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  • Custom made leather harness
  • Rigid metal Support Handle provides vertical stability support
  • Rigid support handle is adjustable and folds down
  • Secure support with no slipping or shifting
  • Excellent communication between dog and partner
  • Proper weight distribution for dog’s anatomy–does not pinch or rub
  • Lightweight, comfortable, flexible
  • Easy to put on and take off with quick release clasps
  • Custom made to fit both you & your dog
  • Guaranteed fit and lifetime customer support
  • This harness is simply the best balance/mobility/support harness available!

See and print our Booklet of Complete Harness Info with updated options!
Measuring information can be found here: Measuring Instructions
See the harness in action: Watch service dog harness videos
Questions? Call 303-856-3012.

Turnaround Time: Harnesses take 4 weeks to complete and are built to your specifications.

  • Contact us if you need it faster; subject to availability with a rush fee. Sorry, rush options are not an available at this time
  • 3 week RUSH: add 10%; 2 week RUSH:add 15%

Shipping price includes insurance and tracking via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days in USA). Yes, we ship WORLDWIDE! (via USPS or DHL)

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Choose from these options to customize the harness to meet your needs. Must be selected when order is placed, as these are built into the harness.


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The BLD Mobility Support Harness™ (MSH)

BLD’s specialty service dog harness is designed to provide balance and stability support for people with balance or mobility impairments, as well as for anyone needing good communication and contact with their service dog. We have designed this harness with the dog’s physical structure and movement in mind, and then added features to make it user-friendly and truly accessible. This is the most stable, ergonomic and functional service dog harness available!

Guided by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon, canine sports medicine experts, and canine physical therapists, BLD’s unique harness design allows the dog to move, breathe, and work with minimal impact from the equipment. Weight and pressure are properly distributed across the dog’s body for optimal performance of physical assistance tasks. Similar to a horse saddle, this harness sits just behind the withers (or shoulders), around the dog’s center of gravity. When fitted properly, this harness does not wobble, shift, pinch or rub the dog. It is lightweight, sturdy, and very comfortable.

BLD’s innovative harness design has benefited thousands of people around the world since 2009.

Every harness is custom made by hand in our own Colorado workshop. A variety of handle options are available. Crafting each harness to order is how we are able to provide the right fit for the dog, while meeting the user’s individual needs.

Proper fit is assured by our Great Fit Guarantee. Our famous Lifetime Warranty, plus BLD’s excellent customer support, is standard with everything we make in our workshop. See details on p.18 or on our website.

You may order online, call, email, or make an appointment to visit our workshop to order. Our friendly team is here to help with any questions you have before, during, and after placing your order. Our harness experts will review all the details to help you get the equipment you need and to ensure the best fit possible. And yes, we ship worldwide.

Please allow 4 weeks for completion. Sorry, rush options are not available at this time.


Mobility Support Harness (MSH): rigid metal support handle

Who is it for?

The MSH can be a good option for people with balance impairment, disequilibrium, neurological conditions, MS, Parkinson’s, or other conditions where light to moderate contact, with a rigid vertical handle, can assist with orientation and/or balance support. This harness can provide light bracing while the dog is standing.

An additional handle can be added to allow the MSH to assist with momentum, gait stabilization, leading, and counterbalance support while in motion.

  •  Rigid metal Support Handle made from lightweight, high grade aluminum
  • Provides vertical stability support and can be used for occasional light bracing
  • Handle support is designed with low center of gravity to distribute pressure around the dog’s core
  • Handle folds down to allow dogs into tight spaces, in vehicles, or under tables
  • Support bars mounted to the harness saddle are permanent and will not loosen over time
  • Padded handle grip is comfortable and easy to clean
  • Reflective tape on sides of handlebar for night-time visibility
  • Add a guide or pulling handle if additional functionality is desired
  • The MSH is only for dogs over 60 pounds that are large and strong enough for this physically demanding task

NOTE: Rigid support handles are not meant to be leaned on for constant support, to pull on, or use for momentum while walking. Heavy pressure should not be applied to the metal handle, especially while the dog is in motion; not recommended for those with ataxia.

Dog friendly features:

  • Harnesses are custom made to fit your dog’s measurements and conform to your dog’s anatomy
  • Great Fit Guarantee
    • Fit adjustment at no charge, if necessary, within 4 weeks of delivery (shipping charges may apply if incorrect measurements were provided)
    • Lifetime Warranty on materials and workmanship. See details on p. 18
  • Allows dog freedom of movement & distribution of weight/pressure around the core of the dog’s body
  • Flexes with movement yet does not shift or wobble when fitted properly
  • Lightweight despite its sturdy nature!
    • Complete harness weighs only 2.5 lb. (1 KG) for standard size, and around 3 pounds for giant size
  • Adjustable Straps
    • All straps have several inches of adjustment to fine-tune the fit
    • Straps are replaceable and can be re-fit to another dog of similar size (saddle size stays the same)
  • Layers of specialized padding for dog’s comfort
    • No hard edges or direct contact with irritating synthetic materials
    • Saddle is made with layers of neoprene padding inside to protect the spine and distribute pressure properly
  • Natural shearling wool (genuine sheepskin)
    • Sheepskin lining on saddle breastplate, girth, and belly straps provide proper cushion to prevent pinching or rubbing, as well as optimal structural support for the function of the harness
  • Suitable for all climates due to the natural material’s breathability, resilience, and durability
    • Does not get hot or retain heat like synthetic materials (not recommended for swimming)

People friendly features:

  • Premium quality top grain leather and durable hardware combined with fine workmanship for a lifetime of reliable performance
  • Our harnesses are designed to offer optimal balance support and stability
  • A variety of handle options are available to meet your needs
    • Handles are made to your desired height, are well-balanced and properly supported for maximum stability assistance
    • Additional handles, such as pulling and guide, are available to add more functionality
  • Quick-Release buckles make it easy to put on and take off the dog—simply click together two easy-to-use latches;  harness remains adjusted when removed
  • D-rings for attaching accessories, such as a cape, pouch, ID badges, pulling strap, etc.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, details available on our website and in Owner’s Manual
    • Simply apply leather conditioner regularly to keep harness supple and weather resistant
    • Clean the wool lining with a brush and vacuum
    • Can be hand washed as needed
  • Excellent customer support
  • Comprehensive Owner’s Manual is included with each harness
    • Harness will arrive with detailed instructions for fitting, use and care of the equipment, and warranty information for your reference

Choose harness size: select one

Standard MSH $475
For most dogs 60-95 pounds, with a girth size of 26-34 inches (best choice for most retrievers and doodles). NOT available for dogs under 60 pounds.

Extra Large MSH $500
For most dogs 90-150 pounds, with a girth size of 33-40 inches (also recommended for deep-chested breeds such as GSD’s and Dobermans weighing 85 pounds or more, and any dog over 100 pounds such as Rottweilers, Great Danes, Newfoundlands, etc.)

Giant size MSH $575
For dogs 140-200 pounds, with a girth size over 40 inches (best choice for larger Great Danes, Mastiffs, etc). Tall handle over 8” is not available.

Harness color:

  • Black: Solid black latigo leather is our default standard offering. This leather wears beautifully over time, does not fade, and hides the appearance of scuffs and scratches
  • London Tan (add $20): Gorgeous vegetable tanned Bridle leather! Color and shades will vary; each part of harness may be a different shade. Tan leather naturally appears rustic and may show scuffs and wear over time; color may darken with use over time.

All straps are made to fit your dog’s actual measurements. Please be sure your dog is of appropriate age, size and soundness for the work you are asking him to perform*.
Need help with sizing? Don’t worry. Just ask. We‘ll take a look at your dog’s measurements/breed/weight to be sure you get a perfect fit.

Support Handle Height (rigid handle): 

Height is the distance between the top of the harness saddle and the top of the handlebar. Support Handle adjustment range is approximate; exact dimensions depend on the harness size and dog’s width.

  • 2-4″
  • 3-6″
  • 6.5-8.5″
  • 9-11″ TALL* (add $30)
    • TALL option includes heavier gauge metal and upgraded support bars on saddle. *Applies more torque and pressure to dog than shorter handles. Not recommended for most users or for any dog smaller than our recommended size. Consider the BAH if tall handle is required.

Note: Handles 6″ or lower will be the most stable, lowest impact, and are ideal for mobility work. 

Available Options for the BLD MSH:

Choose from these options to customize the harness to meet your needs. Must be selected when order is placed, as these options are built into the harness.

Support Handle Grip Style:

Straight Grip
Standard handle grip is ambidextrous. Your hand and elbow will be poisoned directly over the dog’s body, with your palm facing back.

Ergonomic Grip (add $50) Highly recommended!
Z-shaped handle grip allows for more natural hand and arm position. Allows your arm and elbow to relax in toward your body, while your hand remains centered over the dog. Ergo grip is comfortable and balanced for most people, especially those with hand/wrist/shoulder mobility issues.

ALL support handles fold down!

Handle folding mechanism is engaged by pulling two small pegs—one on each side of the handlebar.

Standard release pegs
Standard release pegs are a small metal knob (dime sized). Can be operated together or independently when locking mechanism is engaged.

Pull-Rings* (add $25) Highly recommended for weak hands or one-hand operation.
For people with limited dexterity who have trouble grasping a small peg, pull-rings can be added to make it easier to operate the handle folding mechanism. Includes nifty InfiniKey extenders for convenience.
*Must be ordered with harness if needed, cannot be added later. 

MSH additional handle options: select one

Customize your MSH harness for pulling, leading, forward momentum, and guiding; several handle styles to choose from. Remember, the metal support handle is for vertical pressure and very light bracing only!

These additional handle options can be made to ANY height/length: longer, or shorter than the metal Support Handle. We recommend having it made 1 inch shorter than your metal Support Handle, unless you specify otherwise to meet your needs.

  • NONE (rigid metal handle only, no pulling or leading is needed)
  • Basic Pull-Strap (add $25) Perfect for getting up from a seated position. This simple single layered leather strap clips onto the standard d-rings on the back of the harness. Adjustable length, makes a 3-6” handle. (Not built into the harness, can be added anytime.)

 Support Pull Handle:  NEW option! Highly recommended! Allows for heavier pulling, momentum, and counterbalancing needs. Mounts lower on the harness for optimal pulling pressure distributionSupport D-Rings are added to the base of the handle support bar, handle attaches with spring snap clips. “Mouse ear” loops keep the handle in position at a slight angle back. This handle drops a bit when you let go of it, has a looser feel, but is best for those who need moderate gait stabilization or a sturdy momentum pull. Available as a flexible handle, or semi-rigid which is reinforced for a sturdier feel.

  • Flexible Support Pull Handle (add $50) 
  • Semi-Rigid Support Pull Handle (add $80)

Leather Guide Handle: Allows for are for light-duty leading or momentum. This sturdy handle offers excellent communication and directional feedback. Attaches to the front edge of the harness, and angles back behind metal support handle for proper leading or momentum contact. Includes quick-release buckles mounted to the front portion of the harness saddle, and Velcro stabilizers (not easily removable). Available as a flexible handle, or semi-rigid which is reinforced for a sturdier feel.

  • Flexible Leather Guide Handle (add $50)
  • Semi-Rigid Leather Guide Handle (add $80)
  • Guide Handle Mounts ONLY (add $15) Easily attach a Guide Handle in the future

A brace strap may be added to support pull or guide handles to stabilize the handle loop, depending on the height/length of your handle.

Accessories (available separately):

  • Extra set of bolts: $6 *Highly recommended!
    Removable bolts hold the handle onto the harness. Keep a spare bolt handy at all times, just in case.
    (Your harness will come with a full set of bolts that include a pair of round caps and a pair of wing caps.)
  • Cape/Vest:  specifically designed to be compatible with your harness! 3 pockets, and 3 Velcro panels to add patches (available separately).
  • Leather Accessory Pouch: handcrafted from the finest supple leather, this zippered pouch is an elegant accessory

ID Patches & Badges (available separately): Many designs to choose from.

  • Banner Badge $20*Highly recommended!
    Our special 2-sided badge that spans the handlebar (fits handles over 4” tall, up to 10” wide)
  • Stop Sign double-sided badge $18
    2-sided badges Velcro onto leash, strap, or on handlebar
  • Leash Wrap double-sided badge $16
    2-sided badges Velcro onto leash, strap, or on handlebar
  • Velcro Patch for capes $6-$8, various designs

MSH Replacement Parts are available:

This harness has been designed with interchangeable straps for the greatest flexibility; perfect for adapting a harness to fit a new dog or user. You may order replacement parts any time you need them. Support handles are replaceable if the harness is built to accommodate the height you need.

Turnaround Time:

Harnesses take 4 weeks to complete and are built to your specifications. 

  • Contact us if you need it faster; subject to availability with a rush fee 
  • 3 week RUSH: add 10%; 2 week RUSH:add 15% Sorry, rush option is currently unavailable.

Shipping price includes insurance and tracking via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days in USA). Yes, we ship WORLDWIDE! (via USPS or DHL)


Important Notes:  

Due to the custom nature of this special harness, returns and refunds are not available on this product.

Rigid and tall handles apply more pressure and torque to the dog than flexible or shorter handles, due to the laws of physics. A dog should never be expected to replace the heavy-weight-bearing capacity of a cane or crutch, or move under heavy torque/pressure/weight on the handle. Dogs should be at least 18-24 months of age before training in a harness. 

Dogs must be physically mature and of appropriate size, fitness and soundness for the work you would like them to perform.

Mobility, stability, and balance assistance work is physically demanding; a service dog must be in prime physical condition. The dog’s growth plates must be closed before beginning harness work (recommended minimum of 18-24 months of age). Please allow your dog time to grow and mature.

Consulting a qualified veterinarian (orthopedic specialist or canine sports medicine physical therapist) is highly recommended for all service/assistance dogs that perform physical tasks. Fit and performance of the equipment can only be assured if the dog meets the minimum recommended standards, the user and trainer have reasonable expectations, and when the equipment is used responsibly for the purpose it was designed. Likewise, harness users should consult a physician and physical therapist to determine what medical equipment is appropriate for their mobility needs.

Our equipment is designed to allow an appropriately selected and trained service dog to reasonably assist a person with a balance or mobility impairment. BLD cannot assess a dog’s suitability or appropriateness. BLD harnesses are not intended to serve as, or to replace, a durable medical device such as a cane, walker, or crutch. User assumes all responsibility for the safety, health, and care of the animal and human alike.

Watch more videos!

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 8 in
Harness Size

, ,

52 reviews for Mobility Support Harness™ for brace and balance stability assistance

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    johnny (verified owner)

    hi my name is Johnny H. i recieved violets harness today. was very impressed with the workmanship of the harness the quality of the material and how well it was made…… job well done i would recommend this product to anybody
    five out of 5 stars wish the prices a little less

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alison Skillin

    My dog Bear and I love your harness so much! We got the mobility/guide dog combo one. This is just what I needed since I am going blind and have bad balance to boot! I know a lot of guide dog owners who have been asking about this harness since it allows for both handles in a totally safe way for you and your dog. The workmanship is top notch and its very easy to adapt the harness to your own capes and things.

    I bought the two sided Medical Alert patch and have that on my mobility handle along with my Mobility Assistance Guide Dog Do Not Pet patch. People really see it. I don’t have to wait for them to come close before they move over for us. We also have a belt lead and wheel chair attachment. These make life so much easier for someone who needs a Guide Dog and still walks with a cane.

    Everything we have bought from BLD is wonderful.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shannon C.

    We love our harness, it works great . And has made my life much better . Thank you for such a quality product. The time you spend getting this right the first time, makes a difference.
    The mobility harness is such a gift of independence ,
    Shannon and Jensen

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    By far the best mobility harness I’ve used. I love it! This harness on my dog gives me all the support I need to walk safely without a cane. I actually feel more stable using the harness with my dog than relying on the cane. It didn’t take my dog long to get comfortable, so much so that he frequently naps in it during his down time (i.e. on the train, at church, at the movies, at restaurants, etc.) while I’m sitting. I’ve had my harness for a little over a year now and it has held up great!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brent R

    Thanks so much, this harness is a godsend. After trying other manufactures an it taking me up to 45 minutes to put the on, I can truly appreciate the Bold Lead harness. I can put it on Jack in no more than 2 minutes, on a bad day. It is as or more or as stable than other manufacturers and definitely a far superior quality. As with anything in life, we all have something that we would add that is just for us individually. For me, I would like to see a small leather strap that would clip between the pins to lower the handle, it would just make it easier for a one handed person to raise and lower.. With that said, I couldn’t be happier to have spent the money on a mobility harness from Bold Lead Designs. Even now with the budget I must be on, it was so worth the sacrifices!

    Thanks again,


  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Richard Sagarsee

    Have had my harness for 3 months now, and I love it. The craftsmanship is excellent, and after having worn it a few times Shep quickly got used to it, enough to take naps in it when he needs to rest. When I first got it the handle was not quite long enough (which was my fault, I measured without using my cane as I was standing) but BLD quickly took care of the issue, sending me a new handle as I shipped the original handle to them. The harness works well for me; I use a cane for support but had issues with balance, and often would stagger a bit when walking. With Shep and the harness, I no longer have balance issues, I keep my fingers on the harness handle and it keeps me anchored in space. Richard

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Partners For Patriots

    The harness is a great product. Product was delivered when we were advised it would be delivered, great staff to answer any questions and the harness gets raves itself, great product!!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Nowak

    TESTIMONIAL FROM DAVID NOWAK, M.Sc., Service Dog Instructor Trainer, Director of Kayla’s Paws Service Dog Training, Education & Assistance Foundation a approved 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization


    September 15. 2015

    Over the last several years I have been working with, the owner Katrina, and have watch them grow from a small one person operation into a now huge work facility. They are dedicated crafter and, in my experience and in my opinion, Bold Lead Designs are experts. The majority of their work is custom made service dog harnesses, but they have a variety of interesting and intelligent other service dogs, reqular workin gear, as well as, leashes, collars, toys, and other specialty items. All their items are hand made with exeptional quality in both design and functionality. BLD stands by all their products and provides excellent customer service!

    In example service and other working dog harnesses are custom made for each dog, this provides them and the handler comfort and safety. They offer various designs, and each can be customized to what the clients needs are…THESE ARE NOT MASS PRODUCED OFF THE SHELF PRODUCTS. The old saying that you get what you pay for means exactly that with BLD, Katrina, and her staff. I have never had a problem with fitting any of my service dogs or in training service dogs with a BLD harness….because they are just that good, and when properly mantained they last and look the same way they did out of the box. Katrina backs up the BLD with a garantee.

    My first harness I bought from Katrina, looks the same way as the first day it arrived over 8 years ago and my dog SD/SAR Kayla would tell you it excellent. When the harness comes off the wall, she gets excited to this day and goes directly into “business mode”….

    I have alot of BLD designed products, leashes, collars, etc. they have all are excellent and some are very unique items only BLD makes. But requardless of what is made, I don’t even have to question that I would give a 10 star rating if I could, but since the highest rating is normally 5, I will give all their products a 10 regarless. I highly recommend Bold Lead Designs, with out question….you need a harness, BLD should be your first choice. Typically since the harnesses are custom made for your dog, this does take some time to build them to your dogs measurement, but its worth every penny and worth the waite to get the harness. So if you are thinking of purchasing a harness for your service dog, I highly recommend Katrina and Bold Lead Designs..!

    If you have a problem with any of the products that you purchase from BLD, the provide excellent customer service, they are polite, efficent, and solve the problem quickly.

    As they function on quality rather than quantily, they are experts, and all tallented harness makers, and makers of other fine equipment! You cant go wrong with the best equipment available!

    so check out their website and testimonials, when you purchase someting tell them that you Kayla’s Paws sent you! (that is a unsolicited tetimonial)

    David Nowak, M.Sc
    Chief Service Dog Instructor trainer

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stacey L

    If it were possible to give more stars I would. I had been researching over 6 months for something that would make working with my guide dog safer due to my neurological challenges. The guide dog school I graduated from sent trainers to my home to assist us with balance trainging. Even with the modifications I was still unstable on my feet at times. I would cancel appointments and social engagements chosing to stay home beacause I was afraid of tripping and falling.

    I emailed and called Katrina relaying my challenges and questions. Katrina took the time to personally speak with me and answer all my questions. She also worked with my guide dog school educating them about the harness with guide handles abillities. The guide dog school was cautious but interested in looking further. Katrina graciously sent a demo harness with guide handle to the school to test out. Of course they were just as happy as everyone else who uses thie BLD harness and guide handle.

    Now I am the proud owner and user of a BLD mobility support harness with guide handle and couldn’t be happier. I am confident that I no longer need to cancel appointments.

    My guide adjusted to the new harness easily. I had originally been concerned with the transition to a different harness but I had worried for nothing. I had created a tarining schedule once I ordered the harness. My goal was to have us ready in a month to transition to the BLD harness full time in a month. Well, we didn’t make our goal we surpassed it. After introducing the new harness we haven’t touched his orginal harness. We exclusively guide with the BLD mobility support harness with guide handle.

    This product is of exceptional quality, made to order, with the best customer service imaginable. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the products. This has been one of the best purchases I have ever made.


  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sarah W in Austrailia (verified owner)

    Without any dout all the items that i have bought from BLD have been fabulous, and my service dog loves them, our first item we bought was the lead, having not long been teamed up with my service dog at the time i wanted him to have a real leather lead like his buddy’s that were guide dogs , i searched and searched but could not find one in my town, so i went on line and BLD popped up , there prices were great , i bought the lead and a few weeks later it arrived , the next item i bought was the MSH as my balance had been getting worse over the years, this one was a item i gave much thought to after looking in to it extensively i found it would be safe and beautiful for my service dog , i love how it gives the illution of being big and heavy but in reallity it’s super light, yes the rib cage strap that was sent with it was to big but after a quick chat with the BLD staff, a smaller one was sent free of charge and i sent the large one i’m guessing was an XL back to them no issue, when the harness arrived on my service dogs birthday 10/2/15 this year it was beutiful it also included some lights, and to my suprise a water bowl had been added, i don’t know if it was just a little some thing extra as a thankyou from them but it was very sweet, I am still waiting on my final order so i hope it come soon BLD has sent it so it’s some were in the post.

    One thing is for sure BLD will be my service dog’s shop from now on when ever i need something from BLD i will get it, i Recommenced BLD highly to every one weather you have a pet or service dog, BLD is brilliant

  11. Rated 5 out of 5


    Like most people, I was very nervous about spending so much money. When I placed the order, the people are so kind and patient – answering all my questions while getting all the information that they required. When the Harness arrived, I was thrilled beyond words…I definitely got what I paid for (and more)!!! The quality and workmanship is apparent from the moment you take it from the box and place it on the dog. My new Mobility Support Harness fits like a glove!!!! Thank you One and all from the bottom of my heart…Reaper and I are mobile and loving it! From start to finish, the BEST experience and one of the best purchases I have ever made! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Callie Malone (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding product & company! From the easy order process, to questions about my Service Dog’s custom measurements– the whole team make it such an easy and seamless process to order my Great Dane’s BLD.

    They shipped it a week sooner than I had even expected it, which was SO NICE!

    After three different phone calls that I made to them, to make sure that I was measuring my dog correctly– when I received his harness it fit TRUE TO SIZE.

    Thanks to the wonderful creation of this harness, it allows my dog to continue to change a life everyday through his work. (Not to mention my somewhat fussy pup often didn’t like how gear fits him because of his odd shape being a Great Dane mix–> but he LOVES the BLD, he moves so comfortably & seamless in it, it’s as if it’s not even on!)

    Thank you BLD for making such a fantastic, lastly, and life changing product.

    We give you 5 stars and 2 Paws Up for being a company we can trust, that has the best interest of its clients in mind.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

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