I have the best customers in the world! I am delighted and honored each and every time I receive an unsolicited comment or product review from my customers. Here are just a few.  – Katrina Boldry,  Owner & Designer

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Our work has been reviewed by many independent sources, here are a few links:

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We love our harness, it works great . And has made my life much better . Thank you for such a quality product. The time you spend getting this right the first time, makes a difference. . . You have no idea the independence and confidence this harness and my dog have given me. When I fall, I can now get up , instead of crawling to the nearest chair, or wall, ect. But because [the harness], I have less falls. . . So glad we found your site,  5 stars all the way!  You are not just making harnesses, you change lives.

Shannon C.

The best decision I ever made was to buy the mobility support harness. It’s really comfortable for my dog as as for me and very stable. Since I bought the ergonomic support handle, I had not had any falls and my balance keeps improving from using it. Before I bought the harness I almost decided to give up on having my dog be my mobility support because all the other products I’d bought were not comfortable for him and not stable for me. But after I bought the harness my whole life is changed. This is coming from somebody that’s never been able to walk unassisted. I’m very grateful for Katrina and your company and I hope she keeps doing the best work possible.

Barbie B.

Their service really cares about your dog. I have a 15 mo old GSD that I needed a harness for but she is still young and I was worried about her growing and what size would be best for her. Now they could have just sold me the harness right then and there BUT they told me that I should wait until she is about 2 when her growth plates close. They not only have great harnesses but they really care about the dogs they make them for. I will be ordering in May when she is 2. It was NOT about the money to them it was about my dogs health and me. How can you not trust someone like that!!!

Linda H.

I received Logan’s MSH last week. This is the best harness. The quality is unsurpassed. The leather soft and supple. The fit right on. The buckles are easy to use. I am so pleased that today I order additional products, a leash, a leash extender for additional length when needed, a collar and head halter. Thank you, BLD.

Virginia C. & Logan

 I ordered my MSH about 18 months ago and it has been a pure godsend for me! Several times when I have gotten overbalanced I was able to hold the handle and steady myself instead of falling. Rachel my beautiful standard poodle is so comfortable in the harness she will fall asleep under the table when we go to restaurants, or for coffee. Rachel totally approves of the fit and feel of this wonderful harness as do I. And the over the shoulder leashes are awesome as well, I have sent many many people to BLD with the highest praise for the products. I will never buy a leash anywhere else!!! Awesome products Katrina and crew.

Helen & Rachel

In October if this year my husband ordered a mobility harness from your company. The local news channel requested a story about his service dog. The following link will take to it. We appreciate the harness and how sturdy the construction. The harness has provided support he could not find in a cane. http://www.ketv.com/news/man-trains-dogs-to-help-disabled-veterans-return-to-their-feet/29991522


Katrina, My harness saved me today. I was walking up a pedestrian bridge with metal stairs and I lost my balance. I quickly grabbed onto the handle and Hero caught my fall. Thanks for your wonderful product.

Matt & Hero

Just wanted to let you know how pleased Blaze and I are with the stability harness we got from you. It’s really a God send! I have been looking for a quality harness for a while and have been very disappointed with what’s out there! Thank you for providing quality workmanship and materials and for such quick turn around time.
Being an injured firefighter from NY I have a hard time walking and keeping my balance throughout the day. As I haven’t given up my busy days just yet, the stability harness really helps. Blaze and I go everywhere with it! When the harness arrived, Blaze sniffed it and couldn’t wait to get to it. When I put it on him, he loved it. When we went for our walk, I could feel the difference immediately. He seems very comfortable in it and we communicate better with it. The harness isn’t at all bulky, and that really helps during the hot days here in Florida. All in all, we are both very pleased! Thank you again, for all you do! Blaze and I really appreciate it.

JD R. & Blaze / Florida

Seriously – I could barely walk when I first got Chobe. The harness gave me so much confidence. . . The craftsmanship is impeccable and not only designed to aid the handler but also clearly with meticulous concern for the dog’s comfort, musculature and stature. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought they were specifically made for Dobermans. I guess mine actually was now that I think about it. I can’t think of ANYthing I’ve bought in recent years of such quality. Knowing what I know now, I would have paid a lot more than I did…Many thanks :D

Megan & Chobe / Denver, CO

Greyhounds are very difficult to fit gear-wise, so the fact that her harness fits so well is a testament to how awesome your BLD harnesses are! I also continue to marvel at the craftsmanship. I’m no leather expert, but it doesn’t take an expert to know this is great work. . . Nothing makes me happier than seeing my dog happy about putting on her work gear. I was a little concerned about whether she would be able to totally relax in her BLD harness at home during the daytime, but I’m sure you can tell from the recent pictures she’s having no problem at all chilling out in her comfortable new gear. Thank you!


Thanks so much for EVERYTHING! It’s been amazing to have my freedom back. I don’t know how I can ever really express just how the simple situation like being able to go to the bank when I want to again- rather than waiting for someone else to be able to take me can mean so much; and how great it is to have my dog with no sore shoulders and excited to do his job again.

Nancy D. / Nova Scotia

Hello Katrina! I love the harness. It’s utterly fantastic and meets my needs very nicely. The ultimate proof was today in the store. I was shopping and not paying much attention, and missed my dog’s alert. I started to go down and made a wild grab for the fixed handle. I caught it, Joss braced hard, and it saved me a date with the floor!  There’s no way his last harness could have done it. I’m raving about it to anyone who will listen. 

Lydia R. & Joss

It’s here…..the harness arrived today……thank you so very much for all your handwork and effort. It fits well…and looks great.  Naamarrang [puppy] took to it like a duck to water!! Kedron [husband] was thrilled with the support!! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. It is going to make walking so much easier for Kedron, and thus add to the quality of his life. I will keep in touch……..but again thank you.

Liz, Kedron & Naamarrang / Victoria, Australia

My harness has arrived and my first impression is WOW! It’s gorgeous and fits perfectly! My super-fussy dog accepted it right away too…that’s a first! Wow, what a difference the right equipment makes…THANK YOU!!!

Kristel S.

Good Afternoon Katrina, Just got back from the first walk. This harness is amazing, the stability it provides is outstanding. The harness dose not twist or shift. Thank You so much for such a great product! :-)

Eliza / Canada

Got Shai’s new harness today!  What a beauty!  As a physical therapist who deals with handicapped durable medical equipment and orthotics on a daily basis–your craftsmanship on this harness is high quality and should be approved for Medicare DME.  I feel sure it is not covered, but there should be a way to get approval so all disabled people who need them can have access to these. . .I am so impressed with your work.

Patti & Shai

I LOVE my new Basic Assistant harness from Bold Lead Designs!! My sweet St. Kona seems quite comfortable in it and works great!! Thank you Katrina, our new gear makes getting around so much easier!!! Looking forward to seeing you at the dog show in the next few days!


 Dear Katrina, I just received Raliegh’s support harness. Just a few minor adjustments and it fits like a glove. Raliegh is very comfortable in it. The extra soft padding makes for a snug fit. I have only walked him around the house so far but he seems to handle the halter beautifully. Thank you for doing such an awesome job! Sincerely

Patricia & Raliegh


Jim B / Canada

Our work has been reviewed by many independent sources, here are a few links:

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Martha Stewart American Made Finalist

I have to tell you, I received my leash and I like it so much . The braiding adds an aesthetic touch while the quality of the leather was as nice as I hope for. This leash is totally the quality and design I was looking for! Nothing else I’ve seen compares and I’ve actually returned one already from a different company because I didn’t think it was the quality advertised. I will use this leash for many years to come, it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to take it to class, I anticipate compliments :)

Laura M

As a dog trainer, I have lots of leashes. But I didn’t have the perfect “everyday” leash for my Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Well, I finally found it. I was able to order the length I wanted and the bells and whistles (loose ring on the handle, fixed ring on the leash) that made it completely functional. The leather and workmanship are impeccable and all for a super reasonable price! Will definitely recommend to my students.

Patricia Miller

Thanks so much for the amazing lead for me and my working dog Lucy. I used it today for the first time on a walk to our local grocery store. Where it was so easy to go from just a regular walking lead to hands free in a moment so I could grab groceries and push the cart and grab things without having to hang onto the lead. Beautiful design and amazing craftsmanship. Thank you so much you’re the best.

Louis B. & Lucy

My dog trainer had recommended that I use a leather leash. I shopped at local pet stores for one and was extremely disappointed in the quality and feel. I was hesitant to purchase a leash online without being able to touch the product.However, I decided to go ahead and order. I am so glad that I did! I have never had such a high quality leash! I ordered the large in black. I decided to go with stainless steel hardware and changed to snap and had a floating ring added. I have had the leash for about a year and use it at least twice a day to walk my 70 pound lab mix. While I mainly use it in the shortened length for daily walks, I have used all the functions at one point or another. I particularly like the ability to tie down when necessary. Finally, I would just say that this leash is like butter in your hands. Feels great from day one! I highly recommend this product!


Bonjour Katrina! Bonjour Josh! We love our new leather Infinity collar. Living in a big city I use it with the traffic tab and it is a perfect length for mybig, tall dog. Keeps the head up (no more making a buffet of what he sniffs on the street) and best of all — no pulling. Our walks are so relaxing now. And I am so glad to retire the prong collar (which made people think he might be a “bad” dog). We pair the infinity collar with one of BLD martingales (just because I am so nervous that he might slip out — but he has not) or the regular BLD leather collar and if we are in a park we also have our old (but beautiful) BLD leather 8-way lead to give Luca more freedom. Also, the three collars we ordered arrived super fast via the regular USA first class mail to France. And the special gift note I asked for was very cute (nice handwriting and the pawprint was a plus).I loved the tracking number feature. You are super. Love the quality of your work. Thank you! (Would have written sooner but we were too busy going out on walks!)

Susan / France

Hi Katrina and Josh, It was GREAT to meet you at the PennVet Working Dog Conference!  I’m so glad I stopped by your booth and bought several of your 8-way leashes, as they have been game-changers in my work!  I don’t have a “typical” working dog, like a patrol or search-and-rescue dog, instead, I work with therapy/facility dogs in a children’s hospital.  We do everything from simple cheer-ups to working with our Child Life, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy teams, to help our kiddos achieve various goals.  Since we are a hospital, hand hygiene is very important so the dogs aren’t a vector for anything.  In the past, I’d have to juggle: hand sanitizer: census forms; pens; and the dog’s leash.  With your 8-way leash, I can go hands-free, and work to help kiddos clean their hands, take my notes, answer a page, and still have my dog attached to me!  Often, kiddos won’t want to get out of bed to do their physical therapy, but if they love dogs and get a chance to walk a dog, it’s motivation for them to get out of bed and walk with their PT.  I used to use two leashes with the dog, so I can maintain control of the dog, and the kiddo can hold the other leash… maybe I should try out your dual handle leash next for that!I work with fairly large dogs (Rhodesian Ridgebacks) and your leashes are such top quality leather, I’ve experienced no stretching at all (even when we’re walking “off-duty” in my neighborhood and see squirrels!)  The braided leather sections are really well-placed to provide a place to grab, should a squirrel simply be too tempting and the dog decides to pull.
Again, THANK YOU for such a great product!! Cheers


My experience with Katrina and Bold Lead Designs was exemplary! The lead I needed was of an unusual design to meet a very specific set of needs. The finished product is of excellent quality and the creativity in addressing my particular requirements is outstanding. I have nothing but praise to offer for Katrina and her work. If you’re searching for a creative and practical design for a custom lead, search no further. You’ve found your solution right here.

Tim V.

I just wanted to let you know that I love your leads and collars. I had been searching for the perfect lead/collar combination for my Bernese pups. I had ordered from other places, and the product wasn’t quite right (cheap-feeling hardware, uneven leather width, unfinished edges, etc.). Your leashes and collars are perfect. Outstanding-quality hardware (love the screw-in rivets), thoughtful design (like the double d-ring on the collar), and substantial feel. I’ll be back for the tan leather versions soon.


 I am beyond thrilled with the long line! I had three others previously and often suffered cuts on my legs if I became tangled. Your line does not hurt if it wraps around me and also is clearly way more durable (and attractive!). I love the collar/leash/harness LED light. I just ordered several more to give as gifts.


I just wanted to tell you that I received my fabulous beautiful, exactly what I wanted, training lead this evening couldn’t wait to tell you how happy I am with it. . . It’s been about 30 years since I trained any dogs, so  to say that everything I knew then and products that I liked from before, and that  I can now find, has drastically changed. Your lead is the fourth  — and last – one that I will have to purchase, as it is EXACTLY what I wanted, functional and soft.  I am just so thrilled with it that I had to write and let you know how much I appreciate what you do.   I’m sure Teddy will appreciate it as much as I do, can’t wait to get him out with it and work with him. Also loved the idea of the key chain as an extra touch.   What a great marketing idea!!!

Barbara & Teddy

WOW! We just got the lead in the mail and what a HUGE difference it makes. We can walk our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog with out worrying we will be eating pavement! She’s only 6 months old and VERY strong so only my husband could walk her. That’s not practical so we bought the 4 foot lead and attached it to her 6 foot lead for road walks and a longer lead for forest and trail walking. Now my 100 pound daughter can handle her. AMAZING. After a minute or so of semi protest, Dany took to it like a duck to water. Now she really enjoys walks as this calms her down immediately and I can’t tell you how it makes US feel! I am going to recommend this to all my pals who have pullers and my dog trainer too. Thank you so much for such an excellent product that does exactly what it says it will.

Mike & Dany

I just wanted to let you know that I love your leads and collars. I had been searching for the perfect lead/collar combination for my Bernese pups. I had ordered from other places, and the product wasn’t quite right (cheap-feeling hardware, uneven leather width, unfinished edges, etc.). Your leashes and collars are perfect. Outstanding-quality hardware (love the screw-in rivets), thoughtful design (like the double d-ring on the collar), and substantial feel. I’ll be back for the tan leather versions soon.


Hi Katrina! I got my leash yesterday, only used it once but already I LOVE IT!!!  When I took it out of the package I just held it in my hand for the longest time because it was SO soft!!  You did an incredible job making it and it is everything you promised and MORE!  It was perfect when I used it to take Wiley for a walk last night, so comfortable in my hand, very light weight, rolled up in my hand nicely when I wanted it shorter, the perfect length when he wanted to walk completely around the garbage cans at the end of the driveways to find just the right spot to pee!!!   I can’t say enough good things about you and the leash!  Thank you so very much.

Pam W.

Hey there-Just a quick note to express how much I appreciate the quality lead I purchased.  Awesome quality and craftsmanship, handmade in America and the design is fantastic.  I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and it’s rare that i find a product that I wouldn’t change to some extent. your working dog lead met my expectations in every way. Thanks so much.  I’ll certainly be purchasing from you again in the future and have shown several friends how great this lead is. Cheers.


I am impressed with the quality of my Bold Lead Designs dog lead. Quality leather and workmanship—and prompt order fulfillment. I am now a loyal customer.


This leash is fantastic, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in a leather lead. The quality is excellent, it is comfortable to hold (even when the dog pulls), and I love how it looks. Great buy, will definitely purchase from again. Thanks!


This lead is wonderful. I use this so much as it gives me complete control of my dog when I don’t want him to have anymore length than what this lead provides. It is an excellent tie up also when he needs to be confined to small spaces. This lead I use all the time when I take him out to restaurants, etc. It is perfect.


Great seller! The leash is fantastic – I could never go back to a ‘normal’ one now. I love the versatility & ease of switching between the different styles. Great quality as well. Seller also went out of her way to help make the leash even better. I was very hesitant to initially due to the price, but the quality of this leash made it basically a lifetime investment & ended up being totally worth it!

Your leads are the only ones I ever use. the only problem is they never wear out! Mine are soft and flexible and just the way I like them. They are so kind to your hands compared to those nylon leads.


This is a really nice lead, the best I’ve owned, period. Thanks again.


I’ve purchased three of these [Quick Release Collars]. . . and they are amazing quality. I love how the brown darkens with age and all three just get softer with age. They hold up to our dogs rough and tumble behavior whether on walks or just playing around the house. I’m already making plans to buy a fourth when our newest addition is done growing, it’s become a rite of passage in this household. I have gotten a large quantity of compliments on the beauty and quality of these collars and I always recommend these collars. I fully expect these colors to last the life time of our dogs and any future dog will get their own BLD collar!

Lisa Rose

We just received Lizzie’s new collar today!  We wanted to take a pic of her to send you but since she is a golden retriever, it is covered up by her hair!  It is such high quality and great design!  Plus you gave us such amazingly quick service! We look forward to her wearing it for many years unless she decides to grow a little and we might have to order a larger size.

Carol M.

In thirty years of dogs I have never come across such a well-made martingale collar. It’s difficult to find them in leather, much less good quality leather with brass fittings. The adjustable buckle is perfect for my still-growing pup. No rough edges, nothing to break, corrode, or pull hair. I plan to buy another one for my other dog. Excellent!


I have had dogs in my life for over forty years and I have never seen a better dog collar than the one I bought here.People keep asking me where I got it.

Jeff M. / Canada

Thanks so much Katrina. Everything is beautiful, and the collars fit perfectly without any adjustment. Your attention to detail is so rare these days, and is appreciated.

I am very pleased with this collar. I love the look, the quality of the leather, and the clip that connects to the chain. I think it’s a great idea. I’ve been looking for an elegant collar for my sheltie for months and am very pleased with this one.


This collar is extremely well made, impressive in both quality and appearance. My dog couldn’t be happier with it. We threw away her old beat up one with glee! ;)


Hi Katrina! I love the collar I received! I can’t believe how well made the quick release metal clasp is. And the leather is going to be tough, too. Just lovely, good quality work. Thank you!


Just as described. Great quality leather. Great quality hardware. Overall, great buy!

Lauren T.

Very necessary item with an 8 month old in the house who occasionally needs interruption. Great craftsmanship and top-notch leather, Bold Lead Designs is definitely my source for dog gear!


I’d been looking for a loop tab (rather than the more common knot) without luck, and was about to cut and refashion one of my leashes, when I found this shop. These tabs are much nicer quality than I expected to find anywhere, and at such a great price! I’m very pleased. Great seller.


Love, love, love this infinity lead!!! Both our Bouvier and Black Russian Terrier are soooo “reformed” in their walking since we bought the leads last year. Best tool on the market for leash reactive doggies. Great job, Bold Lead Designs!!!


Billy and I love our Infinity Lead! It’s soft and doesn’t rub on his nose like the Halti did and it facilitates better communication between us so he knows how fast or slow to move while working with me in his BLD [Mobility Support Harness].

Kit & Billy

We were a little early to BLD but Josh took over for Katrina until she arrived. Both were very nice and kind. They helped us settle in quickly. I greatly appreciate their expertise and help while selecting the best tool options for us. A plus was also that they were nice to my 2 year old child when she used the store to explore her options ;-) One can tell they really care about their clients and their individual needs.


Just wanted to say thanks again for the great customer service and leashes. Our Multi_Purpose K9s are doing great and we are using the leash applications  in our training. Josh has been great with our clients whom have called to order and they have been sent right out. We our now recommending all K9s in our training program be handled with your 8-Way Leash. Thank Again.

Multi-Purpose K9 Training

My experiences working with Katrina have been superb. . .The single characteristic, unique to Bold Lead Designs, which exceeds the quality of craftsmanship is the quality of service; Katrina does not treat her clients as business customers. She makes each purchasing experience personal and friendly, leaving her buyers with a sense of care that is absent in most other businesses.
I will remain a loyal customer of Bold Lead Designs as long as I have dogs to buy equipment for!


Hi Katrina! I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new leash!! It’s exactly what I wanted and hoped for and is the perfect size and width for my dog. Thank you for answering all my questions and being a great seller! I will definitely recommend this leash to all my friends! Best Wishes.


It was so great to shop with Bold Lead Designs! She was so patient with me when I got the leash and wanted a size larger — and exchanged it without charge! The leash is the absolute best quality and keeps getting better with time, especially great since it certainly gets it’s use. I will definitely buy future items here.


Wonderful! The one that Katrina chose to send us based on the input we gave her was EXACTLY what we were looking for. You can’t beat the customer service or quality of product you get from Bold Lead Designs.


This is the second purchase I have made from Bold Lead Designs…and I could not be happier with the quality of the leashes, the timely communication, and the overall experience of doing business with Katrina. I will definitely recommend this shop and your products!

Superior service. I had ten million questions and each one was answered with patience and a smile! The most versatile leash I’ve ever experienced.


Amazing quality. Exactly what I was looking for! Will definitely shop again and recommend to friends! 


I’m so so happy to have found you! I think I have not have such a helpful and easy maker to deal with as you!


Katrina, My replacement leash came today. Thank you. I am very impressed by the service your company provides. I am very grateful that the mistake was corrected so quickly. If I wasn’t a loyal customer before, I definitely am now. Thanks again!


You can always count on the craftsmanship you will get from Bold Lead Designs. I recommend them to all my Training clients. I have been recommending them for years and have ALWAYS received great products from them. Great company, Great products!!!!

Gina / Clearwater Dog Training

Great quality products, fast shipping, and awesome customer service in paying attention to detail. All (and more) stick figures I asked for in my order were received. I can see all of the products, even though lightly used so far, are high quality and BLD takes care of the dog as well as the owner.

Miller T.

Hi Katrina,The quad leash you gave us for my current client with quadriplegia works beautifully!!!  David is now able to take his service dog, Ruby, out for independent walks, something he was not able to do on his own with his last service dog.  … Very cool!!  The middle ring sticking out to the side works very well. Take good care.

Barb, David & Ruby

After explaining what I was looking for and what concerns I had regarding a leash for my son’s service dog, Katrina suggested we try this one (Service Dog Lead). It is great! He used it with his dog practicing heeling around the house/yard, then he used it when he took his dog with him to an ANGELS baseball game yesterday! My son looped it over his belt and the dog heeled beautifully with this leash. Perfect length and versatility. We definitely suggest you go to bold lead designs for all your leash and accessory needs! You will be more than satisfied with the products and service.


A custom leash that I ordered arrived today. I just wanted to let you know how thrilled with it I am. It’s such a beautiful, well-made product. The quality reminds me of very nice horse tack. I look forward to using it for many years.
Additionally, I’m very happy with the locking jaw snap (thoughtfully recommended by an employee) as a solution to prevent my dog from flinging off traditional bolt snaps whenever she shakes. The snap is very easy to open and close, but super secure. My solution until now has been using a leash with two bolt snaps, so she’s still attached if one shakes off. I’m happy to start walking her knowing that she will stay on the leash no matter what, and I can stop checking to make sure both bolt snaps are attached *every single time she shakes*.
I look forward to ordering a new collar to match the fabulous leash, very soon!


I love my easy grip lead. It is beautiful and the shop owner was very responsive to my questions and requests. Thank You!