The Limited Edition English Bridle Leather Atlas Leash™  

  • An ultra-long, super-useful, multi-functional dog leash
  • English Bridle leather makes these Limited Edition leashes extra special
  • Utilitarian with more than a dozen configurations
  • Over 9 feet (2.85 meters) end to end, bolt snap on each end
  • Makes an 8 ft.,7 ft., 6 ft., and 4 ft. foot lead
  • Hands-Free Leash with many options for any size person or dog:
    + over-the-shoulder leash OR belt/waist leash
    + use hands-free with long or short leash lengths!
  • Use for dual-control (clip to collar, harness, halter, etc.) or to walk 2 dogs
  • Backed by BLD’s unmatched lifetime warranty
  • 20% of all sales support Atlas Assistance Dogs®
  • Very limited supply!

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Sorry, modifications and special requests are not available on these Limited Edition Leashes! 



We’ve teamed up with our friends at Atlas Assistance Dogs® to develop this amazing leash design and have made a limited quantity with our superb 2021 Limited Edition English Bridle Leather.

About our 2021 Limited Edition English Bridle Leather from Hermann Oak® Tannery:

Once in a blue moon, we find something very special that exceeds our expectations. We sourced a small batch of absolutely gorgeous English bridle leather that has inspired us to create this year’s limited edition leashes.

Full-grain English bridle leather is more refined, more consistent and boasts an unmistakable satin sheen with unsurpassed strength compared to even the best leathers in the pet product industry. Normally reserved only for fine English horse tack, we bring you the best for your daily canine needs. Both the top grain and the backside of this leather are silky smooth and inviting to the touch. With love, use and age these leashes will become softer and will develop a unique patina that cannot be duplicated. This English Bridle leather leash makes a wonderful gift for a loved one (or yourself!) that is sure to become a treasured heirloom.

Tanned in Saint Louis, Missouri, at one of the few remaining tanneries in the USA, Hermann Oak® has been using the same old-world tanning process since 1881. Specialized old-fashioned English tanning methods employ a tightly-controlled, months-long process that utilizes tree bark and other natural tannins to give this prized leather superior strength, consistency, and a notably refined finish. This English bridle leather is simply the finest, most consistent leather we at BLD have come across. Still made the old-fashioned way by hand in our own Colorado workshop.

Product Design Details:

Five O-rings are strategically placed along the length of The Atlas Leash to offer the most configurations possible. This means that you can take the snap at either end of the leash and clip it to any of the O-rings to make your leash nearly any length you need! “Double Up” the leash by clipping TWO rings at once for even more variations. Bonus adjustable-ring-fob allows the leash to be worn as a belt; this means it can be adjusted to fit anyone, any size person or dog! Try it. We think you’ll love it. 

  • The Atlas Leash is 112 inches (2.85 meters) in overall length, including the hardware
  • Makes a 4,6,7, and 8 feet long leash (1.2m, 1.8m, 2.1m and 2.4m)
  • Leash can be configured from EITHER END so you can find the perfect arrangement for you and your dog
  • When worn over the shoulder, this leash fits all sizes:
    • one end makes a smaller cross-body-loop with 58 inches of leash from your hip to the dog, and shortens to 23 inches–perfect for smaller individuals
    • other makes a larger cross-body-loop, with 54 inches of leash from your hip to the dog, and shortens to 28 inches–perfect for large or taller individuals
  • The belt-leash option is adjustable to fit ANY SIZE
  • Walk 2 dogs (Traffic Lead, available separately, is recommended for a handle)
  • Use as a 2-point harness (clip one end to the dog’s harness, the other to a halter or collar)

Available in satin black or chestnut (reddish-brown), in two width sizes. These heirloom quality leather leads are assembled with braids for durability (no rivets or stitching to wear out), and screw posts at the center ring on the XL width. These Limited Edition Leather Atlas leashes are made with stainless steel bolt snaps.

  • Medium ½” wide (12.7 mm) most popular size, great for all size dogs!
  • XL ¾” wide (19 mm) best for large breeds, this is a heavy-duty leash!

Watch a demonstration video to see it in action:

20% of the sales of this unique leash will directly support
Atlas Assistance Dogs’ program and mission.

 Learn more at Atlasdog.org

About Atlas Assistance Dogs®

Atlas Assistance Dogs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit disability rights organization that helps people who would benefit from a service dog take control of their own solution to live more independently. This ambitions organization is expanding the possibilities for assistance dog training by offering a comprehensive online training program for professional dog trainers, and by supporting dog/handler teams with skilled Team Facilitators, in as many locations as possible across the US.

Atlas Assistance Dogs is different: 
“We focus on the needs not presently served by traditional service dog organizations. We respect that disabilities are part of someone–they are not something to fight or something to hid from–they are something to claim and thrive with. Our clients work with their own dogs and are an active part of their training with hands-on support from our skilled Atlas Team Facilitators. We believe our clients and their dogs should both be treated ethically. We strongly advocate the use of only positive training methods.” 


Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in





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