Shackle Snap – quick-release panic snap for dog leash

Shackle Snap

BLD’s exclusive tactical style, super secure, quick-release panic snap is designed to be the safest swivel snap option for working K-9s and dog sports, it releases in an instant by pulling the tab.

This snap will hold tight when you need it the most, yet can be instantly released under load. Excellent for Shuzhund, police work, tracking, hunting, lure coursing, or other situations requiring instant release, even when the dog is pulling hard on the leash.

This snap is designed and made exclusively for BLD! Inspired by marine hardware and the old school German locking snaps that are no longer available, we’ve custom fabricated a swivel version with working dogs in mind. This thing is designed to hold boat rigging–it’s super strong! It’s no match for even the strongest, burliest dogs that somehow manage to wrangle themselves out of regular leash hardware.  Made from marine grade stainless steel, with a pull-tab to activate the release mechanism. Please Note: Only available in Stainless Steel (silver).  When adding to a new leash order, leash will be made with all silver colored hardware to match. 

Hardware only. No leash included. (You may upgrade from standard hardware on the “dog end” of a NEW LEASH ORDER). Bulk orders: save 15-20% when you order 6 or more identical snaps (price will calculate in the shopping cart).

Need More? Save more!

Quantity Price % Discount
1 - 5 $16.00$18.50 -
6 - 11 $13.60$15.73 15%
12+ $12.80$14.80 20%



Swivel Shackle Snap is approx. 2 3/4″ long (7 cm). It’s remarkably light and elegant for it’s strength and reliability. Fits 3/4″ and 1″ wide leather or webbing. Not recommended for narrower widths, or for very small dogs.

There is also a choice for the material used for the pull-tab. We recommend a matching leather pull tab on leather leashes, and a nifty black plastic pull tab (resembling a zipper pull) on Brahma Leads.

This snap is easy to release, but does require quite a strong pull on the tab at a specific angle. This is to prevent it releasing by accident (such as if the dog is running through brush). A note to our disabled friends: this requires good dexterity to operate.

Caution! The leash will snap back once released if there is pressure on the leash. Always use the pull tab to release the shackle snap; using the O-ring attached to the shackle snap may result in injury.  Keep well away from face.   Before using in the field, we strongly suggest some practice to familiarize yourself with the motion required and the way the shackle releases.

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1 review for Shackle Snap – quick-release panic snap for dog leash

  1. Shawn Booths

    The leather pull tab is much shorter then pictured on the website. Making it difficult to pull to release the snap, not worth the money for $18.00.


      Sorry about that, Shawn! We absolutely sent those shackle snaps with pull tabs that were too short. We hope the replacements, with the correct pull tab length, works better for you! Thank you for bringing this to our attention and giving us the opportunity to get this taken care of for you!

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