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The Perfect Pace™ is a simple no-pull training tool offering effective and gentle control
to instantly stop your dog’s bad habits. Walk in Perfect Pace with your dog.

Assorted old style, gently used and returned, imperfect, and/or discontinued colors of Perfect Pace are marked down to rock bottom prices. This is your chance to try this great product, share it with friends, or stock up! Dog rescues, shelters, professional trainers, and dog lovers world-wide love the Perfect Pace for challenging dogs that have not responded well to other types of training tools.

The Perfect Pace™ No-Pull Dog Halter comes in two styles:

  1. Dog Halter only can be used with your own leash, choose the size that fits your dog
  2. Halter Leash is an all-in-one, one-size-fits-all halter and leash combination

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For full descriptions of products, click on the relevant product page:
Perfect Pace Dog Halter (use with your own leash)
Perfect Pace Halter Leash (all-in-one)

*Sizing for Halter Leash:

The all-in-one version self-adjusts to fit almost any dog! There’s no need to size the halter portion to fit the dog. Regular size allows about a 4 feet of leash on an an average 50 pound dog. Long size allows about 6 feet of leash on an an average 50 pound dog. The bigger the dog’s head is, the shorter the leash will be.

*Sizing for HALTER only:

Measure upper neck snugly behind the head.

Small/Medium 20-60 pounds, up to 14” neck;. SOLD OUT
Large 60-100 pounds, up to 18” neck; Shepherds, Rottweilers, most Retrievers, etc.  SOLD OUT
X-Large 100-140 pounds, up to 22” neck; Danes, Mastiffs, etc.

If in doubt, size up. If your dog has a really long head, consider the next size up. There will be at least several inches of slack between your dog’s head and the leash snap. A larger size will fit smaller dogs; there will be just more slack between your dog’s head and the leash snap.

*NOT for dogs under 20 lbs, dogs with short/flat muzzles, or breathing problems, such as pugs, bulldogs, and boxers.

Woven Material 

  • The soft woven version is made from a lightweight yet strong tube-like material with no hard edges, it is 3/8″ wide
  • new style has a cord-lock adjustment
  • old style has a leather fob that may loosen over time


  • Leather is sturdier and more durable! Our flexible leather is the best quality you’ll find anywhere. The edges are beveled for a smooth feel.
  • Choose golden TAN bridle leather (that darkens with use and age) with solid brass hardware (gold color)
  • Or choose BLACK latigo leather with chromed solid brass/stainless hardware (silver color)
  • Small/medium and large sizes come in 3/8″ width leather. Large and XL sizes come in WIDE 1/2″ width leather.

About the Perfect Pace Products

  • Head Collar Training Aid (head harness)
  • Stops pulling & lunging
  • Simple, gentle, instant control from behind the head
  • Encourages calmness and attention
  • Self-adjusting & easy to use
  • Comfortable, lightweight, effective (on most dogs)
  • Safety cord included! (attaches from halter to dog’s regular collar)
  • Made in the USA

The Perfect Pace is a halter/head collar designed to stop your dog from pulling and lunging on the leash. The comfortable figure-eight design fits around your dog’s upper neck and snout, crisscrossing under the chin. The lead comes off the top of the neck, eliminating pressure on the throat. It does not pull the dog’s face to the side or irritate the eyes. Lightweight construction is strong yet comfortable for your dog and your hands.

A shorter, lightweight leash is recommended for use with halters.

*NOT for dogs under 20 lbs.
Recommended for medium and larger breeds (over 20 lbs.) due to the way pressure is applied.

*Do NOT use on brachycephalic dogs with short/flat muzzles (such as pugs, bulldogs, and boxers),
on dogs prone to breathing problems, with soft or narrow tracheas or similar medical conditions
(brachycephalic breeds are more prone): consult your veterinarian if you have questions or concerns.

Please read and follow the instructions and reminders in the package before using this product.
Remember that no training device works on every dog. Any tool is only as good as the hands that use it.

Additional information

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Dimensions 11 × 9 × 1 in



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