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1000’s: Connected Control Harnesses
Item # Material Color Hardware Color Size Material Width Other notes Condition $
1000 Golden Tan Bridle Leather Brass Medium (fits girth28-32″) 3/4″ Does not come with shearling pad on top of harness Shows signs of use including marks on leather where buckle has been adjusted 75
1001 Golden Tan Bridle Leather Brass Medium (fits girth28-32″) 3/4″ Shows signs of use including marks on leather where buckle has been adjusted 75
1002 Brahma – Purple Silver/SS Custom Size (fits 41-49″ girth) 1″ Like new 75

Bold Lead Designs has perfected the no-pull, front-clip walking harness making the Connected Control™ Harness (CCH) the only leather harness of its kind. This beautiful dual-connection or two-point harness allows for leash connection from the FRONT or BACK of your dog’s body. The front connection on the dog’s chest discourages pulling by gently re-directing the dog’s movement back around toward you. The back connection at the top of the shoulders is great for slowing/controlling your dog’s body position or restraining (if needed). Both points can be used together with a double ended leash!

At a glance:

  • Pain free, force free, humane, and effective for training
  • Facilitates communication with your dog
  • Redirects unwanted pulling and offers directional cues
  • No pressure on throat and does not restrict head
  • Leash clips to the front, back, or both!
  • Does not tighten or pinch
  • Durable to restrain even the strongest dog
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Easy to put on and take off with metal Quick-Release buckles
  • Made with premium American leather and quality hardware

Design Features:

Humane & Functional Design: This body harness does not restrain the dog’s head or face. There is no pressure on the dog’s throat which eliminates choking and neck strain. The Y-shaped breast collar does not restrict the dog’s shoulder blades, which allows for full range of movement and minimizes shoulder strain. 

Adjustable & Easy to Use:  This harness has 5 adjustment points to assure a perfect fit for your dog’s individual body! Adjustments can be made around the shoulders, girth/chest, and between the front legs. Initial fit adjustments can take a little time, but once it’s fit to your dog properly, the harness is very easy to use. Each harness is made with durable metal Quick-Release buckles, which are easy to operate and are excellent for those with limited strength or dexterity.

Comfortable: Our soft and durable leather is gentle on the dog’s coat, and doesn’t irritate or damage fur like nylon straps can. For your dog’s comfort, the edges of all straps are beveled, plus it’s designed to keep the hardware away from the dog’s elbows to prevent irritation. Harness comes with a FREE sheepskin pad for the top to keep your dog comfortable. Optional sheepskin padding for chest straps is available separately for extra comfort if desired. This harness is also available in our vegan Brahma Soft-grip material, which is waterproof and extra durable. See the Material & Hardware Options tab for more information. 

Note: This is not a pulling harness. It should not be used for weight pulling, cart pulling, wheelchair pulling, skijoring, tracking, balance, etc. This harness is not intended as a seat belt restraint and it has not been tested for this purpose.

A Harness with a Story:

Fantastic for BLIND or DEAF dogs! This harness facilitates communication and directional cues so it is perfect for special needs dogs that require some guidance. In fact, this harness was developed with and first tested on the owner’s blind dog Cora, the shepherd mix in the photos.

“Cora lost her vision at 9 years old and struggled to walk on a leash because she couldn’t figure out where or how fast her person was going! She weaved, alternated between plowing ahead and lagging behind, and ran into objects on her daily walk which caused confusion. In her new harness, Cora immediately appreciated the close-contact and communication that the two attachment points provided, and walks smoothly and easily now. It is easy to direct and guide her with very light pressure, almost like reins on a horse. Slight tension is kept on both ends of the leash which allows her to feel exactly where her human is and what direction to go. I would recommend this for dogs that are blind, deaf, or that have other neurological or behavioral issues that would benefit from improved contact and cues from their handler.” –Katrina Boldry


This is a very sturdy harness for dogs 50 pounds and up

Please measure your dog’s girth, which is behind the front legs around the deepest part of the chest. We recommend using a fabric measuring tape or a piece of string. Always measure before ordering to ensure a proper fit and measure 3 times for accuracy! Weight and breeds are listed for reference, but do not replace the importance of measuring.


  • Small: DISCONTINUED – due to the substantial nature of the straps and hardware, this harness is too heavy/bulky for smaller dogs
  • Medium: LEATHER ONLY – girth/chest size of 28-32" (71-81 cm); dogs approximately 50-70 pounds

Suggested breeds: Aussie, Small Lab or Golden Retriever, Husky, large Pit Bull, large Standard Poodle, Malinois, Weimeriners

  • Med/Large for deep chested dogs: LEATHER ONLY – girth/chest size of 32-35" (81-90 cm); dogs approximately 60-80 pounds

Suggested breeds: large and tall Retrievers, larger Weimeriner, smaller German Shepherd or Doberman

  • Large: girth/chest size of 32-35" (81-90 cm); dogs approximately 80-110 pounds

Suggested breeds: Large German Shepherd, Doberman, Am. Staffordshire

  • Extra Large: girth/chest size of 36-40" (91-102 cm); dogs approximately 110-140 pounds

Suggested breeds: Great Dane, Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog, Newfoundland

If your dog is between sizes, size down.

If your dog is young and growing, consider selecting one size larger than his current measurement. Please realize that a harness that fits a 4 month old puppy will probably not adjust large enough for when he’s full grown.

Accessories: available separately:

    • Leads: This harness can be used with any double-ended leash, but we've designed the Two Point Leash especially for this harness! Check out our special leather Two Point Leash.
    • Sheepskin Padding: We found an American company to make beautiful, soft sheepskin wraps to enhance the comfort of this harness. Check out our Sheepskin Padding Wraps here.

Premium Leather:

Leather care is easy! Don’t worry too much, and don’t be afraid to use your items — we promise leather is incredibly resilient, and regular weather won’t hurt it. If you think your item looks dirty, dry, or just need a little extra love, pouring a little leather conditioner on a cloth, and rubbing it in like lotion will usually do the trick. Baths and a jaunt in the river are just fine, but you might want to offer a little conditioner to your products afterwards. Saltwater can be harsh, so after a visit to the ocean, a good rinse in fresh water and proper conditioning will help preserve and protect your treasured leash or collar. See our Leather Care page for more specific information.

Brahma Soft-Grip—a vegan leather alternative:

Brahma Soft-Grip is constructed with webbing on the inside and a durable, non-tacky PVC coating on the outside. Easy to care for: just wipe clean with soap and water. Brahma is always assembled with screw posts for durability. This material is heavier than leather (in a comparable width), and does not soften over time the way leather does. Black is the most popular color for wheelchair leashes, but assorted bright and classic colors are also available. Just ask for available color choices!

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