and not in the same household. (The program uses multiple checkpoints to verify the order is placed by a new customer in order to prevent fraud, including billing name, addresses, emails, IP address, etc.) Please note: The special code (referral link) can only be used once per client but never expires. (So it’s safe to use on marketing materials.)

Referral credits are applied upon verification that new customer’s order has been completed (shipped). You will receive an email when your referral credit is ready to use. Your referral credits and are good toward any online retail order of $10 or more.

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You must have an account to refer a friend.

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Yes, multiple referral credits may be used together!

There is no cash value; credits may be used only towards product orders. Referral credits do not expire as long as this program is active and you claim the credit when your order is placed online.

Referral program rules are subject to change or cancellation at any time, but we will make every effort to be fair if updates are needed.

BLD’s website will automatically track all this good stuff, and email out notices and secret codes to keep you informed.Thank you for being one of the most awesome customers in the world. Cheers!


All of us at the BLD workshop, welcome to the family!