Replacement Belly Strap (MSH or BAH)

Our harnesses are designed with replaceable parts. This is a replacement rear belly strap.

Custom made to order! Allow 5-7 business days for creation. 



If available, we would like to update your harness file.


Why have our prices changed?


Replacement belly strap for Mobility Support or Balance Assistance harness. 1 1/4″ wide leather strap tapers to 3/4″ for buckles. Made from our soft, flexible leather and has shearling sheepskin padding sewn into the leather. Custom made to order.

How to measure for the new strap:

Option #1: Strap Measure
Take your “old” strap off the harness, lay it flat, and measure the LEATHER from the buckle to the hole that fits (excluding the buckle).


Option #2: Dog’s Belly Measurement
Re-measure your dog’s belly (from behind the withers, around behind the rib cage, at a diagonal–just like where the strap fits on the dog). Measure snugly, following the measurement instructions for your harness.

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1 review for Replacement Belly Strap (MSH or BAH)

  1. Benjamin Eckert (verified owner)

    Had to get a new belly strap for my service dog Athena. I had another service dog but had to retire him due to falling issues. He was a lot bigger than Athena so had to go down a size for the belly strap to fit. We got the new belly strap and fits wonderful. These harnesses and the equipment on them are superb. Very good quality!

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