Sheepskin Wraps – Harness Strap Cover Kit

Add extra comfort to your dog’s walking harness with this 3 piece Sheepskin Wrap Kit! The sheepskin covers prevent rubbing, add cushion, and increase comfort.

Specially designed for BLD’s Connected Control Harness (CCH), but is also great for other brand nylon no-pull harnesses too (Easy Walk, Freedom, etc.). Especially useful on nylon harnesses that have a tendency to rub the dog’s armpits and for dogs that are sensitive to gear. Available in Tan or Black.

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Handcrafted in Arizona, USA.

Please note, due to supply issues we do not have an estimate as to when these will be available again in the future, we apologize for the inconvenience. 



We’ve created specific sizes of wraps to compliment your favorite BLD products:

Three (3) piece set includes:

  1. Girth strap pad for left elbow
  2. Girth strap pad for right elbow
  3. Chest pad for between the front legs

Select the SIZE based on the size of your BLD CCH harness:

  • S/M: Fits 3/4″ wide straps (Medium, Medium/Large, & Large leather Connected Control Harnesses). Girth Pads are 4.5″ long.
  • L/XL: Fits 1″ wide straps (Medium/Large, Large, & XL Connected Control Harnesses). Girth Pads are 6″ long. OUT OF STOCK

Handcrafted by Just Merino Sheepskin in Arizona, these are the softest, most luxurious, cushy-feeling sheepskin wraps we’ve found! Each wrap is silky-soft genuine merino wool (imported from Australia) on a suede-like leather hide with Velcro strips that allow them to be wrapped around virtually any item you’d like. This makes them perfect for adding extra comfort to your BLD gear!

The manufacturer states: “We hand-trace and hand-cut each cover from Real Sheepskin hide. The natural leather backing ‘grips’ straps to minimize slipping or sliding around.”

Caring for your sheepskin wraps:

Hand wash as needed according to manufacturer’s instructions: Brush or vacuum wool to fluff and to clean. Hand wash. Use clear glycerin soap and cool water. Air dry indoors.

Not covered by BLD’s lifetime guarantee, as we don’t make them.

Due to the natural material, texture, thickness, and color may vary.

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1 review for Sheepskin Wraps – Harness Strap Cover Kit

  1. J0ldham

    I had purchased a single sheepskin wrap for use on a leather lead grip. Quality product and holds up extremely well.

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