Liberty Wristband - hands-free leash holder
Liberty Wristband - hands-free leash holderLiberty Wristband - hands-free leash holderLiberty Wristband - hands-free leash holderLiberty Wristband - hands-free leash holderLiberty Wristband - hands-free leash holderLiberty Wristband - hands-free leash holderLiberty Wristband - hands-free leash holderLiberty Wristband - hands-free leash holderLiberty Wristband - hands-free leash holderLiberty Wristband - hands-free leash holderLiberty Wristband - hands-free leash holderLiberty Wristband - hands-free leash holder


Once in a great while, we here at BLD find a super-awesome product made by a company we can get behind, that we know our customers will love!



It is a comfortable, easy to use, wristband with a manual quick release latch that allows you to JUST LET GO!

A great product for those who struggle to hold onto their dog’s leash, the wristband makes it impossible to drop your leash accidentally, yet has a really cool manual release to instantly detach the leash in an emergency. Especially useful for busy moms, active individuals, and people with disabilities.

Keep scrolling for more details, the inventor’s fascinating story, and a video demonstration. 

Invented by a US veteran. Designed in the USA (imported). Available only in BLACK.

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See it in action!

This wristband leash holder will accommodate any leash strap. It’s especially great with lightweight leashes, such as our Perfect Pace Halter Leash. We’ve heard that wheelchair users love it because it keeps their hands-free to control their chair!

May be useful for attaching leashes to a wheelchair. (Simply wrap the around wheelchair instead of wrist. Be sure to use a leash that will not get caught in the wheels. Use at your own discretion and risk and only with a well-trained dog that will not pull, bolt, or lunge.)

Note: BLD does not recommend using this wristband for dog’s that lunge or pull hard on the leash. Know your dog and your own limits, and use at your own digression. —

Details from the Liberty Wristband inventor:


We know that millions of dog owners who walk their dog on a leash want to relax and enjoy their dog walks but they have concerns and problems:

  • Dog Safety – what if my dog pulls and I drop the leash by accident?
  • Hand & Wrist Fatigue from holding onto the leash
  • Soreness and inconvenience of “wrist wrapping” the leash
  • Inconvenience from not having both hands free.


Inspired by his dog Henry, Bill invents LIBERTY WRISTBAND, a Revolutionary HANDS FREE device for ALL DOG OWNERS who desire SAFETY, COMFORT and CONTROL while Dog Walking.

“Three years ago, I adopted my pride and joy, Henry, a 70 lb. mix of Labrador and English pointer. The highlight of every day was walking Henry. I cherished my walks with Henry. But on a leash, he’d often pull the leash right out of my hand or sometimes I’d simply drop the handle,  Ugh !   Even when Henry behaved, I hated holding on, whether Henry was running ahead of me or walking beside me. I hated the grip fatigue from holding on, hated wrist wrapping and hated having every leash riding on my wrist, biting into my arm. But also, I wanted both of my hands to be free for other items (cell phone, drinks) or I just wanted to relax both of my hands. After all, this was goal of all my walks with Henry – to relax and enjoy !
Having been a mariner most of my life, I took a sailing glove (a fingerless glove with a leather palm) and sewed a marine “snap shackle” to the palm.  A “snap shackle” is a brilliant piece of stainless steel. Sailors use this kind of shackle to hold ropes under great forces because it can be opened manually (under any load or force) at any time . BINGO!  All of my problems with Henry were SOLVED !
Now, I walked through dog parks on a daily basis with Henry enjoying my “Hands – Free Glove” and the security of knowing that Henry was securely connected to me with far more control and 100 % comfort. BONUS was piece of mind knowing that if I had to release Henry’s leash for any reason, I could easily let go of the leash by pulling on the shackle sewed to my glove.
Amazingly, nowhere in the gigantic pet industry was there a simple device engineered to relieve the hands of all responsibility but still allowing you to have CONTROL:  a super strong device built to give any dog owner absolute HANDS FREE capability with essential SAFETY features and COMFORT. I realized instantly that my glove was incredibly effective and most of the folks I met on on my dog walks loved it !
Over the course of three years, my glove evolved into a simple yet extraordinary wristband – and still today, there is no product remotely like it. I was enormously proud to launch LIBERTY WRISTBAND on July 4, 2014. This device has already changed the lives of hundreds of dog owners. Folks who try LIBERTY WRISTBAND for the first time immediately grasp the concept. They can simply relax and “LET GO”.  In fact, our company slogan is “JUST LET GO” !
Thanks very much for considering our extraordinary product and helping us introduce this awesome device to the dog walking world. We want the entire dog walking world to JUST LET GO !”
Best Regards,
Bill and Henry

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