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Neon Camo Brahma Hands-Free Multi-Way Dog Lead

  • Waterproof, stink-free, soft-grip material with digital camouflage pattern
  • 7 Feet long 
  • 3/4″ wide (19.5 mm) and heavy duty
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Double-ended leash has a bolt snap on each end
  • O-rings are perfectly positioned to allow many configurations
  • Built-in slip-collar option
  • Hands-free options
    • over-the-shoulder
    • around the waist (adjusts to any size!)
  • Perfect for hunting, training, working, and everyday walks
  • Best for large breed dogs
  • BPA and Phthalate FREE waterproof vegan material
  • Proudly American made in BLD’s own workshop!
  • Lifetime Warranty

Special offer on a limited supply of this awesome leash material!



About the material:

Brahma Soft-Grip is a man-made leather alternative. This all-weather dog leash can take a beating through brush, creeks, muck, and saltwater. It won’t give you rope burn or absorb dirt/moisture like rope or nylon leads. Stainless steel bolt snaps and O-rings complete this super durable and highly functional leash.

Camo patterned Brahma Soft-Grip is constructed with printed nylon webbing on the inside and a durable, satin-finish non-tacky PVC coating on the outside (BPA and phthalate-free). One side has a digital camo pattern, the backside is solid color webbing. The leash material is slightly translucent due to the nifty clear coating.

About the design:

Once you try a multi-functional dog leash, you may never go back to an ordinary leash again! Inspired by European working and hunting dog leashes (often called a “Euro Lead” or “Jager Lead”) this one leash can configure into a dozen positions. Seriously. It’s fantastic.

  1. 7 feet long dog leash with a regular handle loop (about 2 meters)
  2. 6 feet long dog leash with a quick-grab handle at the dog-end
  3. 5 feet long when shortened to the middle position (1.5 meters)
  4. City leash length – about 44 inches, with a convenient quick-grab traffic handle by the dog
  5. Wear hands-free over the shoulder – about 5 feet from shoulder to the dog
  6. Wear hands-free as a waist leash (adjustable to fit any body!)
  7. Wear as a belt leash, with a convenient quick-grab handle by the dog
  8. Tie-up by clipping the leash around a post
  9. Dual connection #1 – one end on a regular collar, one end on a training collar or halter
  10. Dual connection #3 – for two-point harnesses, clip one end of leash to dog’s chest, one to dog’s back
  11. Dual connection #4 – walk two dogs
  12. All-in-one leash and collar – clip to the loose ring to form a slip-collar. Great for emergencies, or as a convenient grab-and-go leash.

Approximately 86 inches overall includes the bolt snaps (218 cm). Loose ring on “dog end” to make a slip-collar. Large stationary O-ring one third of the way up the leash. Bolt snap on loop handle for adjusting the length, to make a tie-up, to wear hands-free, or to use for dual-connection. Adjustable ring fob toward the handle end to use as a waist leash.

Low Maintenance: Just rinse it off. Wash with ordinary dish soap and water as needed.



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